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top 10 compact crossover suvs

Our Top 10 Compact Crossover SUVs

The compact crossover SUV is designed to seamlessly blend a traditional saloon with an SUV. The melding creates a mixture of daily utility and mild off-road capabilities, yet leaves drivers with the more refined driving experience of a car. As an added bonus, they offer owners better fuel economy than …
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alarms and security systems for used cars

The Best Car Alarms and Security Systems for Your Vehicle

Modern car alarms and security systems are the norm. However, in areas like Kenya, Tanzania or Zimbabwe where the majority of the traffic comprises older and used cars, these systems are either old or non-existent …
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Top 4 Fuel Efficient Used Hatchbacks for Under $1,000

Driving through the streets of a place like Lilongwe, Malawi has an unmistakably euphoric feel to it. While the demographics vary all throughout the country, most of the cars on the roads have a hint of Japanese descent, and the style of choice appears to be the hatchback …
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fuel efficient sedans for under $1,500

Top 4 Fuel Efficient Used Sedans for Under $1,500 at BE FORWARD

Taking a look at the roads in Zambia, it’s clear that Zambians love their cars, with sedans being the car type of choice. Some of the top considerations car buyers in Zambia ponder when purchasing cars revolve around two key dynamics: price and fuel consumption. Over the years, Japanese cars …
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be forward christmas 2018 gift ideas and buying guide

BE FORWARD’s Christmas Gift Ideas 2018

The 2018 holiday season is upon us. It’s that time of the year we all love to spread some merriment and cheer all around with the tradition of gift-giving. Christmas has always been a festive season for many people all around the world. While it’s true that the countdown usually …
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zambia best selling used cars 2018

Zambia’s Top 5 Best-Selling Used Cars in 2018

By 2008, the number of people owning motor vehicles in Zambia was about 21 in every 1000 people. Ten years later, in 2018, this number has more than tripled. Among the most bought second-hand vehicles in Zambia, Japanese brands rule the road. For example, the Toyota Allion, Toyota Hiace Van, …
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Toyota IST: Tanzania’s Favorite Hatchback Reviewed

When Tanzanians fall for a car, they fall hard. From the number of Toyota cars in the country, it is quite easy to see that Tanzania is head over heels in love with this brand. And the IST seems to have found a soft spot in the country’s heart …
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Top 7 Toyota HiAce Van Alternatives

When looking for HiAce alternatives, most people think about Toyota HiAce vs. Nissan Caravan. There are many other alternatives out there. The Isuzu Como, Nissan Vanette, Mazda Bongo and Toyota RegiusAce are just some of the alternatives that we have in the market …
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Mercedes-Benz vs. BMW 3 Series: Zimbabwe's Favourite Sedans

How to Buy a Used Photocopier: 4 Essential Tips

Africa is rising. Businesses are coming up fast. However, owing to the financial challenges that small businesses encounter, buying brand-new office equipment is something that is out of reach for many. The good news is that it is becoming increasingly easier for Africans to purchase one of the most essential …
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Mercedes-Benz C-Class vs. BMW 3 Series - BE FORWARD

Mercedes-Benz C-Class vs. BMW 3 Series: Zimbabwe’s Favourite Sedans

Zimbabwe is ranked in the top three countries in Africa with the highest literacy ratings, and it seems as if they also have good taste in cars. The BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes Benz C-Class are best-sellers in this country, selling well as both family and executive sedans—the streets …
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