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Seasonal Car Care Tips to Keep your Car in Good Condition

Depending on where you live in the world, seasonal changes throughout the years can range from mild to wild. In the Northern Hemisphere, temperatures can range as low as -20 °F (-29 °C), in the winter, to as high as 100 °F (38 °C), in the summer, in the same region! North American Vermont is said to have two seasons, mud and snow, thanks to copious amounts of precipitation and heavy forest cover. On the other hand, Kenya, like most African countries, essentially has only two seasons, dry and wet.

No matter what season, however, each presents special challenges for driver and vehicle, alike. Different seasons can tax your engine, electrical system, tires, brakes, and driver, not to mention paint and glass, in different ways. Here are some tips to prepare your vehicle for whatever conditions you may face, no matter what season.

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Eco-Friendly Car Buying Tips

Living at a time when a lot of emphasis has been put on conservation of the natural environment, even car manufacturers are beginning to lean more towards manufacturing eco-friendly vehicles. Suppose you would wish to contribute to the ‘wellness’ of the environment, what are some of the things you should look out for to ensure that you buy a car which is as eco-friendly as can be?

Eco Friendly Cars

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Famous Car Rallies in Africa

There may be a ton of things that Africa is known for; but one of the best kept secrets has got to be the African motorcar rallies. Thanks to the rugged terrains on most African roads; especially those located off the beaten path, these stand at being among the most challenging rallies all over the world.

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Dashboard Warning Lights – What Do They All Mean?

Because of the new auto technologies developed by car manufacturers, most vehicles today come with a cluster of symbols illuminated by lights on the dashboard. It is important for the driver to understand what each symbol represents and what it means when light flashes from a certain symbol. The indications given on the dashboard are the main way in which the vehicle communicates with its driver. They inform the driver of a certain problem he should attend to, for example, low fuel or an empty tank.

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BE FORWARD Visits Malawi

BE FORWARD President Hironori Yamakawa and his team recently went to Malawi to get more involved in the community.

A donation ceremony was held along with several Malawi ministers from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Sports where they accepted over 30,000 items of household goods  (valued at $63,000 USD) donated by BE FORWARD to distribute to community and health centers around the country.  The household goods are from a leading Japanese household goods manufacturing and distribution company called LEC.

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Want to Import a Car From Japan To Zambia?

As the number of people who want to own a private car in Zambia increases, many people would want to know what goes into importing a car from Japan into Zambia. Africa is among the leading importers of Japanese used cars. Therefore, one would be interested to know the cost and the regulations regarding vehicle importation into the country. For instance, a couple of factors will influence the overall cost of the car that you import including the age of that particular car among other determinants. This article covers most important aspects on importing a car from Japan to Zambia.

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What are the Fees for Importing a Japanese Car to Zimbabwe

Before getting into too much detail about the fees involved with importing a vehicle from Japan to Zimbabwe, it may be best to first understand the basic requirements for taxes and duties. Please note that this information is subject to change, so it is important to visit the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority’s official website for the most up-to-date information.

• The value added tax (VAT) for imported vehicles is 15 percent.
• For vehicles that have small-capacity engines, around 1500 cc or less, the import duty is 40 percent.
• Vehicles meant for carrying 10 or more people, such as buses and minivans, require an import duty of up to 60 percent.
• Vehicles meant for transporting goods have an import duty of 25–40 percent. This percentage depends on the gross weight of the vehicle.
• Station wagons, vans, and other light vehicles meant for transporting people also require an import duty of 25–40 percent.

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Self-Driving Cars - A Thing of the Future

It might seem like something out of an episode of “The Jetsons,” where you simply step into your flying saucer in a briefcase and say, “Take me ‘Home,’ AVA.” (Of course, AVA stands for “Autonomous Vehicle Alpha,” but this doesn’t exist in “The Jetsons’” universe.) Still, the premise is that AVA would instantly calculate your voice command, along with your current GPS location, a recorded “Home” location, a route from Point A to Point B, as well as current weather and traffic conditions, and she would get you home without any further input.

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Brake Safety Awareness and Maintenance

When a person buys a vehicle, they normally expect it to perform three main functions: start, go and stop. While the failure to start or go are fairly harmless - more or less, it is the failure to stop that is the horror of every driver. Can you imagine what would happen if one day you were unable to stop your car? Quite a scary thought crosses your mind, right? Knowing how the brakes work may not be all that important; but knowing how to care for them should be of importance to you.

Brake Safety Awareness

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Used Vehicles from Japan to Mozambique - Your Guide for Importing

Importing a vehicle from Japan to Mozambique can be quite tricky for many, especially if you are not aware of the regulations and other legal hurdles that go along with this process. Nevertheless, it is not as hard as most people would like to make it out to be. One only needs to study the regulations about importing a vehicle from Japan to Mozambique and they will be good to go. The most important thing is to find out the basic requirements, such as age restrictions if any, importation costs, and so forth. So, to help you in your goal of importing the perfect Japanese used vehicle, we have compiled a list of basic information.

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