Future of the Japanese Automotive Market

Japan is a country that produces and manufactures a large variety of cars with outstanding built, extreme durability, reliability, and dependability. Along with highly innovative technology and at a reasonable price they make the car more magnificent, modern, and highly popular to the people. Even used vehicles are widely known, especially the JDM cars and Kei cars. Though some cars do not offer the latest features, they can still give the best performance and a good driving experience. In this article, we will talk about why Japan exports so many used cars and the future of the Japanese Automotive Market.

Why does Japan export so many used cars?

Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries in our times right now, it also can be said to the products, gadgets and especially vehicles they made. Large Japanese automotive companies continue to produce vehicles with highly innovative features, outstanding efficiency, reliability, dependability, and good quality. Because of this, Japanese people are always buying new cars to try the latest technology embedded in the vehicle. For them to buy a new one, they sell their old cars to the local market and then it will be exported from Japan to other countries with higher demands of used cars. Also, one of the major factors for the Japanese people to buy cars and sell the old ones is because of the thorough car inspection called “shaken” for all vehicles. It is quite expensive to maintain the car while getting older so some car owners sell their old vehicles, therefore many used vehicles get exported from Japan across the globe. Because of the huge demand and rising popularity of Japanese used cars worldwide especially in countries with higher taxation for new vehicles and some developing nations, the importation of Japanese used cars is not as hard as you think anymore. These used cars are not a pushover though. They are in the best condition, with a better engine than others, extremely durable, fuel-efficient, safe, better handling, outstanding performance, and at a budget-friendly price.


The Future of the Japanese Automotive Market

In these trying times, with the global pandemic that is still ongoing, even the Japanese Automotive Market is taking a massive hit from this crisis. Though it seems they are having a hard time, they still have a clear path on what their future is. The Japanese Automotive Market also knew the importance of preserving the environment and serving the people. Because of this, they create cars that will serve a purpose to all. The consistent improvement of their vehicles, especially the use of electric and hybrid cars as well as hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is good evidence for their place in the future. The use of green technology along with advanced innovative features is not just to help boost the popularity of Japanese cars globally but also for a better environment. Even other automobile companies outside Japan are designing their very own fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly cars to compete in the automotive market. Right now, these eco-friendly cars continue getting high praise and gaining popularity, it is only a matter of time before we see more of these vehicles on the road often.
Another future for the Japanese Automotive Market is the driverless car. A car that doesn’t need a driver’s control or steering wheel, only a passenger. There is still a debate about who can make a successful Level 5 autonomous car but the Japanese automobile manufacturers and other outside big companies are in the race in creating driverless cars, where there’s no need for a driver. Though it is a long battle as to who will succeed in this competition, it is still a point for the Japanese Automotive Market that Honda unveiled a Level 3 autonomous car. Whoever makes it to Level 5 will surely gain more popularity and bring a lot of changes to the automotive market.


How to buy used cars from Japan?

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Written by: Esther Abranilla

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