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Some of the World's Best Drives

Experience the freedom your automobile offers by taking one of the world’s best drives.  The world’s best drives are excellent destinations for a summer road trip or weekend travel.  In this article we identify some of the world’s best drives along with the attractions that make them desirable.


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Summer is Here! Have Fun and Be Safe with Summer Driving Tips

Summer is here, temperatures are rising, and that means two things: The kids are out of school and it’s time for summer vacations. If you’re not planning on flying to your destination, are you and your car up to the task? Here are some summer driving tips, for you and your car, which will help you make the most of your summer travel plans. Remember, as much as your car is a machine, the driver is also a machine, of a sort, and both need regular maintenance (rest), fuel (food and drink), and proper care (sunglasses) to work properly.


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One Afternoon – DIY Car Repairs for the “Average Joe”

Looking under the hood of a modern car, practically anything that was built in the last ten or fifteen years, you’d logically conclude that you would have to be a master mechanic to even understand what’s going on under there, much less diagnose and repair. Still, even if you don’t know the difference between an air fuel ratio sensor and a variable valve timing oil switching valve, there are still plenty of things that have not changed in decades, such as light bulbs and the engine air filter.190078748_d8e3d76813_o Continue reading “One Afternoon – DIY Car Repairs for the “Average Joe”” »

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2015’s Top Five Most Fuel Efficient Cars (and how They Got That Way)

With an ever-increasing interest in making less of an impact on the environment, not to mention reducing operating costs, it’s really no surprise that gas mileage in the average new automobile is getting better every year. First, carbon dioxide has been directly linked to climate change, which is causing problems around the world, and transportation carbon dioxide emissions, generated at a rate of about 9 kg per gallon of fuel burned, accounts for about one-third of global carbon dioxide emissions. (Power production and industrial applications account for the other two-thirds). Additionally, because transportation fuels, including gasoline, diesel fuel, natural gas, and propane, are all derived from dwindling in-ground petroleum reserves, they’re getting more expensive. The obvious solution to both of these problems is to reduce how much fuel you burn, so improving gas mileage is in everyone’s best interests.4370352638_1237b3f906_b Continue reading “2015’s Top Five Most Fuel Efficient Cars (and how They Got That Way)” »

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The Quiet Road to Innovation: A History of the Electric Car

If the dawn of the 21st century had to be characterized by any particular automotive meme, it would unequivocally be acknowledged as the era when electric vehicles came to prominence the world over. From the inception of the electric car in the 1830’s to the overwhelming success of hybrids such as the Toyota Prius, this epoch will be remembered as the time when the electric car’s steady development has come to maturity. Let’s take a trip down the electric vehicle’s storied road from its unlikely conception to its rise to international preeminence.


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Pre-owned Sports Cars -- Live Life in the Fast Lane


Having fun on the road doesn’t have to come expensive. Of course, there are those supercars that can cost *gasp* over a million dollars, but we’re not going to mention those. After all, if you’re in the market for that, you probably got linked here by accident, anyway. On the other hand, if you’re like the rest of us, you’d like to know about used sport coupes that we can actually afford, such as these three beauties picked from our stock, the Mazda RX-8, Nissan Fairlady Z, and the Toyota Celica.

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A Brief History of The Toyota Corolla


Toyota Motor Corporation unveiled the Toyota Corolla to the Japanese public in November 1966. The Corolla gained instant fame, and has since sold over 40 million models in more than 150 countries and regions. After 11 generations, the Toyota Corolla, to this day, holds the title as the best-selling sedan worldwide.

The Toyota Corolla was designed to be the classic family car, to meet the changing needs of the Japanese commuters during the 1960s. While other automakers offered basic safety features as optional, the Corolla was among the first to include safety features, such as rear back-up lights as a standard feature. Toyota has a long history of putting safety, quality, and customer needs at the forefront of their manufacturing, which remains alive today.
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Are You Spending Too Much On Gasoline?


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Get The Most Out of Your Legacy Vehicle

After considering the time and money spent shopping for, buying, and maintaining a used car, it should come as no surprise that, for many of us, buying a used car could be the second-biggest purchase that we'll ever make. Clearly, transportation is important, whether for family or for work, but transportation doesn't take care of itself. Buying a used car is merely the start of a hopefully long, relationship.


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Ready for Summer? Give Your Car a Makeover The Right Way

wash-2Believe it or not, in some countries like Kenya or the United Arab Emirates, the highway patrol can stop you if your car is too dirty. This means that washing your car is not optional. Luckily for some people, washing their own car is therapeutic. It is their way of unwinding after a long week in the office with the boss breathing down their neck.

Many people, men especially, tend to treat their cars with so much care and affection—taking note of even the tiniest scratch—that it’s easy to think that they have fallen in love. However, even with such good intentions, not many car owners know the correct steps for protecting their car’s exterior when washing it themselves.
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