Toyota Noah vs Voxy:
Which One Is Better?
Fuel Consumption and Hybrid.

Noah vs Voxy comparisoun thumnail

Toyota Voxy vs Noah may be a tough decision because of their similarities. Both the Toyota Voxy and Toyota Noah are perfectly used minivans for bigger families on the move, but what are the differences that set them apart? In this Noah vs Voxy comparison review, we set out to see which is the best-used minivan for you and your family.


Toyota Voxy vs Noah: Quick Side-by-Side Comparison

The Toyota Voxy and the Toyota Noah are very similar compact minivans one can not identify the difference between the 2 easily. In Toyota’s lineup, the Noah and the Voxy are positioned above the Toyota Sienta, but below the Toyota Alphard. While both the Voxy and Noah are only offered through particular Toyota dealerships in Japan, it’s easy to purchase a used Voxy or Noah through online used car dealerships such as BE FORWARD!

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Toyota VoxyToyota Noah
Engine size1.8L – 2.0L1.8L – 2.0L
Fuel Consumption12.6 km/L –

23.8 km/L
12.6 km/L –

23.8 km/L
Key Features
Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)

Brake Assist (BA)

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

Pre-collision Safety System

Proactive Driving Assist(Toyota-first)

Lane Change Assist
Capacity8 Passengers8 Passengers
Drivetrain140PS – 158PS140PS – 158PS

(Click Prices to Shop)
$300 –

$350 –


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Toyota Voxy vs Noah Comparison Review Video

Want to see for yourself how the Toyota Voxy and Noah match up?
Check out our comparison video below.

What Makes the Toyota Voxy and Noah So Great?

Toyota Voxy

white mini van front of toyota noah voxy 2023

The Toyota Voxy has styling points and offers charming and interesting specifications as well as a dependable powertrain. Previous and current owners as well as automotive professionals have highly rated the Voxy and is capable of seating up to 7 or 8 passengers. In addition to featuring a roomy cabin area, the Voxy offers outstanding luggage space.

Toyota Voxy came fitted in a front-engine/front-wheel drive (FF) or with a full-time four-wheel drive (AWD) layout. The average price of a used Toyota Voxy can range from around $860 to $13,000 depending on the trim level, model year, and options that are equipped.

Price and Specs Overview

  • Layout: Front-engine/front-wheel drive (FF) or full-time 4-wheel-drive (AWD)
  • Seating: Up to 8 Passengers
  • Pre-collision Safety System
  • Proactive Driving Assist(Toyota-first)
  • Lane Change Assist
  • Used Price*: Between $860 and $13,000

In the Tanzania market, the Toyota Voxy has enjoyed an impressive run through every year of its production. But the following model years in particular standout as milestones.

Best Model Years

  • Toyota Voxy 2006
  • Toyota Voxy 2008
  • Toyota Voxy 2010
  • Toyota Voxy 2012


Toyota Noah

white mini van front of toyota noah

The Toyota Noah is often viewed as one of the most affordable minivans available. The Noah can also seat seven or eight passengers. In addition to a great passenger room, the cargo area is large enough for all of the gear your family may need. Noah’s styling points are quite stunning, designed to help you stand out from the crowd.

It is no wonder that the Toyota Noah is one of BE FORWARD’s best-selling minivans! It can be found in FF and AWD layouts and is equipped with a CVT for added fuel economy, giving the Toyota Noah an ideal fuel consumption. When looking at the price of the Noah vs Voxy, the price of a Noah can fall anywhere between $350 and $8,400 depending on the model year, trim level, available stock and equipped options.

Price and Specs Overview

Here are the basics that we’ve covered for the Toyota Noah so far.

Best Model Years

Want to know the best model year to buy for the Toyota Noah? We’ve selected three that we are sure will bring you the most buyer satisfaction.

Exterior Features Comparison

Both the Toyota Voxy and Noah impress while driving down the road, but which stands out more? Let’s take a look at the Noah vs Voxy in terms of exterior features to see which is better.

Toyota Voxy

black minivan front of toyota voxy

The exterior of the Toyota Voxy is an interesting study in form following function. Most minivans focus on aerodynamics, giving them a sleek, smooth look. The Voxy bucks that trend by featuring a somewhat boxy exterior that offers many interesting angles and surfaces. Despite its squarish appearance, the Voxy’s exterior incorporates many design features to reduce its overall drag coefficient.
The 2023 Toyota Voxy is a tall, boxy van that closely looks like the Toyota Noah. The Toyota Voxy mostly comes with alloy rims. on both sides, it has got sliding doors which makes embarking and disembarking an effortless exercise
The front design looks very aggressive and attractive which gives Voxy 2023 a unique appearance, the headlight is well placed and designed while the front grille looks well when attached with the headlight and front bumper.

  • Angled, boxy exterior design
  • Rectangular shaped, but with great aerodynamics


Toyota Noah

black minivan front of toyota noah 2007

The exterior of the Toyota Noah puts two thoughts in mind of the styling found with Toyota’s Scion badge: interesting and trend-setting. The rather shocking square jaw of the Noah belies the fact that the MPV is capable of up to 13.4 km/l. In early iterations, the Noah could have a two-tone paint job, but became monochromatic after the 2008 model year, with a much more appealing paint scheme. In every aspect, the Toyota Noah has a modern and family-oriented appearance.

The 2023 Toyota Noah has a tall boxy exterior design that resembles the Toyota Voxy. The Toyota Noah mostly comes with steel rims but as much as possible we advise that you go for alloy rims. Same as Toyota Voxy, on both sides, It has got sliding doors which makes disembarking and embarking an effortless exercise voxy come with a Layout configuration of full-time 4-wheel-drive (AWD) or front-engine/front-wheel drive (FF)
The exterior appearance of Toyota Noah and Voxy looks like and sometimes people who knows car in details get confused to identify which is which especially from the rear view. Starting from 2017 models toyota noah is a bold and solid square-jawed nose and early models featured a 2-tone paint job

  • Bold and solid square-jawed nose
  • Early models featured two-tone paint job, while 2008+ models one color

Interior Features, Engine & Fuel Consumption

The Toyota Voxy and Toyota Noah have been in production since 2001 over three generations. The majority of the units available on the used car market are from the second generation, so let’s have a look at the average interior and powertrain options, and how they differ for the Voxy vs Noah.

Toyota Voxy

The interior of a used 2007 Toyota Voxy from online Japanese used cars exporter BE FORWARD.

The 2023 Toyota Voxy is a very roomy car that can comfortably carry up to eight full sized adults and their luggage. The upright seats and elevated provide for a natural sitting position that offers comfortable for long distance driving. At the first row, the driver and passenger seats have an elevation that provides a good view of the road and good legroom. Both seats are electrically or manually adjustable and even tall people have enough legroom. The second and third rows have sufficient shoulder, as well as good legroom
Overall, the interior space is amazing and fantastic. The higher trim Z and V versions are much more luxurious with extra padded seats, and reclining driver seats on the second row. The driver seats swing out to create excellent picnic seats. The one major gripe we have with the Toyota Voxy is the instrument cluster that is in the middle of the dashboard. It’s out of the driver’s line of sight and can be distracting when driving.

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The Voxy can be equipped with:

  • Single-touch dual sliding side doors
  • Folding third row seats
  • Dual-zone temperature control
  • Pollen removal system
  • Power windows
  • Intelligent Parking Assist
  • Panoramic Live Sound System
  • Navigation system

Toyota Voxy comes with a CVT, a 1986 cc, 4-cylinder Petrol engine that generates 202 Nm Torque and 168 hp of power. The 7 seater. Engine Immobilizer and central locking add to the security of the car. The fuel efficiency of the engine was increased exponentially with the addition of Valvematic technology. The only gearbox option available is a Super CVT-i. 

With good driving, the Toyota Voxy could reach between 12.6Km/l – 23.8Km/l. The Toyota Voxy 1.8S G Hybrid consumes 23.4 km/L with Direct Shift-CVT (A) transmission and has a fuel tank capacity of 52 liters.

Toyota Noah
voxy vs noah voxy interior

The interior of the Toyota Noah is well designed, making the driver and each passenger feel as if they are the center of the van. As with the Voxy, the Noah features power seats and windows along with swiveling second row seats.

Inside the Noah, there are numerous storage compartments in the 2023 Toyota Noah, useful for storing items such as beverages, goggles, handbags, smartphones, etc. For the 1st row, there is a storage shelf below the dashboard, four cup-holders, a glovebox, a center box, and door panel storage. For the second row, the only storage found on the front seat jacket pockets. For the third row, there is storage on seat jacket pockets and on the side pockets

Other options can include:

  • Folding rear seats
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • Steering wheel mounted audio controls
  • Single-touch dual sliding side doors
  • G-Book telematics system
  • Hidden sub-compartment underneath the rear cargo area
  • Intelligent Parking Assist
  • Panoramic Live Sound System.

Super luggage boxes with a large capacity of 104 L also offer useful underfloor storage to allow suitcases and tall cargo items.

The 8-seater models come with a third-row seat configuration with a 3-person bench seat in a 60/40 split tip-up configuration in the second row. As a package option, special 2-person bench seats with handrails can also be provided. At the left of the second-row seats with access space provided, this configuration provides easy access to the third-row seats even with a child seat installed in the second row.

New Noah and Voxy come powered by power sliding doors that have a universal step on the front passenger seat side. The step retracts and extends below the door by the Karakuri mechanism when opening and closing the sliding door. As a standard, these models also come with 460 mm long hand grip inclusions on both B pillars. From children to adults set at an easy height to grip for everyone, at the top for adults and at the bottom for children, the hand grip thickness is optimized.

As a package options for hands-free dual power sliding doors are included. Placing their feet under the sensors at the bottom of the front door this help users carrying the key to automatically open and close the sliding doors simply also when carrying children this is a very helpful feature when both hands are full.

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Toyota Voxy vs Noah Engine & Interior Features Review

Here’s a quick recap of what to expect in terms of features and engine performance between the Voxy vs Noah.

FeatureToyota VoxyToyota Noah
Power Seating
Dual Sliding

Side Doors
Panoramic Sound
Pollen RemovalX
Intelligent Parking
Engine Displacement1,986 cc1,987cc

Drivability Comparison

Toyota built the Voxy and the Noah on the same platform, so they have identical suspensions and underpinnings. Each offers responsive acceleration made even more surprising when you look for the engine paired to a CVT. In some cases, an MPV is too narrow or too tall, creating an undesirable body roll. This is not an issue with either the Voxy or the Noah. While cornering each responds solidly in turns. Overall, both minivans offer drivers the feeling of being in a spacious sedan more than being in a minivan.

When entering traffic the challenge many drivers face is needing low-end torque. Both the Toyota Voxy and the Noah offer full torque early in the curve for great low-speed acceleration

The 2023 Toyota Noah provides a stable and comfortable driving experience, thanks to its well-tuned chassis and suspension. The Noah and Voxy are based on Toyota’s TNGA platform, which was developed to improve handling and stability while reducing vibration, harshness, and noise

Both Cars have stable and comfortable rides thanks to their torsion beam rear suspension and MacPherson strut front suspension.

Both have an electric steering system which assists and provides good feedback, allowing the vehicle to be maneuvered easily in tight spaces.  The brakes are easy to modulate and have good stopping power and giving the driver a confident and secure feeling.

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Toyota Voxy vs Noah: Verdict

When faced with two used minivans that are so well designed and affordable, your decision would normally come down to brand loyalty. That ”easy-out” doesn’t exist here—the two MPVs are almost complete equals. We found no significant differences between the Noah and Voxy, however the specifications and features of each model vary slightly. We hope that we have provided you with the information that you need to make a well informed buying decision. If you would like to see how the Noah stands up to its main competitor, you can read our car comparison of the Toyota Noah vs. the Nissan Serena.

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