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3 Benefits of shock absorbers

When we think of smooth drive, we usually think of horsepower and top-performing engine. However, little of us are aware that powerful engine is pretty much useless without driver’s ability to control the car. That’s where shock absorbers take the stage. As their name entails, shock absorbers, literally absorb unpleasant effects of bumpy roads and unavoidable holes thus enhancing driver’s control over the vehicle as well as overall comfort of all passengers. Being an important part of overall vehicle performance, these absorbers must be maintained properly in order to assure safe and smooth drive. Read on to find out some of the benefit of shock absorbers. It is recommend to renew the shock absorbers every 80,000km ideally.


image1For most of us, vehicle safety means buckling up and not driving over speed limit. However, for licensed mechanics and car manufacturers, car safety equals impeccable suspension system. Main component of suspension system are shock absorbers. Thus, their major role in vehicle safety is to provide steering stability and complete vehicle safety. Thanks to them, our cars do not veer to the sides when it’s windy and have no trouble stopping. If you are, however, experiences these then you must repair or replace the existing shockers. Worn out shockers lack the capacity required to control the car and add about twenty percentage to your vehicle’s stopping distance. Continue reading “3 Benefits of shock absorbers” »

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The Competition Package: BMW Fights Back

If you were a high-performance premium automobile, you would be feeling crowded to the breaking point in today's market. The godfather's of the segment, the BMW M3 and M4 enjoyed an open market for a few years then Mercedes-Benz decided it was time to tap in with its AMG offerings. Shortly thereafter, Audi stepped up its game, as did Cadillac and Lexus. With offerings like the Audi RS5, Cadillac ATS-V and CTS V-Sport, the Lexus RC F, and the Mercedes-AMG C63 to compete with, how is BMW planning to stay relevant? By fighting back with an all new Competition package for its M3 and M4 offerings, how else?image Continue reading “The Competition Package: BMW Fights Back” »

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What Is Henrik Fisker Up To These Days? A SuperCar Of Course

Henrik Fisker has quite a resume as an automotive designer: the Aston Martin DB9, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, and the BMW Z8. Then there was his personal foray into automotive manufacturing with Fisker Automotive. With that venture, Fisker single-handedly created the premium plug-in hybrid segment by building the Fisker Karma. 

image-2 Continue reading “What Is Henrik Fisker Up To These Days? A SuperCar Of Course” »

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In short words, it is explained that shock absorbers are hydraulic (oil) pump-like devices that help control the impact and rebound movement of your vehicle's springs and suspension. Along with smoothening out bumps and vibrations, the key role of the shock absorber is to ensure that the vehicle’s tires remain in contact with the road surface at all times, which ensures the safest control and braking response from your car.image1 Continue reading “The role of SHOCK ABSORBERS” »

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Basic knowledge of the coolant liquid

Role of the coolant

Prevention from being frozen

When the coolant liquid freezes up, the volume of liquid expands by approximately 9%. When a coolant temperature goes down in the winter season, it may destroy cylinder head and cores (canals) of engine and radiator respectively due to the excess in pressure. Therefore materials with relatively low freezing point are generally used for coolant liquid. Currently ethylene glycol is mainly used.image2 Continue reading “Basic knowledge of the coolant liquid” »

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The engine of automobiles always heats up every time when the explosion occurs in high temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to cool it down to a suitable temperature like between 80 and 100 degrees Celsius when an explosion runs for a long time successively in the engine. The radiator works for cooling down the engine to these temperature zone. Most of engines are water-cooled in general except some air-cooled and electric cars such as classic Porsche and Nissan Leaf.image1 Continue reading “ROLE AND STRUCTURE OF THE RADIATOR” »

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Automotive Brands To Watch In 2016

As 2015 wrapped up there were many exciting developments on the horizon in the automotive industry, portending well for the early months of 2016. Some of the more promising developments that 2015 teased us with are the re-introduction of the Continental sedan by Lincoln and Genesis-branded products from Hyundai like the G90 and G80. When you add to that list the new DB11 coming from Aston Martin and Bugatti's Chiron hypercar, you can see how exciting 2016 is going to be! Believe it or not, those are not the brands that have the most interesting draw. There are five other automakers that promise to have a coming year that should be eventful, even pivotal for their future.

image Continue reading “Automotive Brands To Watch In 2016” »

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Emerging Technologies That Could Reduce Water Depletion And Our Dependence On Oil Reserves

It is a well known fact that our sun will mature and enter its red giant phase sometime within the next five billion years, devouring the inner planets, including Earth. At least one billion years before that our planet will beome so hot that humans can not live here. Those facts are far in the future, making them difficult for the average person to care about. Dangers that are more immediate are that we, as a species, currently indulge in wasteful energy policies and frivolously use finite resources. This has led to water shortages around the globe, climate change, and deforestation.image Continue reading “Emerging Technologies That Could Reduce Water Depletion And Our Dependence On Oil Reserves” »

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Green-Washing An Automaker? A Quick Look At The Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept

image-2Volkswagen is suffering under the crush of consumer and governmental wrath after it was revealed the company used  fraudulent data to produce the emissions numbers from its diesel engines for years. Sure, the company saved a few dollars in the development stages by using those fake computer chips, but what is that savings compared to the more than 92 billion euros it will cost to clean up the lawsuits the company now faces? Lawsuits and eco-fraud aside, VW is striving to put its best foot forward by introducing new concepts; a bit of business as usual from the automaker. One of the more interesting concepts the brand has introduced is the BUDD-e electric minivan. Continue reading “Green-Washing An Automaker? A Quick Look At The Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept” »

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Top 10 Green Driving Tips

image-4Even as petrol prices fall, it remains important to be aware of what you can do as a driver to help increase the km/l that your car will deliver. We are still dealing with a finite fuel source, so we need to help it last as long as possible. Every government in the developed world has legislation that requires ever increasing fuel economy from automakers, but there are still several things that you can do to be a green driver and help your vehicle reach its rated fuel economy potential. To help you do everything possible, here are ten green driving tips that anyone can incorporate into their daily sojourn. Continue reading “Top 10 Green Driving Tips” »

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