3 Benefits of shock absorbers

When we think of smooth drive, we usually think of horsepower and top-performing engine. However, little of us are aware that powerful engine is pretty much useless without driver’s ability to control the car. That’s where shock absorbers take the stage. As their name entails, shock absorbers, literally absorb unpleasant effects of bumpy roads and unavoidable holes thus enhancing driver’s control over the vehicle as well as overall comfort of all passengers. Being an important part of overall vehicle performance, these absorbers must be maintained properly in order to assure safe and smooth drive. Read on to find out some of the benefit of shock absorbers. It is recommend to renew the shock absorbers every 80,000km ideally.


image1For most of us, vehicle safety means buckling up and not driving over speed limit. However, for licensed mechanics and car manufacturers, car safety equals impeccable suspension system. Main component of suspension system are shock absorbers. Thus, their major role in vehicle safety is to provide steering stability and complete vehicle safety. Thanks to them, our cars do not veer to the sides when it’s windy and have no trouble stopping. If you are, however, experiences these then you must repair or replace the existing shockers. Worn out shockers lack the capacity required to control the car and add about twenty percentage to your vehicle’s stopping distance.


Another important role of shock absorbers is stability. They boost the friction between car tires and road enabling car stability on the road. If streets, highways and country roads were perfectly flat then shockers wouldn’t be necessary. But even recently paved roads have subtle flaws that apply forces to the wheel causing it to move up and down. Without shock absorbers, all vertical energy of wheels will be shifted to the frame of the vehicle. This can thus cause for the wheels to lose contact with the road surface for a moment and then, thanks to Newton’s gravity, slam back onto the road.


Comfort is the most common thing associated with shock absorbers. Since the invention of the first car, the challenge of enhancing passengers’ comfort was a major part of manufacturing process. That’s why absorbers were invented. Their job, apart from providing vehicle stability, is to ensure the comfort of all passengers. They reduce the magnitude of vibratory motions due to various road imperfections to provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

Hopefully, we helped you understand the importance and benefits of shock absorbers and why are they so vital for a smooth drive. They are an integral part of not only for overall comfort, but also for vehicle safety and stability which is why they must be maintained and checked regularly.

Maintenance of shock absorbers and life cycle

image2Going through bounce and oil leak test at maintenance garage you need to make a decision whether you let technician replace the necessary parts or change the whole thing. It is always the case that taking a vehicle to a mechanic can be expensive, and in many cases unnecessary when the problem can be diagnosed by the vehicle owner. Understanding the difference between shocks and struts makes it easier for a car owner to locate these parts on their vehicle. Not only should shocks and struts be replaced for increased driving satisfaction, but it is also important to recognize problems with shocks and struts before they get too bad that driving the vehicle becomes unsafe. Knowing the signs of shock and strut failure as well as how to test a vehicle for these problems helps to make diagnosing the problem easier By following the information suggested in this guide, it is easy to troubleshoot problems and find the necessary accessories such as shocks and struts on the Internet in a large selection of shocks and struts available to choose from online, as well as affordable pricing and convenient shipping options, replacing shocks and struts has never been easier.

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