Toyota Vitz vs Yaris Car Comparison: What’s the Difference?

Toyota Vitz vs Yaris Car Comparison: What’s the Difference?

From the outside, the Toyota Yaris and the Toyota Vitz basically seem like the same car. While it’s true that there are numerous similarities between the two models, there are also some key distinguishing features that set these models apart. Our review today will be focused on revealing how to tell the Yaris and the Vitz apart. At the same time, we’ll also peak into what makes these Toyota models so reliable once you get behind the wheel. We’re certain you’ll gain plenty of insights from our breakdown.

Toyota Vitz vs Yaris Breakdown

Before we get started, here’s a breakdown of the key differences between Toyota’s twin vehicles in a nutshell.

 Toyota VitzToyota Yaris
Engine Performance94 hp106 hp
Fuel Consumption20.9 km/L13.8 km/L
Key FeaturesLarge storage

Foldable rear seats
MP3 playback

Keyless entry

USB and auxiliary jacks
BE FORWARD Price$1,500 -

$1,400 -


Interior/Exterior Comparison


2007 toyota vitz exterior

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The Toyota Vitz is a sub-compact Japanese car that’s beloved by many because of its small size and spacious interior.

How is this possible? Well, the plaudits need to go to the manufacturer who found a way to pair up excellent ergonomics with functionality.

2010 TOYOTA VITZ interior backseat from used car re-seller BE FORWARD

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the cabin storage compartment. There are several spots for you to stash items like documents, smartphones, and beverages with ease. If you’re looking to pack your luggage, you can also make great use of the boot space on the Toyota Vitz.

Cognizant of the fact that there’s little room for storage, Toyota niftily made it possible for you to fold the rear seats to unlock more storage space.

The Vitz also has an angular body styling that gives you a fresh and sporty look. It’s a real beauty to look at.


2002 toyota yaris exterior

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Having highlighted some amazing specs about the Vitz, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Yaris might have some tough competition. But the Yaris gives the Vitz a hard run for its money.

The Toyota Yaris is an impressive hatchback that perfectly blends all the right things. The exterior is somewhat sporty while the interior compartment is quite stylish and loaded with bells and whistles to make every trip memorable.

There are a number of cool features on the Yaris for you to discover once you opt to check out the higher trims and option packages. Some of the standout features include power windows and door locks, a stereo with MP3 playback capabilities, keyless entry, satellite radio, plus USB and auxiliary jacks.

2002 TOYOTA YARIS interior backseat from used car re-seller BE FORWARD

The hatchback is available in two and four-door models. It’s worth documenting that the four-door model makes it easier for you to get in and out of the back seat swiftly.

Despite being a subcompact, the Yaris has plenty of space in both the sedan and hatchback versions. However, if space is your main concern, it’s safer to go the hatchback route.

In terms of safety, the standard safety features are all there, like anti-lock brakes, side curtain airbags, as well as traction and stability control.

The Yaris ticks all the right boxes for your driving experience.

Engine and Fuel Efficiency Comparison


2007 Toyota Vitz engine

The Vitz is a considerable light car weighing around 1000 Kg. Despite its diminutive size, it handles perfectly at moderate speeds and the gear shifts are smooth.

While the acceleration takes time, it’s quite notable how well the car moves once it has gained speed. At higher speeds, the steering wheel feels a tad bit light but is super responsive. Given the fact that it has a ground clearance of 5.5 inches, the Vitz handles excellently in cityscapes.

The Toyota Vitz is a reliable car with no major known issues. Having said this, we urge you to abide by the Owner’s manual when handling the CVT gearbox since it’s sensitive to bad quality transmission fluid.

When it comes to fuel economy, there are few vehicles that can beat the Vitz. It’s a car that’s made to serve you even on a shoestring budget. You can easily move around from one point to the next without having to worry about fuel constraints.

Fuel Efficiency for the Toyota Vitz by Variation:

  • L consumes about 20.8 km/l
  • The 1.3 L SMART Stop consumes about 23.5 km/l
  • The 1.3 L consumes about 20.6 km/l
  • The 1.5 L consumes 18.8 km/l

With a fuel capacity of about 42 liters, you can fill up the tank and keep cruising for quite a distance before you have to hit the pump again.


2000 Toyota Yaris Engine

The Yaris is pretty powerful and ships with a 106-horsepower, 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine. As a buyer, you have the luxury of picking between the five-speed manual and the four-speed automatic.

While the power output is considerably low, it’s sufficient to power the Yaris which weighs about 2,300 pounds.

Notably, the engine functions quite well with either transmission, though it’s slightly louder in the automatic. If you love quiet drives, we suggest keeping the revs down and being gentle to the throttle.

Since the Yaris sedan is about 2 feet longer and features a longer wheelbase, the vehicle has plenty of room in the backseat. At the same time, this is great in terms of stability on the highway because it gives you freedom to really maneuver on the road.

If you’re looking for major savings at the pump, the Yaris is your friend. This is because the vehicle has a great fuel economy and you can easily get 12.3 km/l in the city and 15.3 km/l on the highway.

On the highway, the Toyota Yaris is built solid. In the city, you’re bound to enjoy some fast and responsive steering, which is a fantastic attribute to have if you want to maneuver through cramped parking lots.

Find the Best Toyota Yaris or Vitz for You at BE FORWARD

One key distinction between the Yaris and the Vitz has a lot to do with the manufacturing process. Notably, the Yaris sources parts from Japan and most of the assembly is done in Thailand. On the other hand, the Vitz is fully made in Japan before shipping to various markets.

Since you reviewed the amazing specs on both models and are more informed on the differences between the two, get an estimate! Our expert guidance and pocket-friendly rates combined with an expansive collection used car models make BE FORWARD the place to go regardless of which car you’re leaning towards.

Still unsure about which car to choose? Check out our other comparison and list articles to help you narrow it down. Whether it’s a Yaris or a Vitz that tickles your fancy, BE FORWARD guarantees top-notch service and delivery.

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