Two Used Trucks that Stand the Test of Time – Suzuki Carry Truck and Toyota Dyna Truck

Things need to get from place to place, which is a truth of practically for every activity we take part in. Sometimes, people need to get from place to place and, depending on how many people need to move, you might choose anything from a motorcycle to a van. On the other hand, if you need to move a small amount of cargo, you might opt for something like a minitruck. If you need to move something larger, then you’ll need something bigger. There are few used trucks, of any class, that stand the test of time, but the minitruck Suzuki Carry truck and full-sized Toyota Dyna truck deliver.

Suzuki Carry Truck – Tiny, Capable, Durable

This used truck is small, but don’t let its diminutive stance fool you, as the Suzuki Carry truck is one of the longest-lasting minitrucks on the market. It was produced, at least in a form we would recognize as a Carry truck, from 1966 through 2006. From its ninth generation, in 1991, the Suzuki Carry has been powered by a compact 657cc i3 engine, mounted under the cab, paired with either a three-speed automatic transmission or a five-speed manual transmission. The drivetrain was also available in both rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive configurations.

The cab-over design of the Suzuki Carry truck keeps the overall length of the truck down and, admittedly, doesn’t do a whole lot for the legroom of the driver and his one passenger. The cab is comfortable enough, but the main focus had always been on the cargo, just shy of 9m3 or a little over 300kg. The concept was simple, and keeping things simple, in the case of a used truck, like the Suzuki Carry, simple means there is less stuff to wear out and break.

A testament to the durability of this small cargo carrier, many drivers report up to 300,000km, by following basic maintenance. Oil changes and tire rotations are practically the only maintenance required, and replace the tires and brakes when they wear out. Otherwise, a solid little used truck. Aside from the decidedly small cab, the only other complaint might be the noise, as the cab isn’t particularly well insulated from the engine, which lies right beneath the cab.

Suzuki Carry Truck

Toyota Dyna Truck – Heavy-Duty Durability

If your cargo is bigger than the 300kg / 9m3 limitations of the compact Suzuki Carry truck, then you’ll have to opt for something with a little more grunt. In this case, the perfect used truck for you might be the Toyota Dyna truck. Like the Carry truck, the Dyna uses a cab-over design, with the engine mounted under the cabin, which reduces the length of the truck and enhances maneuverability. Additionally, the simple design favors the cargo and, to a lesser degree, the driver and passenger. The cab of the Toyota Dyna is rated for three passengers, but it is typically accepted that the third passenger needs to be a small one, or a lunchbox.

First appearing as what we would recognize as a Toyota Dyna truck in 1968, this truck hasn’t seen much change over the years, aside from upgrading engine and transmission options. By the 1980s, the Toyota Dyna truck was being produced with cargo capacity ranging from 900kg for the Dyna 100, to 3,200kg for the Dyna 350. This weight rating makes the Dyna particularly durable and flexible, often found with dump and box bodies as well as cranes. Diesel and gasoline engine sizes range from the 1.8ℓ i4 engine, in the smallest Dyna 100, to 4.1ℓ for the Dyna 350. Automatic transmissions are available, but the five-speed manual transmission is the most common. Some are also available with four-wheel drive.

The simple design of the Toyota Dyna is exactly what makes it so durable. As a general rule, the less complicated the system is, the less there can go wrong. By reducing this cargo carrier to basically no more than an engine, transmission, cab, and bed, the number of problems this used truck experiences are few and far between. Maintenance on the Toyota Dyna is less-complicated than other models in the cargo truck range, but electrical problems have been reportedly common, mostly pre-1990s, but simple system design means that a competent technician should have it in running order in no time.

Toyota Dyna Truck

The Best New Trucks

Of course, the best new trucks make the best used trucks, and these two trucks continue to deliver outstanding performance, no matter what you put in them or where you drive them. With proper maintenance, even used trucks, such as the Suzuki Carry truck and Toyota Dyna truck, will provide many years and thousands of kilometers of faithful service.