Great Features to Look for in Your Next Car

Buying your first car can be a daunting task considering the many models in the market. However, each model has specific features that make it stand out from all the others. Different buyers want to have different features in their cars. Thus, the availability of such features attract buyers to certain car models. The most important features are for ensuring safety, performance, and good handling of the car.


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Here are some of popular features, which buyers look out for in any model:

Cruise Control

This is an important feature. It enables you to set the car on a steady speed, after which it can accelerate without needing much of your input. Drivers often make use of cruise control in the highways. The feature is found in most modern models, even in vans. It does not have an effect on the cost of the car.

What can it do?

Cruise control helps you to keep off the pedal while maintaining the required control. It is natural to be carried away after you have set the speed but the cruise control system will have your back. The system prevents you from slamming into any car ahead of you that stops abruptly.

4-Wheel Drive

For motorists who reside or often travel to muddy areas and impassable roads like in Africa, 4-wheel drive is a necessary feature. It is mostly installed in jeeps, trucks, and SUVs. However, recently it is being integrated even in the compact car models. 4-wheel drive, it enables the four wheels to gain torque from the engine and spin simultaneously. This allows the vehicle to get a better grip when you are driving on rugged terrains and muddy surfaces.

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Seat Heater

People living in regions severely hit by the winter season understand well the importance of heated seats. Leather responds to cold and warm weather. During winter, the seats can become unbearably cold and very uncomfortable to sit on. If you live in such cold regions, you may consider having heated seats on your car model. In most cases, you will need to request for the installation of a seat heater but in some elegant models, the feature be installed in the factory. This feature may not be widely known in the tropical regions where there is consistently warm weather throughout the year, but it is great for regions that experience winters.

Automatic Transmission

The era of manual transmission is now coming to an end, even in buses and the heavy trucks. Unlike manual transmission, automatic transmission is very comfortable, as you do not have to press and depress the clutch all the time when you are driving. It is said that vehicles with automatic transmission consume more fuel, but that is more than compensated for by the speed and ease of driving.

Disadvantage of the automatic transmission system

One disadvantage of automatic transmission is that it can encourage carelessness as drivers have been spotted applying eyeliner, using their phones and doing other things since their hands are free. This could cause accidents.

DVD video system

Movie players and screens are popular features in family cars and wagons. They keep the children busy in the back so that you can enjoy some peace when you are driving. When you hit the road for that long safari, a DVD video system will keep everyone entertained until you reach your destination.

Do not have one installed for the driver. Such could be distracting at the most crucial times.

Third row seat

Third row seat is another feature that many car buyers look for. It is a necessary feature in family cars. It enables you to keep your passengers in the rear and leaves you to concentrate on the steering wheel. If you have a big family, a small compact car may not be ideal for you. You would need a bigger wagon, most probably a seven-seater.

Navigation system

This becomes your guardian angel when you are driving in unknown locations. It tells you where you are. The system is internet-enabled and it works fast.

All of the above are popular car features that buyers consider most. Each has its own benefits. Note that some of the features may increase the overall price of the car. If you are buying a car soon, consider having some or all of these features.