Get $200(points) on Every 3 Vehicle Purchases! (Zambia September Campaign)

From Sep 1st until Sep 30th, we run a special campaign only for Zambia! You can get $200 (points) on every 3 vehicle purchases.
The earned points can be used as discounts on your next purchase.

All Cars at BEST PRICES   


Terms and Conditions

  1. Eligibility:
    The Point Campaign is open to all BE FORWARD customers who purchase cars for Zambia. (consignee country: Zambia only)
  2. Campaign Period: 
    From 2023 Sep 1st (Fri) to Sep 30th (Sat)
  3. How to Get Points?
    Purchase more than 3 cars during the campaign period.
    Proceed with payment at least by Oct 6th (Fri). (Please read the requirements below)
    The Points will be granted within one week after the campaign period.
  4. How to Check the Points Amount?
    Points will be granted by following the table.
    For example, if you purchased 3 vehicles, you will earn 200 points. If you purchased 7 vehicles, you will earn 400 points.
  1. Requirements of Valid Purchase:
    The following terms must be strictly followed.
    a. Car to Purchase:  
    Purchase any car from our Stock List »

    b. Date of Proforma Invoice Issuance: 
    Proforma Invoice must be issued from Sep 1st, 2023 (0:00 Japan Time) to Sep 30th, 2023 (23:59 Japan Time).

    c. Confirmation of Payment: 
    Proceed with full or partial payment and get confirmation from BE FORWARD by Oct 10th (23:59 JST), 2023.
    Confirmation of payment by BE FORWARD will be notified by email.

    The points will be granted to the customers who meet all requirements above by Oct 10th 23:59 JST.

How to Redeem and Use Points:

The Points can be used as a discount upon purchase of any products on our website.
See how to use points »

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