HND in Zambia Receives Official Agent Certificate from BE FORWARD


I would like to confirm that from the time HND got the Agent Certificate from BE FORWARD.JP.

We have seen more Customers come forward to purchase Vehicles because they strongly believe that they are dealing with a genuine Company that will safeguard their interests.

Now Customers are free to transact through a local company and they know for sure that their money is secure and that if anything goes wrong they know where to find us 24/7.

We offer city deliveries to major towns of our country and we have a service called ‘Free Repair/ Replacement Guarantee’ which entails that if anything goes wrong in the process of delivering this vehicle to our esteemed customers, then we will cover all the expenses in terms of repair or ultimately replace the vehicle if it cannot be repaired.

From the time we got the Agent Certificate, we decided to invest in a state of the art service center at our Lusaka office, so that any cars bought from BE FORWARD and other dealers can then be brought to our service center for repairs at a minimal fee.

I would like to encourage everyone intending to purchase a vehicle to come to BEFORWARD ZAMBIA OFFICE and make inquiries. We have competent and dedicated sales team that will ably handle all your queries.

This is your chance to choose your vehicle from a BEFORWARD local office and pay local. Your money is 100 percent secured.

Make a purchase and leave all stress for us to handle and enjoy your soccer match with friends and family.


Director: Victor Sangambo