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A Quick Look At The 2016 BMW M4 GTS


The 2016 BMW M4 GTS has a tonne of talking points to keep a writer abuzz article after article. About the third one in, most readers would be eyesore and sick of the topic, so we have to condense everything down to a single post and hit the highest of the highlights. So, what is that highlight? Water. Yes, two simple hydrogen molecules attached to a singe oxygen atom could quite well be the highlight of the M4 GTS.  Continue reading “A Quick Look At The 2016 BMW M4 GTS” »

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The Most Powerful Cars You Can Buy For Less Than $28,000

Measuring power is easy. You have two numbers that are generally accepted by most drivers: brake horsepower and torque. Which is most important is a matter of personal opinion. Here at Be Forward, we have a decided bias toward torque, but brake horsepower is the standard most widely accepted around the world. Unfortunately for the average buyer, big pony numbers usually come with a high price tag. On the bright side, there are several autos out there that offer more than adequate bhp numbers and manage to keep the price tag under L28,000. Here are several with a high output number and a fairly low ticket price.image Continue reading “The Most Powerful Cars You Can Buy For Less Than $28,000” »

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Automotive Firsts: A History Lesson For Automobile Enthusiasts

So, how do you define being ''first''? Once you define first, you must clarify which country you are talking about. Next, how do you satisfy everyone? Being first to bring an innovation to the automotive market can be a double-edged sword. It is a great marketing tool so long as it works conveniently for buyers. If it doesn't, or worse yet doesn't work well at all, an automaker can take years to recover its reputation. Also, being first can mean being the first to take an innovation mainstream.image

One such ''first'' is the hybrid car. Many consider the Toyota Prius to be not only the first, but most popular hybrid. In truth, hybrid cars were first introduced in 1896, with several versions offered by 1910. Toyota was "first" to offer a modern hybrid drive system...in Japan. The Honda Insight featured the first modern system in many other markets, confusing the issue. Continue reading “Automotive Firsts: A History Lesson For Automobile Enthusiasts” »

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Pininfarina's That Do Not Wear The Prancing Horse

On November 2, 1893 one of the most iconic automotive designers the world will ever know was born. Battista ''Pinin'' Farina went on to found what is arguable the most influential coachbuilding company to ever grace an automobile with its genius in 1930. Carrozzeria Pininfarina began its close association with Ferrari in 1952 and has lent its body and soul to more Ferraris than can be imagined.

Pininfarina's association with Ferrari is so cemented in the mindset of the world that few realize the coachbuilder has ever worked with any other automaker. Fortunately for the automotive and car enthusiast worlds, Pinin and his son Sergio lent their imaginations to other brands over the decades. It is those select few cars that we would like to explore today.

Cisitalia 202GT


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Top Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Summer


Summer is nearly upon us. To many that means trips to the beach, visits with family, and last minute outings of all sorts. Summer driving adds up to a lot of driving under extreme conditions that can include heat, dust, on top of stop-and-go traffic jams. Each one of these will take an extreme toll on your vehicle. If you do not take the proper precautions, your vehicle is going to let you down, usually at the most inopportune moment. Luckily, by performing some periodic maintenance and taking a few other precautions, you can lessen the chance of a breakdown or minimize the impact of one.     Continue reading “Top Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Summer” »

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Where To Buy A V12

Where To Buy A V12

There is just something sexy about a 12-cylinder engine. It isn't that a twelve banger equates to more power than any other engine; it just makes a statement. It's like a middle finger to the fuel economy maniacs in the world. It says: ''I make ridiculous money and I don't care what you think.'' It also tells the world that you work hard, play hard, and drive fast. Overall, the slowest V12 is sexier than the fastest twin-turbo four popper anyone can produce...and sounds much better going by! Given the fanatical way that the auto world is turning to the lightest possible engines, the 12 is a dying breed. So, where can you still find a car powered by one? Let's have a look, shall we?image-5 Continue reading “Where To Buy A V12” »

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2017 Cars That Everyone Is Waiting For

Let's start today's post with an age-old conundrum...what is the best part about being a man? Is it sports? Bourbon and cigars? The rush of adrenaline from pushing a sports car to its limits? All of those things make being a man much more satisfying, but perhaps the best thing about manhood is the ability to delay one's gratification. Well, when it comes to cars anyway. Leave a smooth bourbon and a well wrapped Cubano laying around and I will have it lit and sipped before you can return to the room. Now that the thirst is upon me, let's move into some cars that have been in the manufacturers brewing pot for a while, but are about to come to fruition for the enjoyment of us all. Cheers, mate!

2D1FC0F9-78FB-4279-B6EA-8FD306176F49 Continue reading “2017 Cars That Everyone Is Waiting For” »

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A Look Back At AMG's Most Interesting Work



Mercedes-Benz is known for cars and trucks that are dependable, distinctive, powerful, and luxurious. Despite being globally known as a premium brand, the executives at MB know that they need to turn to subsidiary AMG to build their most powerful cars. The legendary tuner, based in Affalterbach, Germany, was founded with the main intent of building better Benz's way back in 1967. MB took sole ownership in 2005, creating Mercedes-AMG. The years between AMG's founding and now have produced some very interesting cars. Let's have a look back at what, in our opinion, are some of AMG's most interesting work. Continue reading “A Look Back At AMG's Most Interesting Work” »

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The Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4 Squared: The Baddest Benz On The Block


The Mercedes-Benz G-class is a mid-size luxury SUV manufactured in Austria. Even the most casual of observers can recognize a G-class from a distance without seeing the badging. All you have to know is that it looks like a shiny box on wheels and BOOM, you are a G-class expert. Affectionately called the G-Wagon, the SUV has been in production since 1979, with several iterations available over the years. Recently, the Germans introduced a new version, the 2017 G500 4x4 Squared and it is a dandy of a box...ummm, SUV. Yeah, we meant SUV. Let's have a look at this new G-G-Wagon!

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Delightfully Impractical Cars That You Must Have

To some of us, certain cars are better than women. They can be depended upon. It is easy to know what is wrong if they are acting up and they never put you through any kind of mind game. Straightforward and sexy as hell. If women didn't have uses that a car can not fulfill, men would do without them all together. Yes, that is offensively sexist, so no need to mention it in the comments section. By the by, this writer's opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the owner of this blog. Whew, now that the legals are covered, let's have a look at a few cars that are so outlandishly expensive and/or impractical that you may almost feel as if they are must haves in your life.


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