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Fuel Cell Technology vs. Hybrid Technology

Marked by concerns over pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and rising fuel costs, most governments have moved to regulate various industries that depend on fossil fuels. In the United States, for example, about a third of emissions is tied to power production, and another third to the transportation industry, including automobiles. Making engines smaller is one method to reduce fuel consumption, which also reduces emissions and pollution related to automobiles.

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Korean Used Car Comparison – Hyundai Sonata vs. Kia Optima

If you remember the “cheap” Kia Sephia or the failure-prone Hyundai Elantra, and these have put a bad taste in your mouth for Korean automakers, perhaps it’s time to whet your palate for the modern South Korean car. After all, South Korean automakers didn’t move from the eleventh in world automobile exports to fifth on good looks alone. Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors Corporation now stand as the first- and second-biggest, respectively, South Korean automakers by volume.

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​Road Trip Checklist - 10 Checks To Make Before You Hit the Road

Road trips are a fun getaway even when you just need to escape the monotonous reality for a couple of hours. As there are no rules governing how long a road trip should be, it could be a couple of hours long or even a couple of days or weeks long, the choice is entirely up to you. Prior to a good road trip though, proper planning is required. The last thing you would want is to be stranded in the middle of an isolated highway with a broken down car and without any hope for road rescue. So what are some of the preparations you could make in advance to ensure you have a great trip?

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A Few Things To Know About Importing A Car From Japan to New Zealand

Looking for information on how to import a vehicle from Japan to New Zealand, or the larger Oceania, is very easy because there is already a strong market established between these two countries. Importing to New Zealand entails quite a procedure that begins with the Entry Certifier. You are advised to contact an entry certifier before you import your car so that you can have the car shipped where there is an entry certifier. Remember, the entry certification is the same for vehicles imported for resale as well as those imported for use by the owner.

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Choosing a Lane: Left-Hand vs. Right-Hand Driving

The majority of the world’s population drives on the right-hand side of the road and yet the first vehicles ever built where designed to be driven on the left-hand side of the road. So what factors caused this change in how we drive?

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Ford Mustang ー More Than 50 Years of Cool

Ford Mustang…what a beautiful combination of names, a man and a powerful horse. This car that came into the market when engine power was not measured in CC but in horsepower, when horsepower was basically meant to portray the number of ponies (in this case wild mustangs) that would literally be used to power the car.

It is simply incredible that the Ford Motor Company has impressed fans of the Ford Mustang since 1964 to date. For more than 50 years, Ford Mustang has maintained its high image and has set the benchmark for coupes and muscle cars to some extent, even inspiring other car manufacturers. But what exactly is it about this car model that has made it become the only original pony car that has seen uninterrupted production for five decades straight?

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The Best Used Cars on the Market by Category

There are many reasons why you may choose to buy a used car instead of a new one. Used cars are almost always cheaper than their new counterparts; however, this does not mean that they are lower quality.

Another benefit is that unlike new cars, used cars do not depreciate as quickly. New cars lose as much as 20 percent of their value once driven off the dealership’s lot. This may very well be the most drastic drop in the value of any consumer product. As for used cars, they have already undergone this initial depreciation and so their prices are generally steady; making them a worthwhile investment in the long run.

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What Solar Roadways Could Do for the World

Every time you go out, whether to work, school, or play, you probably use some form of wheeled transportation on the road. Roads go everywhere you want to go, but aside from providing a relatively flat surface to ride on, they do little else. Here is where technology enters the picture. First let’s take the analogy of smartphones. Ten years ago a flip phone seemed like the greatest invention, but when compared with the mobile options today, it is easy to joke that flip phones are in fact “dumbphones.”

Likewise, a new technology is now being talked about that could revolutionize our roadways. Current materials used for constructing roads are not able take advantage of the sun’s gift of solar energy. But there is great potential for harnessing this energy source now that the technology is available. This technology for creating “smartroads” is called Solar Roadways and is an idea that is just now coming to fruition, having raised a startup fund of over $2 million USD through crowd funding. The idea is to replace current asphalt road coverings with energy-generating solar panels, but let’s first give a breakdown of what the Solar Roadway actually is.

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Cool Cars and the Films that Made them Famous

I certainly did watch when Jason Statham made the Audi famous in Transporter 3, and when Vin Diesel had everyone wanting a muscle car from the Fast and Furious series. And you can’t forget about Mr. Bean who made the Mini Cooper synonymous with… well, Mr. Bean of course.

Have you ever watched a movie and even days after it is over you could still remember a certain type of car used in the film? Or had that moment where you see a certain car model and it immediately reminds you of a certain film you watched. There are certain films that have starred cars that we can all remember. Here are some of the classic cars that have made their debut in film, creating a lasting memory. Can you remember any of these cars made famous in films?

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Regulations on Importing a Used Car from Japan

The world over, Japan is known for being one of the biggest exporter of second hand cars, but why is this so? You probably know how to import a car from Japan, but here are a couple of things you didn’t know.

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