Ford Kuga vs Ford Escape Comparison

ford kuga vs ford escape comparison

Ford is very popular for manufacturing durable and reliable cars with greater technology and features. Ford is the best-seller in the Hatchback, SUV, sedans, and pick-up vehicles which have been around for long years. The Kuga and Escape look similar but they differ in some aspects. The Escape has been in production since 2000 and from 2013 the Escape was renamed the Kuga, therefore, we can say Ford Escape is the predecessor of Kuga’s first-generation SUV. Though they look similar they have slight differences in terms of interior spaces, performance, e.t.c but the Escape is a legend.

This review of Ford Escape and Ford Kuga will focus on performance, interior, exterior, style, and engine size on both models.

N.B: Prices are reflective of average BE FORWARD prices as of March 2022

 Ford KugaFord Escape
Capacity/Doors4doors/5 seater4 doors/ 5 seater
Torque270 Nm – 400 Nm184 Nm – 302 Nm
Top Speed240 Kph223 Kph
0-100 km/h8.7 sec 11.6 sec6.4 sec
Max Power120 PS - 225 PS179 PS – 207 PS
Engine1.5L – 2.5L1.5L – 3.0L
Fuel Tank Capacity45L – 60L53.7L – 59L
Key FeaturesAdaptive Cruise Control with

Stop & Go, Speed Sign

Recognition and Lane

Centring, Active Park Assist

2, Auto high beam, Front

wide-view camera, Front

and rear parking sensors
Intelligent Adaptive Cruise

Control, Rear View Camera,

Evasive Steering Assist,

Lane-Keeping System,

Voice-Activated Navigation

System, Active Park Assist

Fuel Consumption15.1 Km/L - 18.1 Km/L13.0km/L - 15.5km/L
Length x Width x Height4.45×1.86×1.72 m4.54×1.84×1.71 m
BE FORWARD PRICEUSD 7,510 – USD 14,920USD 1,490 – USD 30,530

Interior & Exterior Comparison

Ford Kuga

The Ford Kuga is a compact crossover SUV (C-segment) produced by Ford since 2008 especially for the European market, and is now in its 3rd generation and available in front-wheel drive and 4WD.

The Kuga was originally designed in Europe and sold in Europe and a few other markets, but it is known as the Ford Escape in North America.

(a) Cabin Storage

The Ford Kuga has a larger cabin that can accommodate 5 adults with enough space for both rear and front seats. The front seats offer satisfactory support and comfort.

Inside the Kuga’s cabin, you will enjoy several storage facilities that are useful for keeping items such as smartphones, beverages, goggles, and handbags. At the front, you will find a center box, 2 cup-holders, door pockets, and a glovebox. At the rear, there are door pockets and front seat jacket pockets.


(b) Cargo Space

The Kuga has enough cargo space at the back that can carry enough luggage.


The Kuga exterior looks modern with a design and style that appeal to modern cars.


Ford Escape

The Ford Escape was produced and sold by Ford Motors. It is a compact crossover SUV introduced in 2000 and is now over 4 generations. The 1st generation was jointly project developed with Mazda which also created the Mercury Mariner and Mazda Tribute as the twin model. 2nd generation of the Ford Escape, Mazda Tribute, and Mercury Mariner, was released in 2007 for the 2008 model year. 

In 2012 the 3rd generation model was released for the 2013 model year. Ford combined the model with the Europe-designed for the 3rd generation, Ford Kuga as per the “One Ford” plan of having only one vehicle per segment internationally. It continues to the 4th generation in which the North American Escape is identical to the Kuga with a minor cosmetic redesign. Hybrid and plug-in hybrid options are available for the 4th generation model.

(a) Cabin Storage

The interior of the Escape has a modern cabin with a sophisticated dashboard. The seats are well positioned which offers comfortability while driving. The front row seats are comfortable and supportive with enough legroom. Space on the rear seats is a bit restrictive, but enough for medium-built passengers.

In the cabin, you will find storage facilities that are for storing items such as beverages, handbags, goggles, and smartphones. In the front row, you will find a glovebox, 2 cup holders, door panel storage, and a center box. In the back row, you will find a front seat pocket, storage on the door storage panel, and a cup holder attached to an armrest.


(b) Cargo Space

The boot space is the same as the Ford Kuga but it is adequate to carry more luggage.


The latest Ford Escape has a modern appearance with a well-designed front grille attached well to the bonnet and the fog lights increase the attractiveness of the car.


Engine, Performance & Fuel Consumption

Ford Kuga

(a) Engine & Performance

The 3rd generation Ford Kuga comes fitted with several engine options begin with the 1.5L EcoBoost I3 turbo, 2.0L EcoBoost I4 turbo petrol engines, and the 2.5L Duratec iVCT I4 petrol hybrid, 2.5L Duratec I4 petrol plug-in hybrid, 1.5L EcoBlue I4 turbo, 2.0L EcoBlue I4 turbo, and 2.0L EcoBlue I4 turbo MHEV diesel engines. These engines are attached to a 6-speed manual, 6-speed Powershift DCT, or 8-speed 8F40 Automatic CVT transmission.

The hybrid version was equipped with a 15.4 hp (11.5 kW) belt-driven integrated starter/generator (BISG) (mild hybrid) and 120 PS (88 kW; 118 hp) Permanent-magnet synchronous AC electric motor (plug-in hybrid).

The 1st generation Ford Kuga came fitted with one of two engines which were the 2.0L Duratorq I4 diesel engine or the 2.5L Duratec I5-T petrol engine. These engines transfer power to the wheels via a 6-speed manual, 5-speed automatic, or 6-speed PowerShift automatic transmission.

Ford Kuga fitted with 2.0L EcoBoost Turbo I4 petrol engine generates a maximum power output of 178 kW (242 PS; 239 hp) AWD models.

(b) Fuel Consumption

The Ford Kuga fuel consumption is around 15.1 Km/L to 18.1 Km/L.

Ford Escape

(a) Engine & Performance

The Ford Escape latest generation comes fitted with 1.5L Ecoboost I3-T fitted in S, SE, SEL trims, and (non-sport only), 2.0L Ecoboost I4-T fitted in Titanium only, 2.5L Duratec iVCT Atkinson cycle I4 with 2 electric motors fitted in SE Sport, SEL and Titanium trims. These engines couple with Ford 8FM 8-speed automatic transmission (not on models with Hybrid or PHEV) and Ford PowerSplit electronic CVT in SE Sport, Hybrid, PHEV.

The 2nd generation Escape comes fitted with 2.3L Duratec 23 I4, 2.5L Duratec 25 I4, and 3.0L Duratec 30 V6. These engines transfer power to the wheel via a 5-speed manual, 4-speed CD4E automatic, 6-speed 6F35 automatic Hybrid: Planetary gear.

(b) Fuel Consumption

Depending on the model and year of manufacture the Escape fuel economy is around 13.0km/L to 15.5km/L.

Final Verdict

Ford has a good reputation in car manufacturing, with their cars known fro reliability, dependability, durability, and good resale value.

The Ford Escape and the Kuga are some of those car models in the Ford lineup that are countless in almost every aspect of car details, but there are minor differences between those cars. Kuga and Escape seem to have good comfortability and performance but the Kuga latest model seems to have more comfortability, high performance, and space. Both Kuga and Escape seem to have similar fuel economies. 

After perusing through this review, we hope you will have enough understanding of these two Ford Kuga and Ford Escape. You can buy Kuga or Escape on BE FORWARD.




Written by: Josephat Lukaza

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