What Are Custom Cars? The History and Features

Some of us want a car with a unique style, new features, more lighting, and a cool audio system with speakers. Nice cars, right? But what if you only have an old car and want to add some new features to your car? Then why not try the customization? Customization gives your personal touch or signature to your car which not just improves the handling, performance, and style but also makes it more special and distinctive than the rest. You can have your dream car by customization and enjoy it more while cruising the city, after all, you bought your car for your use and leisure so why not develop it to its fullest. But before you start planning the customization of your car, read first this article to know more about custom cars, their history, and features.


Custom cars are gradually getting more attention than before in the automotive market. There are a lot of cars now, whether used or new cars, they are everywhere, so no wonder customized cars are coming out to play. Customization has its advantages, depending on the customers’ specification, it’s always a good option. So what are custom cars? Have you wondered when did people start customizing cars?

A custom car is a car that has substantially altered and undergone various transformations to enhance its performance by changing the transmission or engine of the car as well as adding a personal design by using paintwork and other accessories that are necessary according to the buyers’ specifications. Resulting in a more unique look, unlike the cars that just come out from the factory or are seen in the showroom.

Meanwhile, customizing a car to make it faster or giving a race car stance came with the hot rod. Hot rods rebuilt large engines by giving more acceleration and speeds to the car. Some builders also changed solid straight axles, put on some Chrome wheels with big Whitewall tires, and even the steering was changed for better handling.

The History of Custom Cars

The customization of cars was started many years ago and may already have been some custom cars even before the 1950s but it was not until the 50s that the phrase “custom car” started to be used. The phrase custom cars and hot rods started to be known in the automotive sector because people have begun talking about these rare cars. Resulting in some companies beginning to create advertisements, put logos on the cars, and spread the news to people returning from WWII with money in their pockets and the freedom to use it to get a custom car.

At the introduction of custom cars, the vehicles were painted with bright colors then over time builders began to bring the custom cars to professionals for a more unique look and other designs to make the car more appealing on the road. Because of this, even large automaker companies use the popularity of custom cars to advertise their business. Then builders followed it by replacing the auto parts like the grills, bumpers, headlamp housings, taillights, also adding some chrome stripping to the sides of the cars, and changing the painted bumpers with chromes resulting in a more attractive look.

In the early 1960s, bodywork began to be one of the important parts of building custom cars. Customers want exquisite and cool paint jobs that make their cars stand out. That is when professional car paint designers and body workshops started experimenting using different colors and styles.

Example of Customization

Custom paints like flames on the hood, flames with different colors such as green and blue, and flames all over the car as well as the hand-painted pinstripes, and scallops were very popular paintwork decades ago. And now the body work becomes bolder, brighter, modern, and much cooler yet still elegant coupled with other preferences and body parts that can be modified such as customized interior by adding or replacing some equipment, adding a good stereo system for a more relaxing and comfortable drive, a lightning system like adding more LED lights, install alloy wheels for tires, a new dashboard that can digitally provide information, wiring, mechanics, and fiberglass. Having custom cars gives a personal touch to your car and makes it more enjoyable to drive. Though customization of cars is quite expensive it still depends on how much you want to spend to get the right specification of your car.


Cars can be changed or modified to improve the performance and style depending on the customers’ desires and wants. Car customization is becoming more popular right now that’s why safety and legality should still be the top priority of every custom car. After all, staying safe is extremely more important than the modification of your car. And don’t forget that too many changes may affect your road handling which could put you on the wrong side of the law as well as your insurance company. So if you’re thinking of modifying your car, please consider first if what you want to put or replace will make you answer to the law and put your safety at risk.



Written by: Esther Abranilla

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