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How to Jump Start Your Car in 9 Easy Steps

The remedy for a dead battery is not always to simply replace it. Sometimes, the solution is as easy as giving your car a jump start. It can safely be assumed that everyone who owns or operates a vehicle will come across this problem at least once in their life. However, what most people don’t realize is that knowing how to jump start a car is pretty easy.

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BE FORWARD Sponsors the 80th Anniversary Celebration of Lelo in Georgia

Popular Georgian sports newspaper “Lelo” celebrated its 80th anniversary on May 7th, by organizing a public event in the capital city of Georgia to commemorate the date. “Lelo” is based on the Georgian sport also named Lelo, which literally means ‘field ball’ but can be compared to the likes of Rugby.

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Taking a Chance on Africa’s Open-Air Garages

If Africa was given a caption, it might read “Africa: Be Anything You Want to Be.” This is because the continent is filled with too many “professionals” working in areas they are not even in the slightest way qualified to be in. You can find a high school dropout calling himself a doctor even without post-secondary training; and self-acclaimed mechanics are everywhere! You would think that based on their education, they would simply establish a car wash, but no, they go on ahead and own “garages.” Quotes are added here because it is difficult to call a shed in the outdoors run by an unqualified mechanic an actual garage.

But even with that being said, Africa is indeed a beautiful continent. So how advisable is it to fix your car in one of these open-air garages? Could they be depended on despite the conditions in which they are run?

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Save Money! How to Change the Oil on Your Toyota HiAce Van

Chances are, if you've imported a Toyota HiAce van, you'll be using it to transport people or goods. In both of these roles, the engine on your HiAce is going to be doing a lot of extra work—idling at stops, quick acceleration and deceleration, and heavy loads. Fortunately, you bought a Toyota and, with proper maintenance, you can expect a long lifespan, at least 400,000 km.

Used HiAce Van

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The Top Five Most Fuel-Efficient Used Cars

Considering that the price of fuel never seems to drop, a considerable chunk of our income goes to keeping the tank filled. There are at least a couple of ways to maximize your fuel economy, such as keeping your vehicle maintained properly and watching your driving habits.

There is only so much these two things can impact, not to mention that some vehicles are just beyond repair, so you may have to consider changing vehicles to a more fuel-efficient model. Here’s a list of the top five most fuel-efficient used cars available today from BE FORWARD that are designed to comfortably fit a family of four or five.

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Preparing the Toyota AE86 for a Run in the Targa

First, let me say that this isn't a step-by-step manual, but more of a guide, to help give you an idea of what you can expect in the journey leading up to the Targa. The Targa, referred to as “The Ultimate Road Race,” consists of two or three different events each season, typically the Targa Bambina, Targa Rotorua, and Targa New Zealand—each of which puts your mind, body, and car to the ultimate test. Each event can run up to ten days, in which time you will do nothing but eat, breathe, sleep, and dream all things Targa. Mornings are filled with racing, touring, tweaking, and repairing your ride, followed by a quick bite to eat. Afternoons are right back at it, as you compete with dozens of other drivers for the best time on that leg of the track.

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How Affordable are Japanese Used Cars? Let’s Find Out!

Proud logos like the three ovals combined to form a T, the three proud diamonds of the Mitsubishi, the Nissan name and others… They all have one thing in common - they are proudly Japanese! They are equated with comfort, fuel efficiency and most important, they are cheap and readily available. But just how cheap are the Japanese used cars? We set out to explore the market and we came up with a few important deductions. Note that “cheap” here does not imply low quality, but it means affordability in matters of price.

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Toyota Motor Corporation Leaders in the Automotive Industry

No writing can do the Toyota story justice. It is simply great, from the weaving looms to greatness on the road and eventually, as Akio Toyoda says, to make people happy when they drive the Toyota cars. Toyota is not only a global vehicle manufacturer, but it is a trendsetter in environmental conservation as shown by the Hybrid Prius, which has proven to be a pacesetter in the manufacture of hybrid vehicles.

For more than 75 years now, Toyota Motors Corporation has been giving value for money. In Africa, people know Toyota before they even know the name of their president. It is a household name. Selling cars is not the only reason that makes this company great.


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BE FORWARD Welcomes Tanzania Ambassador to our Tokyo Office

BE FORWARD welcomes Tanzania Ambassador to our Tokyo Office We were very honored to have H.E. Salome T. Sijaona, Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania visit our Tokyo office on April 18.

BE FORWARD has been doing business with Tanzania for ten years now and celebrated this year, the one year anniversary of the opening of our local office in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The Ambassador who also visited our local Tanzania office for its opening in July 2013 said, “With agreeable trade relations between Japan and Tanzania, BE FORWARD has been of great interest to me, as there is growing potential for deepening Japan – Tanzania relations.” We look forward to working toward that mission!

During the Ambassador’s visit to our Tokyo office, H.E. was introduced to several of our departments and our own staff from Tanzania. H.E. stated that she was pleased with the growth and success of BE FORWARD, saying it is one of the companies Tanzanians can trust doing business with.

Here are a few photos below with H.E. Salome T. Sijaona with BE FORWARD President Hironori Yamakawa, and a several of our staff.

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What the Future Holds for Africa’s Roads

Growth in the infrastructure, in the road networks in Africa means a larger market for cars. Could this be why most of the foreign donor aid received from is directed to developing the infrastructure? Africa needs many cars, trucks, vans and buses to keep mobile. Transport, as we know, is the life and blood of the economies of the world.

The twilight years of the 20th century saw the economy of Africa grow enormously. Today, there are more resources in the continent and with the era of the dictators coming to a close end; she is investing her time in the exploitation of the resources. Recent discoveries of billions of barrels of oil in Northern Kenya, Uganda and elsewhere attest to this. However, even with all reasons for Africa to smile, she isn’t out of the woods yet, but she will be, eventually.

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