Toyota HiAce vs. RegiusAce: Double Down on Reliability

Even in places with rail and bus lines, these just aren’t extensive enough to meet the needs of the hundreds of millions in need of transportation. What a perfect explanation for the boom in private transportation collectives, many of which employ passenger and commuter vans in the Toyota HiAce series.

HiAce vs RegiusAce: What Are the Differences?

While the Toyota HiAce is leading the charge for Toyota’s van lineup, there are plenty of other contenders in the family, including the RegiusAce Van. Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at the important areas we will be dissecting between the vans.

 Toyota HiAceToyota RegiusAce
Engine Performance134hp133hp
Fuel Consumption12km/L10km/L
Key FeaturesRemote Central Locking


2-Speaker Sound System
AUX Input

Rear Camera Assist

CD Player
Capacity3-9 Passengers3-9 Passengers

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$2,100 -

$2,900 -


Toyota HiAce: Is It Really the Best?

Toyota HiAce, its name meaning “high performance hard worker,” for over 45 years, has lived up to its name. At first, starting back from the 1960s through the 1980s, the Toyota HiAce was available in various body styles, including passenger and cargo vans, short and long wheelbase versions, and a short-lived cargo truck version.

toyota hiace exterior vs regiusace

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Today’s HiAce has essentially distilled the essence of reliable passenger and cargo transportation into a line of streamlined and straightforward vans. Powered by reliable engines and transmissions with some even equipped with all-wheel drive systems, Toyota HiAce performs admirably in just about any location, whether in her home country, Japan, or exported worldwide, such as those found in Peru, South America, or Kenya, Africa.

If there is any one thing that separates the Toyota HiAce from its competitors such as the Nissan Caravan and Honda Odyssey, it is neither power nor style, but Toyota’s impeccable history of reliability and low repair costs.

Checking reviews of the Toyota HiAce, for example, you’ll find countless stories of HiAce vans pushing 400,000 kilometers without ever needing an engine or transmission rebuild. Of course, this all dates back to the original Toyota HiAce, and pretty much all Toyota vehicles, built on the premise that quality construction doesn’t need to be expensive.

Toyota RegiusAce: A HiAce Alternative in Name Only

Whilst searching BE FORWARD stock lists for the ever-popular Toyota HiAce, you could be overlooking an excellent alternative, the Toyota RegiusAce or HiAce Regius, which has been available from the 2000 model year. “Regius,” in Latin, means “magnificent” or “splendid,” making the RegiusAce a “magnificent hard worker” van.

An alternative in name only, the first- and second-generation Regius Ace vans are based on the mid-fourth- and fifth-generation HiAce vans, identical in every way, except for some optional features.

toyota regiusace exterior vs hiace

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For example, while the mid-fourth-generation HiAce van offered a high-roof option, the first-generation Toyota RegiusAce offered only a standard roof. Standard and long-body versions, however, were offered in the first-generation RegiusAce.

Similarly, the second-generation RegiusAce, starting in 2005, is identical to the fifth-generation Toyota HiAce van. For the most part, in comparing the Toyota RegiusAce and Toyota HiAce Regius, they find their closest relation with the high-end HiAce vans, equipped with more comfort and convenience options.

Toyota HiAce vs RegiusAce: Fuel Consumption and Features Comparison

As two of Toyota’s most solid cargo and passenger vans, it’s important to examine the HiAce and RegiusAce’s fuel economy and features to know which is perfect for you.

– Used Toyota HiAce Features and Price

As the flagship “Ace” model, the 3.0L diesel engine Toyota HiAce pushes out around 134 horsepower, and it presents itself with impressive features that are sure to meet the needs of anyone looking to use this incredibly versatile van. Those features include:

  • Dual Front Airbags
  • Anti-lock Braking
  • Air Conditioning
  • Central Locking Remote Control
  • Engine Immobiliser
  • Power Mirrors
  • Power Steering
  • Power Windows Front
  • Radio CD with 2 Speakers

toyota hiace interior vs regiusace

Not only does the HiAce offer comfort and convenience as noted above, but it also provides amazing fuel economy with a consumption rate of 12.5km/L. You can find a Toyota HiAce at great prices from BE FORWARD, ranging between $2,100 and $8,700.

– Used Toyota RegiusAce Features and Price

Not to be outdone by the ever-popular HiAce, the Toyota RegiusAce offers a diesel engine displacement between 1,998cc and 2,982cc and also boasts some attractive features of its own. Features offered include the following:

  • Power Steering
  • Power Windows
  • Radio with CD Player
  • Air Conditioner
  • Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Front Airbags
  • Auxiliary Input
  • Reverse Camera Assist

toyota regiusace interior vs hiace van

As you can see, the RegiusAce is strong and impressive in its own right, and can compare well with the HiAce, providing about 10km/L in fuel economy. You can easily find a Toyota RegiusAce to suit your needs at between $2,900 and $7,900 from BE FORWARD.

Toyota Vans and BE FORWARD: More Choices

BE FORWARD, a premier Japanese used car exporter to Africa, has hundreds of reliable Toyota vehicles, from the world’s most-popular Toyota Corolla to the Toyota HiAce van, as well as the upscale Toyota RegiusAce van. Chances are, we have your next family, commuter, or delivery van in stock, inspected and ready for shipping. Contact our knowledgeable staff to see how we can help you find what you need.

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