Toyota Noah vs Nissan Serena: Features & Fuel Consumption Comparison

The multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) concept is fast catching on in the automotive industry. When you really think about it, two brands, Toyota and Nissan have led the way in the field. In today’s review, we’ll be casting a spotlight on the Toyota Noah and Nissan Serena models.

Toyota Noah vs Nissan Serena Quick Comparison

As vehicles built to provide the amount of cargo space ideal for family outings and road trips, it’s quite remarkable that they both boast great fuel efficiency. While both models share wonderful attributes, we’ll be digging deeper in our analysis to reveal the distinctions that exist and help you decide on your next purchase.

Before we get into the details of what separates the Toyota Noah from the Nissan Serena, here is a quick overview of the details we will be looking at later.

Toyota NoahNissan Serena
Engine Performance158hp135hp
Fuel Consumption14.2km/L12.2km/L
Key FeaturesWoodgrain Trim

Leather-Wrapped Steering

Large Cabin Space
Power Equipment

Steering Wheel Control Panel

Keyless Entry
Capacity8 Passengers7-8 Passengers

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$600 -

$500 -


Interior/Exterior Features Comparison

Let’s examine how the Toyota Noah and Nissan Serena stack up in terms of features and functionality.

Toyota Noah

toyota noah exterior vs nissan serena

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From the outside, the Noah looks distinctly different from most other car models thanks to the presence of a sharp, box-like bonnet. Having revealed this, it still retains an aura of aero-dynamism in it to ensure that there’s minimal air resistance as you drive. As a larger than life kind of car, the Toyota Noah is made to appeal to those who are more family-oriented and put space and comfort at the top of their priorities when it comes to driving.

The interior of the Toyota Noah is well designed to ensure that you get that driver-centric feel most people tend to associate with luxury vehicles.

toyota noah interior vs nissan serena

With the controls easily accessible to the driver, you don’t have to remove your gaze from the road in order to smoothly operate. In particular, the gear shifter is situated right next to the steering wheel and the handbrake lies just underneath. If you love your music, you can conveniently tune your sounds by accessing the audio controls on the steering wheel.

In terms of passenger comfort, Noah comes with fabulous power seats and windows. To ensure that you can easily access the seating area, the Noah is fitted with single-touch dual sliding side doors.

Nissan Serena

nissan serena exterior vs toyota noah

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This means you can take the Nissan Serena on long drives with sufficient amount of gear to last the entire trip. The smooth and graceful finish of the exterior section makes Serena an absolute beauty worth checking out. The manufacturers were clearly aiming for a sporty and attractive look when they incorporated chrome decorations to complement the large front grille. Clearly, they succeeded in creating something special.

Nissan Serena also features a large windscreen to ensure that blind spots stay at a minimum and the large windscreen presents you with a fabulous panoramic view of your environs as you drive. If you’re taking the family out for a spin at night, then, you can make great use of the top load roof to stargaze and marvel at the magnificence of the universe.

The interior section of the Nissan Serena is well designed, and better suited than the Toyota Noah to fit active lifestyles.

nissan serena interior vs toyota noah

The minivan ships with high quality, soft-to-the-touch seats constructed from top-notch upholstery material to ensure that longevity. If you’re always on the move, you’ll be glad to hear that the Nissan Serena has a coffee cup holder at the central console where you can also stash things like office keys.

The large space cabin also comes in handy if you love having ample room to move up and about as you interact with fellow passengers. The neat aluminum trims on the smooth seats also work great in facilitating the right kind of atmosphere for socialization.

At the back, the rear space cargo is volumetric enough to accommodate heavy luggage.

Engine & Fuel Efficiency Comparison

Are fuel efficiency and performance high on your list of priorities? We compare these important specs between the Noah and Serena.

Toyota Noah

The Toyota Noah has excellent handling and is fitted with all the right features to ensure that your ride proceeds unperturbed. This is quite in contrast to most early MPV models which suffered steering and handling issues. Today, the Noah is a shining beacon of the marvels of engineering since you can smoothly take on corners and sharp turns at high speeds without feeling as if you’re losing control.

Capable of producing as much as 158 horsepower, you can comfortably drive 8 people in the Noah over lengthy trips without much ado. At 4400 rpms, you can unlock the full torque of 196N-m.

The SuperCVT-i transmission also comes in handy if you’re looking for great fuel efficiency while on the trip. The Toyota Noah is designed with better fuel economy than the Nissan Serena at 14.2km/L. This means that you don’t have to keep checking the fuel gauge as you drive. This ensures that your driving experience is not disturbed by lengthy unnecessary stops at the pump.

Nissan Serena

Straight from the manufacturer, the Nissan Serena comes installed with a neat Idling Stop System complete with an ECO mode to ensure that the engine stops whenever the vehicle is motionless. In the long run, this is quite advantageous since fuel efficiency is enhanced. At the same time, it’s worth noting that the ECO motor doubles up as an alternator when you’re accelerating on the highway.

The MR20DD engine is also great at ensuring that fuel efficiency is guaranteed as you drive. In Africa, these qualities have endeared the Nissan Serena to drivers in a number of countries.

In terms of safety, the Serena comes fitted with a Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system which activates the engine and brake control when needed to ensure that the vehicle doesn’t slip in terrible conditions. The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), also works beautifully in ensuring that there are zero chances of skidding action when the brakes are suddenly applied.

The engine is robust enough to provide 135 horsepower and 200 N-m of torque with the full torque unlocked at 4,400 rpm. In terms of fuel efficiency, the Serena ranks highly since it’s tuned to provide 12.2km/l.

Toyota Noah or Nissan Serena: Which MPV is Better?

When reviewing the Nissan Serena and the Toyota Noah, the MPVs may seem to be absolutely different yet, both models provide the same kind of amenities to their audiences. Having highlighted the strengths of both models, it’s clear to see what made them widely popular. In terms of fuel economy, both models are pocket-friendly and the engines offer both longevity and dependability.

From our point of view, the Toyota Noah and the Nissan Serena are equals with some slight differences that might give one model an edge over the other depending on your personal preference and brand confidence. The one thing we’re confident of is that you have sufficient information to draw your own conclusion and proceed to a nearby automobile dealer to perform a test drive.

Happy driving!

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