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Toyota Corolla Fielder vs. Honda Airwave Car Comparison - BE FORWARD

Toyota Corolla Fielder vs. Honda Airwave: Head-to-Head Wagon Comparison

While the Toyota Corolla Fielder and Honda Airwave may not look alike, they are close competitors in places such as Africa. Each has its own strength, where the Toyota Corolla Fielder looks suave and sophisticated and more of a compact car than a wagon, while the Honda Airwave looks quite …
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BMW X5 vs. Mercedes-Benz ML Class Car Comparison - BE FORWARD

BMW X5 vs. Mercedes-Benz ML Class: Luxury Crossover SUV Comparison

Your search for German made luxury SUVs will certainly bring you to a point where you will be comparing the BMW X5 vs. the Mercedes-Benz ML Class. Both are close to the same price range when used, and they both come with similar features. So what does one have over …
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Used Cars with Top Fuel Economy - BE FORWARD

Top 5 Used Cars with Incredible Fuel Economy

Fuel consumption, the availability of spare parts, and residual value are some of the main concerns for most people that buy used cars. Among all these, however, fuel economy takes the top position as it is a daily recurring expense that car owners have to live with.  Here, we take …
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Top Beautiful Cars Under $1,000 - BE FORWARD

7 Most Beautiful Cars Under $1,000

While some of the most beautiful cars in the world are costly, with a lot of sentimental value, the truth is that finding a beautiful yet affordable used car is easier than you may think! Some are commanding sedans while others are flashier coupes, but one thing these 7 vehicles …
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Top 5 Used Sedans for Uber Drivers - BE FORWARD

Top 5 Used Sedans for Uber Drivers

Uber drivers need to take many things into consideration for their business, but the chief one is to get their customers where they are going on time and to make sure there are no breakdowns between destinations. Sedans are popular for transporting smaller groups of people, and as such running …
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Toyota Corolla Spacio vs. Toyota Raum Car Comparison

Toyota Corolla Spacio vs. Toyota Raum: Mega Minivan Matchup

The Toyota Corolla Spacio and Toyota Raum are two of the most common minivans in Africa and other places. If you are looking for a stylish, spacious and small minivan that is built in the style of a compact car, one of these two should serve you just right. Both …
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BE FORWARD Reviews: Testimonials on Kenya’s Top 5 Used Cars

There isn’t much that can beat getting a great deal on a reliable vehicle, which is one of the many reasons Kenyans love to purchase used cars from BE FORWARD! If you are a Kenyan currently shopping for a used car, keep reading to find out the top 5 best …
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Toyota Ractis vs. Nissan Note: 1st Generation Comparison Showdown

The first-generation Toyota Ractis and Nissan Note are both compact hatchbacks, competing for the same type of car shopper, and both are equally popular used Japanese imports in Africa. While the two hatchbacks share many similarities, they are often compared to each since they are made by competing companies—Toyota and …
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BE FORWARD Reviews: Testimonials on Tanzania’s Top 5 Toyota Cars

We at BE FORWARD love to hear from our customers, and our fans in Tanzania love us too! Here we take a look at 5 of the most popular used Toyota vehicles that Tanzanians love to import from Japan, along with first-hand reviews from satisfied BE FORWARD customers …
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Toyota Brevis vs Mark X: An Affordable Luxury Sedan Car Comparison

The 1st generation Toyota Brevis and Toyota Mark X are almost birds of a feather. Both are luxury sedans designed for someone looking forward to enjoying almost the same luxury that German sedans offer, but at a much cheaper price point. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the two Toyota …
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