How to Search Auto Parts from Our Catalog (Tutorial)

Are you looking for a specific auto parts for your vehicle? With our new catalog, you can now easily find auto parts for your vehicle with just the use of a Chassis Number, in a few simple steps. On this post, we’ll walk you through a step by step process on how to find the auto parts that you need. For the sake of an example, let’s assume you need a Water Pump for a Toyota Hiace Van. We’ll guide you with screenshots and explanations to find it, with the use of our new system that we just recently released on our BE FORWARD Auto Parts website.

First, choose the Maker of your car and paste the Chassis Number on the search box as shown below and click Search. The Chassis Number (KDH201-5008372) we will be using is from the BG120806 Hiace Van from our stock.


  • Auto Parts Information

Once you have clicked the search button, you will see the following page on your screen. On this page, you’ll see details of your vehicle such as, Model, Model Code, Car Name, Engine model, production date, etc.

Remember, we are looking for a Water Pump of a Hiace Van!
On the Parts Information section, click on the “View Details” button of the [TOOL / ENGINE / FUEL] section. The Next page will be displayed all the categories related to “Tools, Engines and Fuel”.


  • Finding the Water Pump

On the next page, you can see many items related to the category that you are looking for. Just identify the Water Pump picture and click it to proceed to  the next step.

Note: On this page you can even learn about Parts names and categories. Pretty Cool!


  • Parts Assembly / Parts Component

On this Step, you can inquire directly to the sales team for the parts that you are looking for, in this case: “Hiace Van Water Pump”. Click the ”Inquiry for this page Item” to inquire. Take note that on this stage you don’t have enough information yet to provide to the sales team to find the exact water pump for the “Hiace Van”. It is best and mostly recommended that you move one more step forward to get the Parts Number.

The information below is what your sales team needs to find exactly the part to fit on your Hiace Van Model! Click on the “Parts Name / Part Code” and you will see the following:


  • Well Done, Parts Number Found!

This is the last step of this Tutorial. Now you have the Parts Number of the Hiace Van 2004 Chassis Number KDH201-5008372!

From this page you can do the following:

a. Add item to your cart and proceed to checkout.
b. Send an inquiry to the Sales team and provide the Parts Number for your Water Pump.


  • Inquiry

In case you want to add other item on your purchase (in order to receive only 1 invoice), you can indicate it on the Message section on the Inquiry Form.


  • Your Cart & Checkout

After adding items to your cart, you can proceed to checkout and choose the Shipping methods by Air/Sea Freight.



The “Search in Auto Parts Catalog” New Tool, is very useful to make your search efficient and your inquiry process faster!

Finding the correct match of auto parts for your vehicle is not an easy task, especially with various models and sizes of specific vehicles. In order to find the correct part to fit in your car, please provide the “Part Number” when you inquire.

If you have difficulty finding the Parts Number of your vehicle (even from our new search tool), you can also provide the Vehicle Chassis Number or VIN Number of your car.

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