Changing plugs is that easy!


You’ll need a spark plug socket for your socket wrench and a gap gauge (in most of the cases, no need).


(Universal Plug Wrench and a Plug Socket in the middle)

You can buy a spark plug socket wrench specifically made to fit your car’s plugs or you can get a universal spark plug socket wrench made to fit the most common hex head sizes. To find the plugs, simply locate the wires and follow them. There’s usually only one plug per cylinder, but they fire in a specific order set by the manufacturer. Pick one plug to start with and gently remove only that wire. Changing one spark plug at a time is a lot easier than resetting the engine after you’ve replaced the wires in the wrong order. Now whip out that new spark plug socket and put it on the end of your wrench. Plug sockets usually have a layer of foam inside to make this process easier. Place the new spark plug in the empty hole using the plug socket. If possible, you may even want to remove the wrench and tighten the spark plug with your fingers. To make sure the threads are properly aligned, give the plug a couple of turns counterclockwise to seat it before tightening the plug by hand. Once the plug is finger-tight, you can finish the job with the socket wrench. Connect the loose spark plug wire to the terminal at the top of the plug. You’ll probably feel the wire snap on securely. When you’ve finished replacing the first spark plug and the wire is safely back in place, move on to the next plug in the row and repeat the entire process.

image2Easy, isn’t it? If you ask dealer technician for changing them for you, they’ll charge you two-digit dollars for the manual labor!

Five Great benefits of changing spark plugs

You will lose all these benefits if you don’t change spark plugs;

Your car will perform better: Every time you try to start your car, and it doesn’t turn over, you’re wasting precious fuel. Also, you release more carbon emissions that are bad for your health and are unintentionally contributing to pollution. With worn-out spark plugs, your car will lose designated performance. If you replace those plugs from time to time, it will instantly stop misfiring.

No more cold starts!: If you’re living in an area that is very cold, you have surely faced the problem of the cold-start in the morning, the car just coughs up a bit, and refuses to start moving. This problem has everything to do with the spark plugs, and can be avoided by a simple exchange.

It protects the catalytic converter: (Generally extremely expensive because platinum is used for one of the main raw materials) Every time your car misfire, a bit of fuel gets into the exhaust system. This makes the catalytic converter to overheat, because temperatures at which they have to operate become too high. If this converter fails, your engine can block and choke your engine – this causes terrible fuel economy, and will also downsize your engines power.

They won’t contaminate the engine: When your spark plugs wear out, they leak voltage to the engine parts that are close by, creating performance problems and deteriorating the engine faster.

(Image of 4 spark plugs perfectly used for 30,000km from an inline-four engine)image3

It costs you less: Weather it’s time or moneywise, you can be sure you’ll save up some dollars by trashing worn spark plugs. By keeping a good maintenance of the spark plugs, you won’t need to worry about your car dying on you – and you going through all the trouble of calling a tow truck, all because of a tiny spark plug! Now you have realized that the spark plugs are doing great job in the heart of engines. Never forget about this tiny “GIANT” when you think it a right moment to change them for the new ones. The new spark plugs never betray you for their better performances to keep your engine running without any trouble for about 50,000 km additional mileages.

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