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BE FORWARD and Malawi Strengthen Business Ties

On Friday, June 13th H.E. Reuben Ngwenya, Ambassador of the Republic of Malawi to Japan stopped by the BE FORWARD office along Embassy delegates to meet with our President, Hironori Yamakawa and employees.

BE FORWARD exports to Malawi through the Dar es Salaam port in Tanzania and provides delivery all the way to the Tanzanian – Malawi border. H.E. was introduced to the BE FORWARD operations and discussed the current business and future prospects in Malawi.

Here are of a few photos from the visit below.

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Compact SUV Comparison: Toyota RAV4 vs. Honda CR-V

In the beginning, there was the sedan, and families who outgrew their sedans had few choices between their current car and full-size sport utility vehicles (SUVs), except for station wagons. In 1996, Toyota practically invented the compact SUV segment with the Toyota RAV4, though it was an instant success. However, today, practically every automaker with a full lineup now sells compact SUVs, including the other contestant in our comparison, the Honda CR-V.

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Nissan Tackles Dirt in a Whole New Way

Depending on where you live and how you drive your car, dirt, dust, and grime can be a huge problem. Of course, no one wants to be seen in a dirty car, and owners spend lots of time, money, and water to keep their cars clean, if only for aesthetic purposes. One car wash, in Cape Town, South Africa, for example, runs about R36 average per car, across various hand washing services. Of course, a basic wash and go is cheaper, while a full detail inside-and-out will cost considerably more. Of course, you could also go the DIY route and wash your car yourself, which isn’t particularly difficult.

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Key 4x4 Maintenance Points You Don’t Want to Forget!

Some people go off-road because they like to have fun, and these people are typically far more in touch with their 4x4s than the average person. To get the most out of their ride, off-roadies modify their rides for more power, better flexibility, and more capability. They know the importance of quality parts and regular maintenance, but are also ready to make repairs on breakage that surely comes with extreme vehicle use. On the other hand, some people go off-road because it is necessary for their job or lifestyle, and unless you’re a hard-core off-roader, you might not be as in touch with your 4x4 as those other people are.

4X4 Maintenance

That being said, it’s important to keep in mind that regular maintenance is just as important for the casual or working off-roader as it is for the extremists. No matter what your status as an off-roader is, keep these things in mind when it comes to regular maintenance. Continue reading “Key 4x4 Maintenance Points You Don’t Want to Forget!” »

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Honda VTEC Oil Leaks? We’ve Got You Covered!

Honda is one of those Japanese companies that has absolutely nailed the fuel-efficient, fun-to-drive compact car. Aside from winning manufacturing processes, Honda’s engine technology is one of the most reliable in the world. Of course, this means they last a lot longer on the road, and while the mechanical parts may last, the soft rubber parts eventually wear or simply dry out, especially oil seals. Repairing oil leaks is a common repair on older Honda engines, including valve cover gaskets, spark plug tube gaskets, front and rear crankshaft seals, and even the oil pan.

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The Future is Now with the Terrafugia Flying Car

Since before the Wright Brothers became the ‘first in flight’, man has always been fascinated by the sky. He has conquered it with technology and knowing him for the curious creature that he is, there is no stopping him. Now, the race is on to make the flying car a norm.

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Do it Yourself Auto Repair Tips

When it comes to fixing car problems, it’s hard to understand why many people fear doing even the simplest of tasks. Well, there is the misplaced thought that one wrong move could send the car up in flames, but this is pretty unlikely. Cars are sturdy and steady enough that the most damage you could do is probably just a temporary break. Note the word “temporary.” It is nearly impossible to damage a vehicle when you are trying to do a minor repair.

Carrying out your own repairs can be very gratifying and it lets you bond with your car. There is something really special about being the one who knows about your vehicle’s internal workings. It also saves you the trouble of being overcharged, and even duped, by unscrupulous mechanics. Knowing your car can help you better understand what works and what doesn’t. So, what are some of the simplest DIY repairs that you can do on your own, beyond changing the oil?

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Looking for Auto Parts? Learn to spot the Genuine from the Fake!

Many have said that Africa has constantly been used as a dumping ground for poor-quality goods, and when you look at it from an auto parts perspective, there could unfortunately be truth in this statement. The continent seems to be full of counterfeit parts, so much so that it is almost impossible to come across a genuine part when needed. And when you do manage to have a genuine part installed in your car, it gets stolen in high-crime areas rather quickly. So how can you find a genuine part among all the counterfeits? If you are a car owner, you want to make sure your quality vehicle is getting quality repairs, and imitative parts will work less effectively. Here are a few guidelines to help you in finding genuine parts.

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BE FORWARD’s Footballs Across Africa – Tanzania

On May 20th, one of our staff at the BE FORWAD Tanzania office visited the Sober Home Rehabilitation Center in Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam, to follow up on a football.

In September 2013, BE FORWAD donated a total of 50 footballs to various educational and social institutions throughout 11 countries in Africa. One of those balls made its way to the Sober Home Rehabilitation Center.

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How to Jump Start Your Car in 9 Easy Steps

The remedy for a dead battery is not always to simply replace it. Sometimes, the solution is as easy as giving your car a jump start. It can safely be assumed that everyone who owns or operates a vehicle will come across this problem at least once in their life. However, what most people don’t realize is that knowing how to jump start a car is pretty easy.

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