Benefits of changing battery: The Battery

Cost of changing battery:


(Image of the battery for Peugeot 308)

The battery is one of the automotive parts that you can change as DIY. It is not always the case that doing DIY for your battery change is beneficial to you or not. It is mainly because the labor cost for battery change is not expensive. The cost of battery ranges between US$ 70 and 300 depending on the types of automobiles and size of batteries. It means if you purchase battery at the retail price at car shops, you only pay for the cost of the battery.

How you can find exactly the type of your battery before the change:

image2(How to read your battery type)

1:  means the power of your battery (capacity); ampere per hour. It generally ranges between 30~120 for regular automobiles.

2: means width and height of the battery (JIS standard). It ranges from A to H. A is smallest and H is largest.

3: means the length of the battery. 24 means 24 centimeters.

4: means the location of plus electrode. R means the plus electrode is located on the right side by observing the battery from the above.

The battery life vs. the discharged battery:

There is a big difference between the death of battery and the expression “The battery goes flat”. The death of battery literally means that the battery comes to its end of the life. It cannot recharge the electricity inside. “The battery goes flat” means that the battery has lost electricity inside and still rechargeable if the electricity is supplied. It means the battery will become chargeable if the electricity is supplied from sound battery as shown in the image;image3

Remarks: The two batteries should have the same voltage; 12V vs. 12V.

(How you can recharge your battery)

Benefits of changing battery:

There are several advantages of changing batteries as below;

This might be an astonishing fact but it is true. The new battery gives more power to the engine. It ignites the plug stronger and stabilizes electricity supply much better than the used battery. It is often the case that few people feel the difference of oil change if it is changed to new. But most of people realizes the big difference of benefits generated from the battery change.

It is natural that the new battery eases the worry about the sudden death of the old battery. When the battery come to an end of its life, you feel uneasy when the battery runs out. With a small amount of investment, this kind of worry will be wiped away.

How Be Forward helps you:

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