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How to Search Auto Parts from Our Catalog (Tutorial)

Are you looking for a specific auto parts for your vehicle? With our new catalog, you can now easily find auto parts for your vehicle with just the use of a Chassis Number, in a few simple steps. On this post, we’ll walk you through a step by step process …
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Toyota IST 2002-2010 Model Year Differences, Improvements and Features

Between fuel efficiency, performance and prices, the Toyota IST is a great option for those looking to buy a reliable used hatchback. This model has been around for quite some time now, so which year is the best for your needs? Lets take a look at each to see what …
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13 Toyota Cars with Great Fuel Economy

Over the years, Toyota has built a powerful brand around the globe. Their cars are highly regarded, thanks to their performance and reliability on the road. This status has elevated the company to become the world’s largest car manufacturer. Understandably, Toyota has a large presence on African roads. The design …
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Toyota Harrier 1999-2008 Model Year Differences, Improvements and Features

The Toyota Harrier, also known as the Lexus RX, is a luxury-quality SUV that is well-loved for its quality, aesthetic appeal, reliability and performance. Which year of the Harrier is best made for you? Let’s look through the model’s best selling years to find out! …
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Toyota RAV4 2006-2018 Model Year Differences Improvements and Features

The Toyota RAV4 was a game changer when this popular SUV arrived on the scene in 1994. Since then, the RAV4 has evolved, and only gotten better over time. But which version of Toyota’s compact SUV is right for you? Let’s take a look at each iteration, from model years …
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top 10 compact crossover suvs

Our Top 10 Compact Crossover SUVs

The compact crossover SUV is designed to seamlessly blend a traditional saloon with an SUV. The melding creates a mixture of daily utility and mild off-road capabilities, yet leaves drivers with the more refined driving experience of a car. As an added bonus, they offer owners better fuel economy than …
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alarms and security systems for used cars

The Best Car Alarms and Security Systems for Your Vehicle

Modern car alarms and security systems are the norm. However, in areas like Kenya, Tanzania or Zimbabwe where the majority of the traffic comprises older and used cars, these systems are either old or non-existent …
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Top 4 Fuel Efficient Used Hatchbacks for Under $1,000

Driving through the streets of a place like Lilongwe, Malawi has an unmistakably euphoric feel to it. While the demographics vary all throughout the country, most of the cars on the roads have a hint of Japanese descent, and the style of choice appears to be the hatchback …
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fuel efficient sedans for under $1,500

Top 4 Fuel Efficient Used Sedans for Under $1,500 at BE FORWARD

Taking a look at the roads in Zambia, it’s clear that Zambians love their cars, with sedans being the car type of choice. Some of the top considerations car buyers in Zambia ponder when purchasing cars revolve around two key dynamics: price and fuel consumption. Over the years, Japanese cars …
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be forward christmas 2018 gift ideas and buying guide

BE FORWARD’s Christmas Gift Ideas 2018

The 2018 holiday season is upon us. It’s that time of the year we all love to spread some merriment and cheer all around with the tradition of gift-giving. Christmas has always been a festive season for many people all around the world. While it’s true that the countdown usually …
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