How to Use BE FORWARD Discount Coupon Code?

How to use Promotion Code?

Do you know how to use discount coupon code and get discount automatically? Here is how to use it, which can be used on your next vehicle purchase from BE FORWARD.


Step 1:

Visit our website:  and go to our stocklist and find the car you would like to buy.


Step 2:

Check the car details and scroll down to choose your final country.


Step 3:

After choosing your “Final Country”, on order form as shown below, enter this DISCOUNT COUPON CODE: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX on the space provided for. After entering the discount coupon code, click “Apply” and the discount will be applied automatically.



Step 4:

Fill your details and send us “Inquiry”.


Step 5:

Check your e-mail and confirm the total price and proceed to “Payment”.


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