Toyota Fortuner vs Toyota 4Runner Comparison

The 4Runner / Hilux Surf and the Fortuner are two mid-size SUVs based on the Hilux pickup truck introduced in 1983 and 2004 respectively. The 4Runner sold in select American markets was originally a compact SUV, later evolved into a mid-size SUV and drifted away from its Hilux roots. At the same time, each Fortuner model has been built on a Hilux platform.

(*Prices are reflective of average BE FORWARD pricings as of April 2024.)

Toyota FortunerToyota 4Runner
Capacity/Doors4 doors / 7 seater4 doors / 5 seater
Torque197 Nm – 420 Nm376 Nm – 382 Nm
Top Speed200 Km/L180 km/h
0-100 km/h12 sec8.2 sec
Max Power94 hp – 235 hp157 hp – 270 hp
Engine2.7L – 3.0L2.0L – 4.7L
Fuel Tank Capacity80L55L – 91L
Key FeaturesSRS Airbags( Driver Knee

airbag, side airbags, curtain

airbags) ABS with EBD, 3-Point

ELR seatbelts, Brake Assist
Crawl Control, Kinetic Dynamic

Suspension System (KDSS),

Multi-Terrain Select
Fuel Consumption11.6 Km/L – 13.1 Km/L6.8 Km/L to 8.0 Km/L
Length x Width x Height4.65×1.76×1.87 m4.83×1.92×1.82 m
BE FORWARD PRICEUSD 10,790 – USD 55,800USD 5,400 – USD 49,290

Interior & Exterior Comparison

Toyota Fortuner


2005US$ 7,800 – US$ 13,810
2010US$ 9,420 – US$ 16,800
2014US$ 12,840 – US$ 22,210
2020US$ 26,750 – US$ 37,240
2023US$ 30,500 – US$ 48,050

The production of Toyota Fortuner started from 2004 to the present, and the first generation which is known as AN50/AN60 started from 2004 to 2015, and the second generation known as AN150/AN160 started from 2015 to the present. The Toyota Fortuner is a seven-seater SUV manufactured by Japanese Automobile maker Toyota and it is built on the same platform as the Toyota Hilux, but they differ mainly in styling, body type, and interior.

“The fifth generation 4Runner has a length of 4.9 meters (191 inches), while earlier models fall between 4.4 meters (174 inches) and 4.8 meters (189 inches).”


(a) Capacity

The cabin is comfortable and large with a layout and similar feel as the Toyota Prado. On both first and second rows, the space is excellent and tall people will find it comfortable, but the third-row seats are uncomfortable for long distances and tolerable at short distances especially for tall people due to the low elevation that makes people sit with a slouch.

In the cabin, there are several storage compartments that are useful for storing items such as goggles, handbags, smartphones, and beverages. In the 1st row, there is door panel storage, 4 cup-holders, the center box, and a glovebox. In the 2nd row, there are door panels and 4 cup-holders in the armrest compartment. In the 3rd row, there are 2 cupholders.

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(b) Cargo Space

white cargo space of toyota fortuner

The Fortuner is not sold as a Fortuner nor as a badged version in the USA, since there exists a similar mid-size SUV sibling that also originates from the Toyota Hilux, the 4Runner is available. Otherwise, if the Fortuner is what you desire, you can import it from other markets outside the USA.

What is it that you want in a car? If its off roading capabilities, spacious interior, advanced safety features and technology, reliability and durability, and low maintenance cost, then the Fortuner is the right car for you as it clicks all these boxes.


・Powerful (2.8-liter diesel) and smooth (2.7-liter petrol) engines.

・Sturdy, reliable, and practical

・Advanced active and passive safety technology.


・Unaffordable to most would-be buyers

・Excessive body roll on corners

・Firm and bumpy on the beaten path

Toyota 4Runner


2014US$ 15,730 – US$ 15,730
2015US$ 19,190 – US$ 19,190
2017US$ 20,330 – US$ 27,610
2018US$ 24,240 – US$ 27,260
2022US$ 29,270 – US$ 35,100


The Toyota 4Runner is a 4-door body style and a luxury SUV with 5 passengers seating. The Toyota 4Runner is equipped with part-time systems and full-time 4WD.


(a) Capacity

The Toyota 4Runner has various storage stalls fit for storing smartphones, handbags, bottles, and beverages. In the driver cabin, you will find the center box, door panel storage, a glove box, and a 2-cup holder in the control panel.
In the passenger cabin, you will find door panel storage, 2 cup holders in the armrest when it flips down, and a storage compartment with 1 USB port.
The Toyota 4Runner is equipped with features and technology like a leather-trimmed steering wheel, 8 speakers, a 6.1-inch touchscreen infotainment display, HD Radio, navigation, satellite radio, Siri Eyes Free, a rearview camera, and Bluetooth.

(b) Cargo Space

black cargo space of toyota 4runner

The 4Runner has an overall height of 71.5 inches, a width of 75.8 inches, and a length of 191.3 inches, the Toyota 4Runner has 88.8 behind the 1st row and 46.3 cubic feet of cargo space behind the 2nd row of seating. Therefore, the Toyota 4Runner has significantly more boot space and a larger size of cargo than that of the Toyota Fortuner.

The 4Runner is reliable, with some owners reporting their cars clocking about 500,000 km while still in great shape. The secret to its reliability is its overbuilt power plant and transmission and its simplistic build quality improves its reliability and makes maintenance easy and simple.

The 4Runner is a good and robust mid-size SUV that is worth every penny invested in it. If you are looking for an all-weather car that will faithfully serve for years with fewer frills, then the 4Runner is the car for you.


・Imposing off road ability

・Configurable, versatile, and practical


・High MSRP

・Lags behind its competition in technology

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Engine, Performance & Fuel Consumption

Toyota Fortuner

(a) Engine & Performance

The Toyota Fortuner comes fitted with 7 engine options a 2.7L 2TR-FE I4 Dual VVT-I, 4.0L 1GR-FE V6 petrol engines, and diesel engines 2.4 L 2GD-FTV ESTEC intercooler VN Turbo D-4D I4, 2.5 L 2KD-FTV High Version non-intercooler D-4D I4, 2.8 L 1GD-FTV ESTEC intercooler VN Turbo D-4D I4, 3.0 L 1KD-FTV intercooler VN Turbo D-4D I4, and 3.0 L 5L-E I4. These engines are linked to a 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual, 5-speed automatic, or 6-speed automatic.
At 5,200 rpm the Toyota Fortuner with a 2.7L 2TR-FE I4 Dual VVT-I produces a power output of 164 hp and the Toyota Fortuner with a 4.0L 1GR-FE V6 produces a power output of 235 hp at 5,200 rpm.

(b) Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption for the Toyota Fortuner is dependent on the model chosen, the type of engine, or transmission. Most of the Toyota Fortuner offers fuel consumption from 11.6 Km/L to 13.1Km/L.

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Toyota 4Runner

(a) Engine & Performance

The latest Toyota 4Runner comes with 2 engine options: a 2.7L 2TR-FE I4 petrol engine which produces a power output of 157 hp, and a 4.0L 1GR-FE V6 which generates a power output of 270 hp. These engines transfer power to the wheel via a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed automatic and are available in 2WD and 4WD.

(b) Fuel Consumption

Depending on the model, type of engine fitted under the hood, or the transmission the 4Runner’s fuel consumption is around 6.8 Km/L to 8.0 Km/L.

The towing capacity of the 2024 4Runner is 2268 kilograms. The earlier model’s towing capacity ranges between 1361 kilograms and 3629 kilograms.

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Final Verdict

The Fortuner and 4Runner are somewhat similar but different mid-size SUVs originating from the legendary pickup truck, the Hilux. They are both capable off-roaders and indisputably durable, but if you want modern and advanced features and technologies, comfort, upscale interior, then the Fortuner is the car for you, for practicality, less frills, spacious interior, and better off-roading, the 4Runner is the car for you.

Whether you’re an SUV lover or not you will be in love with one among of these SUVs that like to go across the roads unknown on long journeys or the weekends, then you either own a Fortuner or the Toyota 4Runner if you do not have muscles to buy one hopefully it’s on the top of your list.

The Toyota Fortuner looks like a luxury vehicle with no capabilities of hitting off-road while the 4Runner looks like a special car for off-road driving. If you are looking for fuel economy and stylish exterior appearance better to opt for the Toyota Fortuner but the real fact is Toyota 4Runner is the best for off-road driving or hiking to the mountains.

Apart from having stylish looks, Toyota Fortuner has small cargo space compared to the Toyota 4Runner, Toyota 4Runner can carry more luggage when all seats are occupied compared to the Fortuner which cannot carry the same luggage carried by the 4Runner when all seats are occupied.

Both cars are good for town trips, long trips, and off-road driving but the best for off-road driving is Toyota 4Runner while for the luxury and more comfortability Fortuner scores many points ahead of 4Runner. So the choice is yours depending on the power of cash you have. Browse more vehicles on BE FORWARD.



Written by: Josephat Lukaza

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