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5 Award-Winning Used Cars Under $2,000 - BE FORWARD

5 Award-Winning Used Cars You Can Buy for Under $2,000

When you hear the phrase “award-winning car”, you may jump to the conclusion that said car is out of your price range. However, much to the contrary, there are many award-winning cars you can purchase for as low as $2,000 and under from places such as BE FORWARD! One example …
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Meet the Honda Freed: A Toyota Sienta Alternative - BE FORWARD

Meet the Honda Freed: A Toyota Sienta Alternative

When it comes to choosing a used MPV, or multipurpose van, for your business or family, there are a number of options available. One popular option is a used Toyota Sienta, however another hidden gem comes in the form of a used Honda Freed. Both cars offer similar features, but …
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Buy Cheap Used iPhone 5S Models - BE FORWARD

Not Just Cars: Buy a Low-Cost Used iPhone 5S with BE FORWARD

If you are a BE FORWARD fan you may already know that we are not only a used car exporter, but that we also sell low-cost used and new electronics such as the iPhone 5S. Why would a used car exporter also sell you an iPhone? It’s simple—a used iPhone …
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Top 5 Fuel Efficient Vehicles Under $1,000 - BE FORWARD

Fuel & Wallet Friendly: Top 5 Fuel-Efficient Vehicles Under $1,000

Would you like to drive a car and save money at the same time? Driving does not have to be expensive—not when you can drive a car that has been designed to run at the lowest cost! Keep reading to discover 5 of the top cheapest fuel-efficient cars available at …
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toyota probox vs succeed vs nissan ad van

Battle of the Vans: Toyota Probox vs. Toyota Succeed vs. Nissan Ad

The demand for a small, reliable multipurpose van led to an influx on the market over the years, but three standout vehicles can be found in the Nissan Ad Van, Toyota Probox Van, and Toyota Succeed Van. These vehicles have several similarities as well as their fair share of differences …
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mazda demio 2nd vs 3rd generation comparison

Budget vs. Design: A Closer Look at the Mazda Demio 2nd & 3rd Generations

Since its establishment in 1920, Mazda Motor Corporation has built its reputation by producing great-looking, stylish, and powerful cars. Some of its most powerful names include the Atenza Sport and the Axela, respectively a performance car and compact family wagon/sedan that not only looks great but is reliable as well …
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trucks under $3000

BE FORWARD’s Top Trucks Under $3,000

Buying a truck is an important decision for many kinds of businesses. There are many things to consider, but one that is often considered above all others is price. What might come as a surprise is that there are many high-quality, low-cost used trucks that you can buy right now …
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SUV vs. Hatchback: Which Is Best For You? - BE FORWARD

SUV vs. Hatchback: Which Car Type is Best for You?

SUV or hatchback? This is a question many ask themselves when buying a used car. When it comes down to it, the debate about SUVs vs. hatchbacks narrows down to the needs of the user. Each of these types of car could benefit different families and individuals depending on their …
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6 cars you didn't know you needed

6 Used Japanese Cars You Didn’t Know You Needed

When buying a used car from Japan, important points to consider include the availability of spare parts, its fuel consumption, specifications, and, to a certain extent, appearance. While a number of cars may first come to mind—such as the Toyota Vitz, Honda Fit or Nissan X-Trail—there are a number of …
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Toyota HiAce Van - Fourth Generation vs. Fifth Generation Comparison - BE FORWARD

4th & 5th Generation Toyota HiAce Vans: A Head to Head Comparison

The search for a reliable people or cargo mover will undoubtedly take you to either the Toyota HiAce 2003 van, or its bigger and boxier sibling, the Toyota HiAce 2008 van. HiAce is one of the best MPV names to come out of Japan. It has a long and impressive …
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