BE FORWARD Original Baseball Cap!!!

Get BE FORWARD original Baseball Caps!!

We are almost running out of BE FORWARD original T-shirts,
So, we are preparing BE FORWARD original Baseball Caps next!

We don’t know when we are run out of T-shirts, but there will be baseball caps
as soon as T-shirts inventories run out so that you will have something.

Here are more details about it:

1,Sorry,but this is NOT a guarantee that you will receive the promo item – we will send it to you as long as we have inventoried, but when we run out, you just receive BL documents.

2,You can’t choose T-shirts or Caps even during the overlapping period – that will make things too complicated and cause the delay in BL delivery.

3,One Black One-size-fits-all-Cap!

4,Inventories mounted in our Office right now to be included in your BL documents package (DHL or EMS) starting with the BL Dispatch this week.

5,Will be 1 cap per DHL (or EMS) package – so it will reach more people in your continent.

6,Will eventually run out of them although we ordered a massive quantity and that is when it will end – if you missed it this time maybe next time!

7,Sorry but please No SAVE ONE FOR ME of that sort – It will just make the situation too complicated and delay the BL dispatch. Thank you so much for contributions on our promo items. There will be more to come – Stay tuned!