Why Buy Your Next Used Car with BE FORWARD?

by BE FORWARD customer Bruno Eugenio Chirrime in Mozambique

No doubt getting a car is a serious decision, after all your mobility and comfort while doing so are involved, and so is your safety, but the most important factor is how to go about it. The good thing is that it has become a much easier task in the last decade than it ever was, especially if you plan to ship your car from Japan through a company like BE FORWARD, who have championed the used car export market.

1. Great Condition Used Cars

Generally speaking Japanese cars come in very good condition and unlike traders from other places, Japan actually manufactures what they sell. With branches all over the world they can now count on expertise from far and wide and this enriches their diversity, probably the reason behind the creative designs of cars we have come to see in the last decades. Used cars from Japan come in excellent conditions because of the local regulations for owning an automobile, even the keijidosha cars (small cars with yellow registration plates) must conform to strict rules although they enjoy a measure of relaxation from taxes.

A used 2010 Toyota Vitz from online used car exporter BE FORWARD.

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All the above means that the average Japanese car owner will prefer to get rid of their car as soon as they can, since new cars are exempted from the biennial safety inspection (shaken). It is logical to see why many prefer to acquire a new vehicle as soon as they can in the land, which is a cradle of the likes of Toyota, Honda, Mazda, and Nissan. Acquiring a brand new automobile will cost less than $9,000 and so many will take the easy way out.

A used 2009 Honda Odyssey from online used car exporter BE FORWARD.

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All of these mean that your car from Japan has only performed a very small percentage of its lifespan. It is amazing that you can purchase a car with a mileage of less than 30,000 kilometers, in most of the customer countries this is as good as new. Being a giant in car production means that the offer is great too, thus the selling prices are very low compared to the original prices, so yes—Japanese cars are affordable despite their optimum conditions.

2. Affordable Price

Simply put, if you sell cheaper you sell fast, if you sell fast you get many customers, that in turn means that you get the knack of dealing well with your customers and get more and more acquainted with their needs and you make many friends too, thus, all these generate a cycle of high performance in services. BE FORWARD has managed to get to the tip of every tongue in the car dealership business and it is not just because of the fancy bumper stickers and the cool-looking T-shirts, it is the good customer care and versatility of their multi-lingual and multi-cultural personnel.

A used 2007 Nissan X-Trail from online used car exporter BE FORWARD.

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One aspect that you will probably find appealing if you are a first-time buyer at BE FORWARD is that they are reasonable with the prices, and they have an array of ways to give you a discount. There are the BE FORWARD Supporters who can also be instrumental in getting you those good deals. Customers want speed and clarity, and these are among the hallmarks of the BE FORWARD staff.

3. User-friendly Website

With the fast growth of Internet usage online, reliability is a very much appreciated aspect of dealership and it is encouraging to find suppliers like BE FORWARD who invest much effort to being the benchmark of customer service in the oceans of online trade. Whenever you forward a BE FORWARD link to a friend you have a sense of responsibility, yet this is never burdensome because you know that your contact is in good hands.

A group shot of the staff of BE FORWARD, online used car exporter.
Above: The staff of BE FORWARD headquarters in Japan

It’s too common to hear people complaining of online schemes, but from the very first time I started doing transactions with BE FORWARD I was made aware of the need to guard for fake BE FORWARD sites and you could see this by the domains used by scammers. In particular, if you receive an email not from top@beforward.jp there was no reason for you to fall for it unless you were a little distracted. So whether you are an experienced buyer, a dealer or a newly interested customer when it comes to buying used Japanese cars, you can be sure you will get your money’s worth at BE FORWARD.

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This article is written by BE FORWARD Supporters ID 148458 Bruno Eugenio Chirrime in Mozambique. What is BE FORWARD Supporters? Click here to join!

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