New Zealand Man Saves $4,000 On A Car With BE FORWARD

BE FORWARD was recently featured on a New Zealand news site! A summary of the article can be found below:

William Findlay, a graduate lawyer from Wellington, recently imported a 2005 Mazda Axela Sport through Be Forward’s service. At first, William searched the internet for cars he could purchase domestically, but determined that he would not be able to find a great car for $8,000. He then decided to try and import a vehicle from Japan.


Photo Credit: KEVIN STENT/Fairfax NZ

In 2005, Findlay’s grandfather imported a car from Japan which inspired William to do the same thing. “My philosophy was, basically, if he can do it, so can I.” He said there was a big difference in prices and ways of purchasing cars, including a service that requires a $1000 deposit just to bid on cars on an auction. Findlay eventually discovered BE FORWARD and found their prices lower than the competitors.

Six weeks later, Findlay’s car arrived in New Zealand. He paid about $5000 for the car, which included shipping the car overseas. He said the car had an insurable value of $12,000 in New Zealand, and Auto Trader’s website has a comparable vehicle listed for $11,500. “It’s a nice modern car. I certainly wouldn’t be able to afford a car like that in New Zealand.”

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