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A Quick Review of The 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 S-model Coupe

When Karl Benz patented his first ''Motorwagen'' on January 29, 1886 it couldn't even climb a small incline without someone pushing. The test model was so hard to control that Benz crashed it into a wall while demonstrating it to the public. With so many limitations, he had to worry about the practicality of the first car. Little could he imagine his underpowered three-wheel cart morphing into a 469 bhp monster capable of demanding the attention of the most jaded automotive aficionado.image Continue reading “A Quick Review of The 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 S-model Coupe” »

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Is your motor oil going the extra mile for you?

When it comes to car maintenance, perhaps the most frequent thing we need to do is wash the carand change motor oil. Of course, less often, we also need to change the engine air filter, engine coolant, transmission fluid, brake pads, brake fluid, and tires, to name a few. Most older vehicles, as the age-old rule-of-thumb suggests, had their oil change every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever came first. Modern vehicles may stipulate, depending on usage, up to 10,000 miles between oil changes, thanks to modern engine manufacturing processes, as well as modern lubricant technology. The question is, is your motor oil doing all it should, or all it could? Are you ready for a different kind of oil change?

oil change used car pre-owned synthetic conventional oil
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Automatic vs. Manual: Which is Better?

The history of car transmissions

Over one hundred years ago, when the internal combustion engine barely produced a single horsepower, a single-speed transmission and clutch was all that was necessary to get moving. With the introduction of the 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen, the first road trip traveled along at a blistering 16 km/h. Eventually, with the development of more powerful engines, multispeed transmissions were necessary to eliminate the jerky motion that would inevitably occur when slamming into gear to get moving. Multispeed transmissions also enabled cars to go ever faster, such as the 1908 Ford Model T, equipped with a 15 kW engine and two-speed transmission, which had a top speed of up to 72 km/h.

Used Automatic vs. Manual Transmission Continue reading “Automatic vs. Manual: Which is Better?” »

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Fall Car Comparison - A look at 2 of Nissans Most Popular Models

Nissan’s rich history, dating back just about a century, is matched only by its rich variety of vehicles. Today’s lineup ranges from the tiny Nissan March / Micra to the Nissan NV350 commercial van, and includes everything in between, such as the subject of today’s article comparing used Nissan compact cars, the Nissan Sunny and Nissan Tiida.

buy used nissan tiida
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Top Car Audio Upgrade Tips

Even though summer is winding down, there is plenty of time for a last minute road trip or two. Whether it is a trip to a relative's home or out to the family cabin, you can not attempt any trip without the right playlist. Even if you have the best playlist in the world, if your car stereo is subpar, it is a waste of time playing it.image-2 Continue reading “Top Car Audio Upgrade Tips” »

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Why You Need to Know When to Replace Tires on Your Car

As long as you keep an eye on your tires’ performance, record your mileage, and understand what to look for, knowing when to replace tires isn’t too much of a hassle. In this article we cover why it’s important to keep your tires in good shape and indicators that tell you when you should begin shopping for replacements.

The Purpose of Tires on Your Car

1. Tires support your car.

Did you know that the contact patch of a tire is about as small as a single postcard? One tire actually supports around 400 kilograms!  This means that the structural integrity of the tire must be perfect; any cracks or signs of unusual wear should be flagged as a warning sign that the tire is not up to par.image1-2

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Distracted Driving: Don't Do It!

A lot of people do it. It's right there, buzzing away. Your phone just went off, alerting you to a text message from someone. Who is it from? What if it's important? OMG, I have to read it right now or it's going to drive me crazy! So, you pick up your phone and look away from the road, the next thing you know you are waking up in hospital wondering what happened and why you can't feel your legs.


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4 Essential Tire Wear Problems You Can Diagnose at Home

Tires are the only physical connection between your car and the road. Because of this fact, knowing when to replace tires is extremely important. Often overlooked, tires play a key role in not only the safety of the car, but the handling as well as the quality of the ride. In addition to performance, comfort, and safety, there is an impact on the economy of the car; on average, a properly inspected and inflated tire yields approximately 3.3% savings in fuel economy.

With so many reasons to keep your tires in great shape, it’s extremely important to inspect for bad tire symptoms, which provide an excellent indicator that it may be time to change your tires. But don’t worry, in this article we cover what you need to know.image6
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Enhancing Vehicle Performance with a Turbo Charger or Super Charger

Major performance enhancements can be achieved by adding a turbo charger or super charger to an engine. In this blog, we explain the technology while looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

In order to understand turbo chargers and super chargers, one must first realize that an engine operates on the ability to pass air through itself while igniting fuel. This process normally involves drawing air into the engine due to an expanding cylinder size as a piston moves downwards. The exception is the Mazda rotary engine which expands the chamber by a rotating process of an offset cam lobe type of geometry. This discussion will focus on piston based turbo/superchargers. In either case, the expanding size causes a suction that draws in air. Fuel is mixed into the air via a carburetor or by fuel injection. Turbo chargers and super chargers are devices that pump additional air into the chamber by forcing the air into the engine in addition to the vacuum that sucks in air. By forcing air, better engine efficiency is achieved.image4
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The Top Selling Compacts of 2015

Despite plummeting oil and petrol prices many of the best selling cars across global markets are compact saloons and hatchbacks. The strong sales in what many would predict to be a down market for small cars may well stem from the lower price tag associated with a compact or it may have to do with the improved quality, styling, and safety across the class. Whatever the reason may be, sales are pushing record levels. Let's have a look at the top compacts of 2015.

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