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Getting the most out of your ride: Choosing the right mechanic.

Considering that, for many of us, an automobile could be the second-biggest investment you'll ever make. It only makes sense, therefore, that you'll want to find someone who can take care of it for you, that is, a trustworthy mechanic or technician. Unfortunately, it seems that, these days, there are some people that think they can pick up a wrench and call themselves a mechanic. Sure, they may be mechanically inclined, but does that make them competent? More importantly, should you entrust your automobile to inexperienced and untrained hands?

Automobiles are more complicated than ever, so finding a well-trained and competent automobile mechanic has become more important than ever, but how do you choose? Unfortunately, there's no one thing that identifies a good mechanic, but here are a few steps to help you find a trustworthy automobile used car toyota nissan mazda

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The Dangers of Road Rage: Keep Calm and Drive On

While the term “road rage” may have been a popular buzz-word back in the 90s, it is still a major problem. Road rage refers to the feelings that are experienced by drivers who fail to maintain self-control when dealing with some perceived offense by another driver. Sometimes, this lack of self-control results in *cough* creative hand signals and colorful language, light flashing and horn blasting, aggressive driving maneuvers, even coming to blows, that is, physical violence. Sadly, such lack of self-control has even led to murder! How could something like possibly happen?

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Japanese Car Culture: Still pushing boundaries

Japan, the “Land of the Rising Sun” is a technological powerhouse that has influenced just about every other market in the world, from automobiles to smartphones to video games! Unsurprisingly then, the Japanese automobile history started in the early 1900s, not too far removed from the rest of the world, and yet has become a worldwide trend-setting machine. Indeed, even the world’s best-selling car is Japanese, the Toyota Corolla, which supplanted the German Volkswagen Beetle in 1997, having sold more than 40 million units since 1966.

Additionally, it should come as no surprise that Japanese automobiles have been the source of many automotive firsts, which left the rest of the world struggling to catch up. Here are some examples…i1aGziLeM00rv7E

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A new take on a Japanese classic: The new Suzuki Alto

The Suzuki Alto is designed to fit a very specific set of standards, otherwise known as Japanese “Kei” car standards. While many countries see these cars as undersized, sometimes even cartoonish (we prefer “cute”), they fit in perfectly with the way that the Japanese see transportation, a means to an end, that is, inexpensive and reliable transportation. It seems that others are catching on however!Suzuki-Alto-Turbo-RS-0 Continue reading “A new take on a Japanese classic: The new Suzuki Alto” »

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African Utility - A look at the most the continent's best selling trucks

Everywhere you look, people and goods have got to get from place to place, sometimes at the same time. If you only need to move goods, a standard pickup or cargo truck might do the job. On the other hand, if you need to move people, a sedan or SUV is just as well. In the middle is the pickup truck, as versatile as it is useful, and a pickup truck has actually been the best-selling vehicle for a long time.

Mention pickup truck, and people will probably think Toyota HiLux, indeed, it has become the benchmark by which all other pickup trucks have been compared. Of course, Toyota HiLux might be the best-selling pickup truck in some African countries, but the global best-selling pickup truck happens to be the Ford Ranger. If you are in the market for a pickup truck, you have a lot to choose from. Here are the best-selling pickup trucks on the market, today.

used off road truck pick up truck
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Car Dashboard Care and Repair

Your car dashboard holds many of the gauges and warning lights that give you a glimpse into the health of your engine and essentials, as well as the state of things like speed. Keeping a keen eye on the dashboard will alert you to many problems and you can have them taken care of before they can escalate.  We already ran an article on the dashboard warning lights and what they mean, but this time round, we are looking at the common dashboard problems.

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Understanding Safety Jargon

If you own a car, it is natural to think that you know all that you need to know about the vehicle. However, how well do you understand the several safety features that come with your model and their importance? Cars come with a lot of jargon, maybe more than computers. For example, what does torque mean? Is airbag really a bag of air? There are so many of them. For now though, we will only look at the jargon that is about safety.

safety features, used car
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Stella: the Flagship for Solar Power Electric Vehicles

Given the problems that are being caused by what could possibly be a runaway climate change event, fomented by none other than our own addiction to fossil fuels, it seems logical that we should be doing all that we can to reduce our consumption. Of course, the reason for reducing fossil fuel consumption has mainly to do with reducing carbon dioxide emissions, which occurs when fossil fuels are burned, but it goes further than that. One only has to mention the Exxon Valdez or Deepwater Horizon oil spills to know what we are referring to, pollution related to the extraction of fossil eco friendly car, used car, japanese car

Transportation and power production, the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates, accounts for about two-thirds of carbon dioxide emissions in the country. Other countries more or less follow the same pattern. Currently, the EPA is working on legislation that affects power production, and many countries are increasing their adoption of renewable energy to reduce their impact on the environment. To reduce emissions in the transportation sector, the EPA has set increasingly-strict carbon dioxide emissions limitations on vehicles. By 2025, the targeted carbon dioxide emissions of 163 g CO2/mi (grams of carbon dioxide per mile) could be achieved if the vehicle fleet fuel economy averages at least 54.5 mpg (miles per gallon). Continue reading “Stella: the Flagship for Solar Power Electric Vehicles” »

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Buying New Tires – How to Translate All Those Numbers

Regarding tires, there are at least a couple of things that we know for sure. First, they come in all sizes and types, depending on vehicle type, season, and traction requirements, to name a few. Second, tires don’t last forever, from as little as 20,000 miles to 80,000 miles, and will, sooner or later, require replacement.

When it comes time for replacement, there are typically two ways to go about it. One way is to simply ask your trusted technician for replacement tires, all-season tires for a 2005 Toyota RAV4, for example, and he’ll look up a list of tires that are designed to fit the vehicle. The only thing you, as a customer, might have to do is choose between brands and models. On the other hand, you could go out shopping for tires on your own, at which point it becomes a little more complicated.

used tire sale, buy tires, japanese car, Japanese cars

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Gas? Hybrid? Electric? Hydrogen? Which is the best for you?

It used to be that buying an automobile boiled down to whether you wanted to drive a car with an automatic or manual transmission. Today, however, with dozens of automakers and technologies vying for our attention, our choice of automobile has become a little more complicated. They go beyond just gasoline or diesel engines and manual or automatic transmissions, but include new technologies, such as hybrid cars, electric cars, plug-in hybrid cars, even hydrogen cars.


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