The Best Used Cars on the Market by Category

There are many reasons why you may choose to buy a used car instead of a new one. Used cars are almost always cheaper than their new counterparts; however, this does not mean that they are lower quality.

Another benefit is that unlike new cars, used cars do not depreciate as quickly. New cars lose as much as 20 percent of their value once driven off the dealership’s lot. This may very well be the most drastic drop in the value of any consumer product. As for used cars, they have already undergone this initial depreciation and so their prices are generally steady; making them a worthwhile investment in the long run.

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Knowing these benefits can help you understand the value that a used car has to offer, but which used car models are currently the best on the market? Let’s take a look by category.

Affordable Used Sedans

Toyota Camry: For the past twenty years, the Toyota Camry has consistently managed to be ranked above average, which shows the lasting value of this sedan. Its impressive durability is coupled with comfort and a high quality build to make the Camry a Japanese favorite for many used car shoppers.

Honda Accord: Combining glamour with a touch of sportiness, the Honda Accord is intelligently engineered to provide easy maneuverability and great safety features. Its resale value remains strong, which could be attributed to its compact and sturdy design, drawing in many people who are looking to purchase the ultimate family car.


Affordable Used SUVs and Trucks

Hyundai Santa Fe: The first Hyundai Santa Fe model may not have been much to write home about; it merely offered standard features at an economical price. However, subsequent models were given an SUV revamp that included a more stylish interior and improved performance. Despite being capable of comfortably seating seven with its roomy interior and large cargo area, the Santa Fe still looks sleek, is comfortably small in appearance, and fun to drive.

Toyota Land Cruiser: For the longest time, the Toyota Land Cruiser has been identified as a great option for those looking for a great all-terrain vehicle, providing sturdiness and dependability on rugged roads. While the interior on recent models may have been modified to offer additional luxury features, this has not made the model any less dependable on off-road terrains. It is little wonder that this vehicle is popular around the world.


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Affordable Used Minivans

Honda Odyssey: Considered one of the best minivans on the market, the Odyssey is known for its reliability as well as family-friendly features, including comfortable seating for up to eight. It is a powerful automobile, thanks to its 3.5 liter V6 engine with a horsepower output of 248, which is included with all models, yet it still allows for agile handling.

Kia Carnival: The Kia Carnival may not be number one in looks, but as far as practicality, it is considered one of the best multipurpose vehicles on the market. It sports a roomy interior that comfortably seats eight and sliding doors, but perhaps the most impressive feature is the tri-zone climate control, providing independent comfort for all three rows of seats.

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Affordable Used Luxury Cars

Audi A6: With its first-class deluxe cabin and affordable price, the Audi A6 is without doubt a popular choice among luxury car consumers. The V6 engine ensures that it is not just a fancy ride but a powerful one too with its responsive driving dynamics.

Lexus GS 300: All three generations of this model have been popular among Lexus buyers, and for good reason. The Lexus GS 300 is not only reliable, but the cabin exudes ultimate luxury with its high-end interiors created with exact precision. For people looking for a sophisticated used vehicle, the GS 300 meets all the requirements.

Used Audi A6

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