Toyota Alphard vs. Nissan Serena – MPV Comparison Showdown

Toyota Alphard vs. Nissan Serena – MPV Comparison Showdown

Finding a solid used MPV that fits your needs can be tricky in a market flooded with choices, but the Toyota Alphard and Nissan Serena are two excellent contenders. Between features, specs, prices and fuel efficiency, what sets them apart from each other? Let’s dive right in with a Toyota Alphard vs. Nissan Serena car comparison showdown.

Toyota Alphard and Nissan Serena Side-by-Side Matchup

Before going into further detail, here is a quick, brief chart of the important comparison points we will be reviewing. Continue reading below for more in-depth information.

 Toyota AlphardNissan Serena
Engine Performance178hp145hp
Fuel Consumption8.3km/L12km/L
Key FeaturesChild Safety Locks

DVD Player

Rear A/C
Keyless Entry

Dual Climate Control

Electronic Stability Control
Capacity7-8 Passengers8 Passengers

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$700 -

$200 -


Toyota Alphard – A Standout Luxury MPV

The Toyota Alphard is a full-size luxury MPV minivan. It was first produced in 2002 with a seven or eight seating capacity, and is available in three model lines: Alphard V, Alphard G, and Alphard Hybrid.

used toyota alphard exterior view from be forward

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It has undergone three generational transformations:

  • 1st Generation: ANH10 (2002-2008)
  • 2nd Generation: ANH20 (2008-2015)
  • 3rd Generation: AGH30 (2005-present)

Despite slight aesthetic changes across each generation, the Alphard has consistently maintained an overall elegant and sophisticated design. Some of the technical specs of the car model are a width of 1850 mm, height of about 1895 mm, wheel base of 3000 mm, and front tread of around 1575 mm.

Nissan Serena – Stylish and Sophisticated

The Nissan Serena is a five-door compact passenger minivan that was launched in 1991, and has grown larger and more sophisticated after several generations of improvements. The model’s earlier generations included a front engine and rear wheel drive layout with a line axle fitted on leaf springs.

used nissan serena exterior front and rear

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The Nissan Serena has undergone five generational changes, with the most popular used model being the second generation.

  • 1st Generation: MkI C23 (1991-2000)
  • 2nd Generation: MkII C24 (1999-2012)
  • 3rd Generation: MkIII C25 (2005-2011)
  • 4th Generation: MkIV C26 (2010 – 2016)
  • 5th Generation: MkV C27 (2016-present)

It has a maximum capacity of 8 passengers, and an Xtronic CVT. It has a wheel base of 2860 mm and an engine of 2.0L MR20DD DI I4. The Nissan Serena has a fuel economy of around 15.2 km/l, which is approximately 35.8 mpg.

Toyota Alphard and Nissan Serena Used Price & Features Comparison

When it comes to choosing the perfect car for your next purchase, you want to make sure you are getting the most for your money, and that means convenience in the way of features. Here is a comparison of prices and features between the Toyota Alphard and Nissan Serena.

Used Toyota Alphard Prices and Features

Used Toyota Alphard models can usually be found at quite affordable prices—BE FORWARD offers the vehicle between around $700 and $12,000. The car includes many features across the variants, making it highly competitive in the MPV market.

To ensure comfort, the Toyota Alphard is fitted with air conditioners, power front windows, power windows, power steering, rear A/C vents, glove box cooling, adjustable seats, an on-board computer, and other attractive high-end features. Many passenger safety features are included, like driver and passenger airbags, child safety locks, and an anti-lock braking system, among others. Entertainment is also enhanced with a radio system, touch screens, Bluetooth connectivity, CD and DVD player, front and rear speakers, and an integrated 2 DIN Audio system.

Used Nissan Serena Prices and Features

Used Nissan Serena models on BE FORWARD range from around $200 to $7,100 which is slightly cheaper than a used Toyota Alphard but still keeping it within the same budget.

Depending on the year model you choose, you can expect a comfortable ride with the Nissan Serena, whose features include dual climate control and electronic stability control. Other features of convenience include power windows, keyless entry, power steering and CD music system.

Alphard vs Serena Interior and Exterior Comparison

You want your vehicle to turn heads on the outside, while feeling as comfortable as possible on the inside. Here is how the Alphard and Serena compare in terms of the interior and exterior.

Toyota Alphard Interior and Exterior

Toyota Alphard’s interior is fitted with a number of attractive features, like leather seats in particular models and a shiny trim. It can fit up to eight passengers and offers a large amount leg space as well as comfortable headrests.

used toyota alphard interior features

Adding to the interior elegance, the Alphard is fitted with mood lighting, featuring selectable colours, and a sunroof to allow for natural light. The car’s exterior is fitted with LED front lamps, power sliding doors, and a smart preset lock function, as well as front and rear sensors.

Nissan Serena Interior and Exterior

Nissan Serena’s interior features eight quality soft-touch seats, a central console with space to put cups or other small items, a stylish dashboard, and bright lights that make for easy interior visibility.

used nissan serena interior features

The Serena also has a spacious cabin that’s great for large luggage. Its exterior is designed with a large front grille and four headlights, and gives off a sporty and streamlined look. The vehicle also has a large windscreen that helps reduce blind spots, and is designed with a large roof.

Toyota Alphard vs Nissan Serena Engine and Fuel Efficiency Comparison

The Toyota Alphard has an engine displacement of 2,494 cc with four cylinders, and an EFI fuel supply system. It yields a torque of about 178 hp, with its main fuel type being petrol, and has a fuel consumption rate of about 12l/100km.

The Nissan Serena has a 1997cc engine displacement, giving a power capacity of roughly 145hp, and it operates on a CVT transmission system. Like the Alphard, it also has a 4-cylinder petrol engine. The auto generates a torque of 206 nm and has a fuel efficiency of approximately 8.3 liters per 100km. It is slightly more fuel efficient than the Alphard, which is also reflected in its low power generation.

Alphard vs Serena: Drivability and Handling

The Alphard is perfectly designed to give supreme comfort to its passengers and the car’s brakes are excellent, with a suspension that is tuned to absorb road imperfections as well. However, the complex nature of this car may make it a little more difficult to use at first for first-time drivers.

The Nissan Serena offers a well-balanced ride that handles exceptionally well under all driving conditions. In comparison with the Alphard, it does not contain as many complex features and systems that may seem daunting to new drivers as it instead offers a more simplified driving experience.

Final Toyota Alphard vs Nissan Serena Verdict

For drivers concerned about fuel efficiency, the Nissan Serena is a better choice between the two though it yields lower power and torque at the same time. Nonetheless, the Serena provides a solid driving experience overall. It also has stylish and convenient interior features, so it’s ideal for drivers looking for a touch of luxury without the price tag and overly complicated components.

In the case of more experienced drivers, the Alphard is also a great choice due to its more complex driving system that allows for higher personalisation in addition to its selection of standard features. In either case, both vehicles offer outstanding driveability and value, and are perfect for bigger families or small businesses looking to comfortably transport passengers and cargo on a daily basis.


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