How it works: Multi-purpose belt moves cooling fan, alternator, crankshaft, water pump to make engine rotate properly

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(Image of one fan belt to cover all functions of V6-engine of Mercedes Benz)

The original function of fan belt used to generate cool air to radiator to lower the temperature of circulating water inside the engine block.  So the original fan belt used to connect generator and cooling fan; two locations only. Nowadays, the function of fan belts has been widened and the more durability and functionality have been developed in terms of raw materials and measurements.

Not only Mercedes Benz but many other car manufacturers have started to unify the belt into one, which connects radiator fan, water pump, generator, air-conditioner compressor, crankshaft and so on.

How to keep up with the performance:image3

(So-called V belt)

The most popular fan belt is called V-belt which connects cooling fan and alternator; while engine rotates, it generates electricity from generator and cools radiator by giving cool wind.

As the new belts tends to be stretched because it is made of rubber, we need to refasten it when we replace with new one or if it is equipped with tensioner as par attached, once it is placed properly, the tensioner can act your role of refastening.

In case the belt is not fastened properly to the pulleys, it causes the following phenomena;

Flattening of battery power

Overheat due to no cooling fan rotation

No water pump functioning damages engine blockimage4

(Left alone fan belt on the street)

How easy the daily maintenance is:

In case fan belt is off, the generator does not charge battery; the battery charge caution lamp turns on.

Also water pump stops functioning, the temperature of water in the engine block goes up over 120 degrees Celsius. The engine itself heats up drastically and damages itself by heat. It is called “Over heat”.

The first sign of belt deterioration is that it starts squeaking all of a sudden. It is mainly because somewhere on the inner surface of the belt has been damaged to have cracks or unevenness. We recommend you to visit maintenance garage right away in this case.

When you replace fan belts, we recommend you to renew pulley and tensioner as well. In many top-notch garage it is considered to be natural to replace these three parts as a set.image5

(From left to right; tensioner, fan belt and pulley for Mercedes Benz)