Understanding Safety Jargon

If you own a car, it is natural to think that you know all that you need to know about the vehicle. However, how well do you understand the several safety features that come with your model and their importance? Cars come with a lot of jargon, maybe more than computers. For example, what does torque mean? Is airbag really a bag of air? There are so many of them. For now though, we will only look at the jargon that is about safety.

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Crumple zone

Auto safety has gone through a tremendous metamorphosis and one of the most excellent developments is the crumple zone. As its name suggests, this is the zone along which a car deforms when there is a collision. The area takes most of the impact and prevents it from getting to the passengers.


The Blind spot Information System is another safety feature that you should know about. Usually, a typical BLIS will have electronic detection devices on the sides of the car. They are near the external rear view mirrors or in the vicinity of the rear bumpers. The detectors keep an eye on any car that might be in close contact with your car and warns you. The warning can be in the form of light in the driver’s peripheral mirror or an audible sound. Some advanced systems will allow your car to go back to the safety zone.

Curtain airbags

Unlike other forms of airbags, curtain airbags are meant to shield passengers and the driver from side impacts. They protect the head as well as the other parts of the body. This feature is incorporated in many models nowadays. Before buying, ensure that your car has these airbags.

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Auto emergency braking

This is capable of preventing a crash from happening or reducing the speed of the impact. It can alert the driver of an imminent crash so he can take the necessary action. Alternatively, the mechanism takes the bull by the horn and operates the brakes on its own. However, this only happens in critical situations.

Antilock braking system

Abbreviated as the ABS, this feature minimizes skidding when under heavy braking and enables the driver to maintain steering control. Thus, it only works in the event of heavy braking or on slippery grounds.

Reversing camera

In most cars, reversing is a nightmare and in particular where there is nobody in the vicinity to help. The reversing camera helps to solve this by detecting objects or people in the path as you reverse. It is a necessary feature that any car should have.

Active cruise control

With this system installed, you do not need to care about how close you get to the car ahead of you. Active cruise control detects the speed and the distance of the car and keeps a safe distance.

Adjustable steering column

This ensures that the driver maintains a steering wheel height that they are comfortable with. It makes the drive comfortable, and a comfortable driver is a safe driver.

Lanekeeping assist

Lane support mechanisms indicate to the drivers when they leave the lane or change lanes without indicating so.

The above safety features will be common while you are doing your research on various car models. Every one of them has its benefits, so consider buying a vehicle that has most or all of these features.

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