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Driverless Deutschland: Germany gives the green light to self-driving cars

There a number of terms floating about, such as “autonomous vehicles,” “driverless cars,” “self-driving cars,” or “robocars,” all of which refer to the same thing: vehicles that do not require the input of a human driver to take one or more passengers from their origin to their destination. The technology goes much further than perhaps the driverless monorail at Disneyland, because the monorail has no choices except for “stop” and “go.” Autonomous vehicles, on the other hand, “drive” on the same roads that their human counterparts do, which makes things a lot more complicated!

Still, given that autonomous vehicles fundamentally change the way we think about transportation, regulators are having a hard time figuring out exactly what to do with a vehicle that requires no driver input. The questions are many, and answers are slow in coming.used car, toyota, driverless, fuel cell, driverless car

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BE FORWARD Responds to Malawi Flood Disaster


The week of January 11th, 2015 brought unprecedented rains to vast swaths of the African continent’s southern region. Among the hardest hit countries in the region was the landlocked nation of Malawi, where 178 people lost their lives and over 200,000 were displaced from their homes. Continue reading “BE FORWARD Responds to Malawi Flood Disaster” »

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Replace or Repair? When to ditch your old car for a new ride

Make the right choice when deciding whether to ditch or keep your ride

The average age of vehicles on the road rises and falls, pretty much depending on the current economic situation. When times are good, people have more money, and their cars are younger. When times are bad, there isn’t as much money floating around, so people hang on to their cars longer.

Proper maintenance can go a long way toward keeping those older cars on the road longer, but major car repairs can quickly stack up and make us wonder, “Is ‘old reliable’ still reliable enough to repair?” and “When is it time to look for a new car, or at least a newer car?” We wish the answer was simple, but it turns out there are a lot of factors involved in making the decision to stick with what you already have, or spring for something newer.

Generally-speaking, you need to try and separate sentimental value from the monetary value of your car. In other words, how much is your car really worth? Also, how much would it cost to buy a new car or newer used car? That way, when you look at how much maintenance and car repairs cost, you can judge whether or not it’s worth your hard-earned money to: a) repair the car, or b) replace the car.used car sale maintenance buy used Japanese car

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Synthetic Oil: get the most out of your engine

Is your motor oil going the extra mile for you?

When it comes to car maintenance, perhaps the most frequent thing we need to do is wash the carand change motor oil. Of course, less often, we also need to change the engine air filter, engine coolant, transmission fluid, brake pads, brake fluid, and tires, to name a few. Most older vehicles, as the age-old rule-of-thumb suggests, had their oil change every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever came first. Modern vehicles may stipulate, depending on usage, up to 10,000 miles between oil changes, thanks to modern engine manufacturing processes, as well as modern lubricant technology. The question is, is your motor oil doing all it should, or all it could? Are you ready for a different kind of oil change?

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Journey through Middle Earth: Dream Road Trips through New Zealand

Until the Lord of the Rings trilogy came out, everyone thought that Morocco in North Africa had the best landscape for movies. However, if you love nature, if you would like to experience this legendary landscape where the movie Lord of the Rings was filmed, you should take a New Zealand road trip. This will be an adventure that you’ll never forget. But why New Zealand? One of the most outstanding features of the scenery here is the unspoiled landscape. This is one place that looks just as it is shown in the travel brochures - amazing.

If you can flash back to the films, you will note that most of the Middle Earth landscape reminds you of cones and craters. And indeed it does because New Zealand is home to more than 60 extinct volcanoes. But that is not all really, as there is a little of everything. For example, the Tasman Sea has great beaches where you can catch the sun and roll in the pristine sands and take pictures against the backdrop of breathtaking peaks.

NZ road trip used car kiwi roadtrip LOTR Middle Earth

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Ecowash and Geowash: Environmentally Safe Car Wash Solutions

Can car washes go green? Water can be recycled. That is… you wash your car, spill water, the water evaporates, condenses and then it falls again as rain… but is there a more eco-friendly solution? Green car washes are already taking South Africa by storm, and it’s time that they take hold in Eastern Africa.


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Used Crossover SUV Comparison – Honda CR-V vs Subaru Forester

As today’s families become more mobile, that is, they need to get around to destinations beyond work or school, finding suitable and adaptable transportation becomes more important. Once you realize you can’t fit Mom, Dad, two kids, the family dog, and all their stuff in a Honda Civic for a weekend trip to the mountains, the beach, or Grandma’s, what other options are there? Don’t get us wrong, the Honda Civic is a great little car, as efficient and reliable as they come, but space is a premium in such a small vehicle. On the other hand, just because you have occasional trip out of town, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy a second vehicle.

Perhaps something in between would be more suitable? Enter the compact sports utility vehicle (SUV), also known as crossover SUV, which offers more space and capability without sacrificing fuel economy and daily reliability. Many crossovers come with four-wheel drive (4WD) or all-wheel drive (AWD) and small efficient four-cylinder engines, but are still easy enough to get around town. A used crossover SUV could be the perfect replacement for the compact sedan that you’re driving right now.

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Epic Road trips: Take a 4X4 from Nairobi to Masai Mara

Cut almost in half by the Equator, Kenya has wonderful climate. It is mostly warm throughout the year. Kenya is home to the Big Five beasts – Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino and Leopard. Taking an Africa road trip to one of the biggest game reserves in East Africa, the Masai Mara, is the best way to see the land, experience the culture and see the wildlife.

Kenya Road Trip

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Dashboard Warning Lights – What Do They All Mean?

Because of the new auto technologies developed by car manufacturers, most vehicles today come with a cluster of symbols illuminated by lights on the dashboard. It is important for the driver to understand what each symbol represents and what it means when light flashes from a certain symbol. The indications given on the dashboard are the main way in which the vehicle communicates with its driver. They inform the driver of a certain problem he should attend to, for example, low fuel or an empty tank.

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Convenient Car Hacks for Maintenance – Don’t Pay For what You Can Do!

You do not have to spend a ton of money on car care. How do we know this? It is quite simple. You just need to think a bit outside the box and find out what you can do to avoid several trips to the car care shop. Mostly, you will find that you don’t have to buy any extraordinary products. You will be happy to know that you can use most of the items that are readily available at home. This is not genius stuff, but then, why didn’t you ever think of it before? Here are some of the money-saving car hacks for everyone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty….

Used Car Maintenance

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