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A Quick Look At The 2016 Audi A8 Plus

By 1910, August Horch had been forced to leave the helm of his automobile manufacturing company. His penchant for racing and other behaviors that were considered to be too dangerous for the CEO of a company were the determining fa
ctors in his ouster. So, what is a man to do when his passions are racing and automobile manufacturing? Build another company, but give it a sports car pedigree of course. Thus Audi was born.image
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Benefits of changing battery: The Battery

Cost of changing battery:


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Regardless the types of engines including hybrid and electric cars, nothing moves without battery


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Take Care of Your Used Car

After considering the time and money spent shopping for, buying, and maintaining a used car, it should come as no surprise that, for many of us, buying a used car could be the second-biggest purchase that we'll ever make. Clearly, transportation is important, whether for family or for work, but transportation doesn't take care of itself. Buying a used car is merely the start of a hopefully long, relationship.

TLC for Car

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Stuck in the city? Get out on the open road!

When buying a car, one of the factors that should govern your search include your specific needs. For instance, you need to consider where you will be driving your new car. If you are choosing a car for long distance drives, you will need a car with adequate features to handle long distances without breaking down. On the other hand, when selecting a vehicle for city driving, you only have a few factors to consider. Actually most car models will be applicable in driving around the city and its suburbs.

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Hatchbacks: More Space, Same Convenience

Looking around the roads, the hatchback is back and it looks as if it is here to stay. It is looking much better now, more polished and with sleeker lines. As compared to its older counterparts, this one gives more than enough value for its money. The sporty look of the hatchbacks makes it almost impossible to tell the hatchback from the SUV. However, as you will see in this post, there are many reasons why you may want to consider a hatchback instead of a sedan or an SUV.

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Maintenance Tips for the Everyman

You do not have to spend a ton of money on car care. How do we know this? It is quite simple. You just need to think a bit outside the box and find out what you can do to avoid several trips to the car care shop. Mostly, you will find that you don’t have to buy any extraordinary products. You will be happy to know that you can use most of the items that are readily available at home. This is not genius stuff, but then, why didn’t you ever think of it before? Here are some of the money-saving car hacks for everyone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty….

Used Car Maintenance

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Do infrequent oil and oil filter changes really damage the engines?


What happens if we forget about changing oil filters?

Engine oil filters come in various grades, both in design and materials used, but they all work to remove all these impurities from your engine oil.  There's a great deal of varieties between different types of engine oils, the various synthetic additives they include, and countless other factors (such as city driving vs highway driving) which can influence the performance and longevity of engine oil.  But, no matter what, no oil change leads to the sign below:

Engine oil filter 2 picture #1

(Oil and oil filter change caution)

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What Engine Works Best For You?

2016 is just around the corner. It used to be that buying an automobile boiled down to whether you wanted to drive a car with an automatic or manual transmission. Today, however, with dozens of automakers and technologies vying for our attention, our choice of automobile has become a little more complicated. They go beyond just gasoline or diesel engines and manual or automatic transmissions, but include new technologies, such as hybrid cars, electric cars, plug-in hybrid cars, even hydrogen cars.


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2015's Most Requested Mini Van Features

The joy of owning a mini-van is that you can use it for business and on the weekend or when going for a vacation, it can carry the whole family and their luggage. However, even with many benefits, many people cannot shop for one confidently because they hardly know the main features that a mini-van must have.

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