Get $200 Coupon for Every 3 Purchased Vehicles

We are very pleased to bring you this $200 Coupon Campaign exclusively for our Zambia customers!

Here’s how it works

–  Purchase at least three (3) vehicles within the campaign period from March 1st-31st, 2018 and you will receive a $200 coupon.
–  After payment confirmation, you will receive the $200 coupon, which can be used to buy any of our electronic products such as smartphone, laptop, watch, tablet, etc.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Customers who buy at least 3 vehicles with payment confirmation by BE FORWARD from 1/3 – 31/3/2018 are eligible for $200 coupon campaign.
  2. Receive a $200 Coupon for every 3 vehicles purchased within a month from BE FORWARD.Example:3 Vehicles = $200 Coupon
    6 Vehicles = $400 Coupon
    9 Vehicles = $600 Coupon
  3. The selected product(s) for $200 coupon may not be changed once it has been ordered and reserved.
  4. If the price of the selected product is less than $200, it can be bought but the remaining amount cannot be refunded.
  5. If the selected product is less than $200, other item(s) can be selected to use the remaining balance.
  6. If the price of the selected product exceeds the $200 coupon, the difference can be paid by the customer.
  7. $200 Coupon Campaign cannot be combined with other BE FORWARD campaigns and discount codes, except for BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS campaigns.
  8. $200 coupon is valid for one-time use only.
  9. $200 coupon is valid until April 30, 2018.

Campaign Period: March 1st – 31st, 2018

Check out some electronic products below:

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