CONGRATULATIONS to the winner!!!

As all of you know,
the winner of the 2012 Be Forward Photo Contest on FaceBook
was Mr.KAKURU ADNAN from Kampala, Uganda. His photo won out of 1,504 votes
over a record number of 294 entries from over 15 African countries.
This official ceremony was held on 31st January in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania.

The big prize, TOYOTA Corolla Sedan X HID 40TH LIMITED 2006,
has finally found the happy winner!!!
CEO of Be Forward CO., LTD,
has visited to Tanzania to congratulate the winner and handed him the precious KEY!!!

The ceremony succeed very well,
many people attended, including mass media,
famous blogger and news reporters.
HUGE THANKS to all of you who attended and supported us.
CONGRATULATIONS to the winner!!!
You might be next WINNER!!!!