Mazda Demio vs Mazda2 Comparison

Mazda comes in different sizes, forms and at one time Mazda had 2 almost comparable but different variants named Mazda Demio and Mazda2. In this article, we will review these 2 models by comparing their interior, exterior, engine, and practicality. The Mazda Demio and Mazda2 both look alike and it can be hard to tell what sets them apart and which one you should go for. Our review of the Mazda Demio vs Mazda2 is full of information about the design, styling, and the interior, exterior department on both models, plus a little bit of understanding of what is under the bonnet. Keep reading to get some information on these two great Japanese cars from Mazda.

(*Prices are reflective of average BE FORWARD pricings as of November 2021.)

Mazda DemioMazda Mazda2
Capacity/Doors5 seats / 5 doors5 seats / 5 doors
Torque116 Nm @ 2500 rpm98 NM – 149 NM @ 4000 rpm
Top Speed180 km/h180 km/h
0-100 km/h9.4 sec – 15.1 sec8.7 sec – 10 sec
Max Power90-111 hp82 kW @ 6000 rpm
Engine1.3L-1.5L1.3L – 1.6L
Fuel Tank Capacity43 L35 Litres – 45 Litres
Key FeaturesKeyless Entry, A/C, 250L Trunk

Space, CD Player, Power

Steering, Airbag, Power

Window, Radio, A/C, ABS,

DVD, Back Camera
Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA),

Smart City Brake Support -

Forward (SCBS-F), Lane

Departure Warning (LDW)

with Lane-keep Assist System

Fuel Consumption12 Km/L – 26.44 Km/L14.7 Km/L - 29.4 Km/L

Length x Width x Height3.88×1.69×1.47 m

4.06×1.69×1.49 m

BE FORWARD PRICEUSD 490 – USD 16,060USD 13,520 – USD 22,058

Interior & Exterior Comparison

Mazda Demio

Mazda Demio front side
Mazda Demio back side

Like most recent Mazda’s features at the front, the Demio has a wide low-latticed grille with faux vents on each side. The grille is edged by slight teardrop headlights which are a bit further. This arrangement of the headlights and grille makes the front end of the Demio attractive. At the back, the Demio is very well-ordered with the backlight clusters that sweep up to the top sides of the back quarter guards.

(a) Cabin Storage

Mazda Demio driver side
Mazda Demio back seat

The Demio is roomy for a car of its size, given the enough legroom and head in the front passengers. The back seats can accommodate 3 passengers and are comfortable, due to the transmission tunnel limits legroom for the center seat occupant but 2 will be much more comfortable.

Mazda Demio front seat

The climate control system for Mazda Demio is controlled by 3 standard knobs arranged in parallel. The 3-spoke steering wheel is neat and nice. Its audio controls are well placed. The dashboard has 2 small digital displays and one large analog tachometer. Other features include a conventional handbrake and a cigarette lighter socket.

In the cabin, you get 2 cup holders between the front seats, a glove box, door pockets, a sizable boot, and back seat jacket pockets.

(b) Cargo Space

Mazda Demio trank

The Demio’s boot can carry medium-sized luggage such as a large suitcase with some space to spare. To create extra space the back seats can also be folded in a split format.

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Mazda Mazda2

Mazda Mazda2 front side
Mazda Mazda2 back side

In the Japanese market, the Mazda2 has been known as the Mazda Demio until 2019 while its direct forerunner was exported as the Mazda 121. In 2002, Mazda produced the Mazda2 and sold it globally. The 3rd generation variants are being sold as the Scion iA and Toyota Yaris, Yaris R, and Yaris iA in North America.

(a) Cabin Storage

Mazda Mazda2 drivers side
Mazda Mazda2 back seat

The Mazda2 is fairly large and similar to the Toyota Vitz, in dimension. In the first row, a tall driver will find the space a bit tight but the space is good for people of average height. In the second row, tall passengers can’t sit comfortably for the long journey, and the space is ideal and practical for short urban commutes.

In the cabin, you get several storage booths that are useful for storing items such as documents, beverages, and smartphones. In the first row, you get 2 cup holders at the center console, a center tray under the dashboard, and door panel storage. For the second row, you get the storage on the door pockets only.

(b) Cargo Space

Mazda Mazda2 trank

Engine, Performance & Fuel Consumption

Mazda Demio

(a) Engine & Performance

Mazda Mazda2 engine

The Demio is fitted with 2 engine size options, 1.3-liter B3-ME 4-cylinder petrol, or 1.5-liter B5-ME 4-cylinder petrol engine. These engines fitted in Mazda Demio first-generation and produced 84HP and 99HP while 1.3-liter ZJ-VE 4-cylinder petrol or 1.5-liter ZY-VE 4-cylinder engine fitted in Mazda Demio second generation and produced 90HP and 111HP both these engines transferred power to the wheels via a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission. The 4th generation Demio is fitted with 3 new engines such as 1.5-liter SkyActiv-G (F-P5) petrol, 1.5-liter SkyActiv-D (S5-DPTS) diesel, and 1.5-liter SkyActiv-Hybrid (F-P5+) engines. These engines are linked with a 5-speed SkyActiv-MT, a manual 6-speed SkyActiv-MT, or an automatic 6-speed SkyActiv-Drive transmission.

(b) Fuel Consumption

Mazda Mazda2 front seat

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Mazda Mazda2

(a) Engine & Performance

Mazda Mazda2 engine

The Mazda2 is fitted with 4 engine choices and is available in diesel, gasoline, and hybrid engine. The petrol engine is Skyactiv-G P3-VPS 1.3L I4 and a Skyactiv-G F-P5 1.5L I4 while the diesel engine is Skyactiv-D S5-DPTS 1.5L I4-TD and the Hybrid engine is Skyactiv-Hybrid F-P5 + 1.5L Mazda M Hybrid I4. The Hybrid engine electric motor is a Belt-driven integrated starter generator (ISG) that is mated with a 5-speed Skyactiv-MT manual, 6-speed Skyactiv-MT manual, or 6-speed Skyactiv-Drive automatic.

(b) Fuel Consumption

Mazda Mazda2 mater

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The Mazda2 offers greater fuel consumption around 29.4 Km/L for Mazda2 fitted 1.5L SkyActiv-D and 14.7 Km/L for Mazda2 fitted 1.4L 16V and Mazda2 fitted 1.6L I 16V.

Final Verdict

Mazda is quite known for making good cars that go unnoticed or under-appreciated and the Mazda2 and Demio are one of those car models. After going through this review, we hope you will have a new perspective on these two Mazda models.
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Written by: Josephat Lukaza

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