Toyota VOXY VS Toyota NOAH Used Car Comparison Review


Toyota VOXY VS Toyota NOAH Which would you like?

They look like twins. The Toyota Noah preceded the Toyota Voxy in birth. It is said that he who laughs last laughs longer. Likewise, the Toyota Voxy brings about much more pleasure in design and drive experience than the Toyota Noah. These two prestigious multi-purpose models are ideal for middle- income earners who want to reflect a sense of confidence and luxury. These vehicles’ engine size attracts reasonable tax and duty. Their engine capacity ranges from 1,980cc to 2,480cc. Hence they proffer affordable operation cost and savings on both fuel and maintenance. They offer plush interior suitable for entire family holiday making.

Toyota VOXY |Price and Review

It runs on a front driving system. It is boxy shaped with sliding doors on both sides. It has an assertive overbearing outlook that seems to scream “give respect where it is due.”This model has big and handsome headlamps. The fuel consumption of this vehicle is reasonable. They cost between the ranges of $500 to $6,000. They operate on power steering and can gallop to charming speed. It is fashioned with all-around and roomy interior that exude royalty. The seats are both comfortable and easily adjustable. In the front there is a platform to station bottled beverages. It comes packaged with quality built-in sound speakers that pound to any CD of your choice. The rear has capacity for storage of a sizeable amount of goods.

Toyota NOAH | Price and Review

The name Noah reminds us of the legendary biblical story of Noah who together with his family survived the flood. As if built to augment this story, the Toyota Noah amazingly is molded in a boxy, boat like configuration. This pattern reinforces Toyota Noah stability impression. It hangs on low elevation that facilitates speedy adventure because of strong stability even at fast pace. The small tyres hold steadfastly to the road to keep away from rolling over. It boosts of large fuel tank. Toyota Noah offers inside out passenger satisfaction. The interior is elegantly furnished with comfortable seats. It features safety airbags. You cannot be lonely in the Toyota Noah because there is a radio and CD player to keep you company. They cost between the ranges of $550 to $5,500.

Similarities Between Toyoda Noah and Toyota Voxy

The Toyota Voxy and Toyota Noah bear more similarities than differences. Both have safety airbags. Like identical twins, they have a classic appeal and operate fancy electric powered steering, power sliding doors, power windows and power mirrors. Both of them have five doors. These two models are easy on your pocket as they have spectacular fuel consumption such that you can drive a stretch of fourteen kilometer on one litre of fuel. Both of them have adequate storage capacity. The duo features air conditioner and navigation systems.

The Differences Between Toyota Noah and Toyota Voxy

The side mirrors of Toyota Voxy are fancy and are embedded with indicators. On stability matters, the Toyota Voxy has enhanced torque output. The Toyota Voxy has seven seats whereas the Toyota Noah has five seats. Nothing remains static in technology. Time allowed the much later brand of Toyota Voxy to embrace advanced technology that operate its electric powered seat that folds at the torch of a button. Furthermore, Toyota Voxy features automated air conditioner, clean air flow and pollen eliminator. As if that is not enough, there is an additional special mirror to view rear seats. This facilitates interaction among passengers. To crown it all, the Toyota Voxy has intelligent parking assistant program which gives it additional steering guidance when reversing into parking bays.
In a nutshell as expected with every new brand, the Toyota Voxy promises what is available in Toyota Noah in a greater and better dimension. However, either you own a Toyota Noah or Toyota Voxy, you are guaranteed a luxurious and safety drive.

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