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Fall Car Comparison - A look at 2 of Nissans Most Popular Models

Nissan’s rich history, dating back just about a century, is matched only by its rich variety of vehicles. Today’s lineup ranges from the tiny Nissan March / Micra to the Nissan NV350 commercial van, and includes everything in between, such as the subject of today’s article comparing used Nissan compact cars, the Nissan Sunny and Nissan Tiida.

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Top Car Audio Upgrade Tips

Even though summer is winding down, there is plenty of time for a last minute road trip or two. Whether it is a trip to a relative's home or out to the family cabin, you can not attempt any trip without the right playlist. Even if you have the best playlist in the world, if your car stereo is subpar, it is a waste of time playing it.image-2 Continue reading “Top Car Audio Upgrade Tips” »

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Why You Need to Know When to Replace Tires on Your Car

As long as you keep an eye on your tires’ performance, record your mileage, and understand what to look for, knowing when to replace tires isn’t too much of a hassle. In this article we cover why it’s important to keep your tires in good shape and indicators that tell you when you should begin shopping for replacements.

The Purpose of Tires on Your Car

1. Tires support your car.

Did you know that the contact patch of a tire is about as small as a single postcard? One tire actually supports around 400 kilograms!  This means that the structural integrity of the tire must be perfect; any cracks or signs of unusual wear should be flagged as a warning sign that the tire is not up to par.image1-2

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Distracted Driving: Don't Do It!

A lot of people do it. It's right there, buzzing away. Your phone just went off, alerting you to a text message from someone. Who is it from? What if it's important? OMG, I have to read it right now or it's going to drive me crazy! So, you pick up your phone and look away from the road, the next thing you know you are waking up in hospital wondering what happened and why you can't feel your legs.


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4 Essential Tire Wear Problems You Can Diagnose at Home

Tires are the only physical connection between your car and the road. Because of this fact, knowing when to replace tires is extremely important. Often overlooked, tires play a key role in not only the safety of the car, but the handling as well as the quality of the ride. In addition to performance, comfort, and safety, there is an impact on the economy of the car; on average, a properly inspected and inflated tire yields approximately 3.3% savings in fuel economy.

With so many reasons to keep your tires in great shape, it’s extremely important to inspect for bad tire symptoms, which provide an excellent indicator that it may be time to change your tires. But don’t worry, in this article we cover what you need to know.image6
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Enhancing Vehicle Performance with a Turbo Charger or Super Charger

Major performance enhancements can be achieved by adding a turbo charger or super charger to an engine. In this blog, we explain the technology while looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

In order to understand turbo chargers and super chargers, one must first realize that an engine operates on the ability to pass air through itself while igniting fuel. This process normally involves drawing air into the engine due to an expanding cylinder size as a piston moves downwards. The exception is the Mazda rotary engine which expands the chamber by a rotating process of an offset cam lobe type of geometry. This discussion will focus on piston based turbo/superchargers. In either case, the expanding size causes a suction that draws in air. Fuel is mixed into the air via a carburetor or by fuel injection. Turbo chargers and super chargers are devices that pump additional air into the chamber by forcing the air into the engine in addition to the vacuum that sucks in air. By forcing air, better engine efficiency is achieved.image4
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The Top Selling Compacts of 2015

Despite plummeting oil and petrol prices many of the best selling cars across global markets are compact saloons and hatchbacks. The strong sales in what many would predict to be a down market for small cars may well stem from the lower price tag associated with a compact or it may have to do with the improved quality, styling, and safety across the class. Whatever the reason may be, sales are pushing record levels. Let's have a look at the top compacts of 2015.

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Toyota Tops New Zealand's Best-selling List for the 3rd Year Running

Take a look around, and you'll probably see a lot of Toyota vehicles on the road. This really should be no surprise, since Toyota makes some of the most-reliable vehicles. This means they stay on the road longer. Not everyone likes buying a new car every three years, or making expensive repairs every few months. In New Zealand, Toyota, including the Lexus luxury line, has been the best-selling brand for 26 years running. For 2013, Toyota / Lexus captured 21.4% of sales, just under the combined sales of Ford and Holden.

In fact, three of the top six best-selling cars in New Zealand are Toyotas, including the Toyota Corolla, in its sixth year at number one, the Toyota HiLux, now 32 years as the best-selling commercial vehicle, and the Toyota RAV4, in sixth place. Ford Ranger came in third, but just barely, Suzuki Swift came in fourth, and Holden Commodore came in fifth in total vehicle sales for New Zealand in 2013.Toyota Corolla

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Africa's Growing Infrastructure: Out on the Open Road


Growth in the infrastructure, in the road networks in Africa means a larger market for cars. Could this be why most of the foreign donor aid received from is directed to developing the infrastructure? Africa needs many cars, trucks, vans and buses to keep mobile. Transport, as we know, is the life and blood of the economies of the world.

The twilight years of the 20th century saw the economy of Africa grow enormously. Today, there are more resources in the continent and with the era of the dictators coming to a close end; she is investing her time in the exploitation of the resources. Recent discoveries of billions of barrels of oil in Northern Kenya, Uganda and elsewhere attest to this. However, even with all reasons for Africa to smile, she isn’t out of the woods yet, but she will be, eventually.

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Ride Shares: Transforming Transportation Across Africa

Used vans are big in the passenger transport business in Africa. Only a small portion of the 1 billion plus people in the continent own private cars. The rest depend on the public transport system to travel from one point to another, mostly for work. Although much of the transport system is underdeveloped, people still have to move.


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