Safety Tips Every Driver & Pedestrian Should Know

When we are choosing a car to buy, we always choose the vehicles with good safety features and equipment. We want it safe for the driver and the passengers. It is also the same when we are behind a wheel, we must consider the safety of the driver, the passengers, and the pedestrians. We are responsible for every action we do or will do when we are driving a car. Ensuring that we know and follow every rule and sign of the road is the very important thing for a driver to always be reminded of. Being a responsible driver will ensure the safeness of the drivers, passengers, and pedestrians while driving on a road.

Report of Road Traffic Injuries in the World

Road crashes are one of the major tragedies that sometimes lead to multiple deaths not just in any developed countries but worldwide. It is a problem that still can’t seem to find a good solution because it is not a problem that just the government needs to fix but also relies on every driver and pedestrian. Following the rules of the road is one of the only ways to minimize the tragedies on the road. Every country has its own implemented strategies to prevent these road crashes including a much safer driving environment, added road safety management, safer vehicles, better post-crash response, and safer road user behavior.

5 Safety Tips for drivers

Being a driver, whether alone or with a passenger, makes you responsible for the road and the safety of both yourself and the pedestrians. Every move of the vehicle is important to ensure safe arrival in the designated place. Here are the five safety tips that drivers should always be reminded of when they are behind a wheel:

  1. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted by anything or something. Give all attention to driving and avoid using phones or any gadget that can cause a distraction when behind a wheel. This will make sure that the focus is solely on the road.
  2. Always practice safety precautions like driving sober, wearing a seatbelt, and avoiding any substance that can impair driving ability. Also, avoid driving when feeling fatigued or not feeling well. Try to be in the best condition when behind a wheel.
  3. Follow the speed limit and avoid using unnecessary speed when driving, it may cause unnecessary problems on the road. Violating the speed limit is one of the problems on the road these days and also one of the major causes of tragedies on the road, sometimes it leads to death. That’s why following the speed limit is a must for every responsible driver.
  4. The driver must always be in the best condition as well as the car.
  5. The driver must always be in the best condition as well as the car. Make sure that the car is always in the best condition when driving to prevent a mechanical problem. It is something that can be avoided when the car is regularly checked by an auto repair shop.
  6. Drive defensively and always be on guard when behind a wheel. When driving we also must learn to anticipate what could happen on the road and always be on alert to make a stop when needed. Also, keeping a safe distance in every car is necessary to make a good response.

3 Safety Tips for pedestrians

Whether you are driving a car or not, we are all pedestrians. And we all must follow the rules and regulations of the road. Like a responsible driver, we also need to be a responsible pedestrian to make the road safe and sound for all drivers and commuters. Here are some safety tips for pedestrians to follow:

  1. Always follow the signs and signage of the road like the traffic signs, marked crossroads, and intersections to avoid violations or worst unnecessary accidents. Also, make sure to walk on the designated sidewalk or right lane for pedestrians and only cross the roads when all the cars in all the lanes stopped.
  2. Always be on alert when walking on the road. Like a driver, a pedestrian should also stay sober and free of any substance that can lead to our senses being impaired whilst making us unaware of our surroundings. Avoid also using mobile phones, headphones, or any gadgets when walking on the road that may cause a distraction.
  3. Always make sure that you are visible to every driver when walking on a road or crossroads. Wearing light clothes will help to be visible during the day and reflective materials during the night.



Written by: Esther Abranilla

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