Toyota Voxy vs Toyota Noah – Used Car Comparison Review

Toyota Voxy vs Toyota Noah – Used Car Comparison Review

Whether your family is growing in size or number, you’re finding yourself faced with a decision about your next transportation purchase. If you are interested in a Toyota Voxy vs Toyota Noah comparison, one can assume that you are leaning in the direction of an MPV. Congratulations on narrowing your choice to this very dependable group of family transporters. Even with the field narrowed, there are still dozens of vehicles within the MPV class, complicating your decision. Read on to find out more about how the Toyota Voxy and Toyota Noah measure up to each other.

Why Buy a Used Toyota MPV

One of the top auto manufacturers around the globe is Toyota. Beginning with the A1 passenger car and the G1 truck introduced in 1935, Kiichiro Toyoda stressed the need to build vehicles with a higher quality standard than any other automaker. That dedication to outstanding quality has helped Toyota become the top selling automaker in the world. It also allowed Toyota to have more vehicles receive top safety and quality ratings from governmental agencies than any of its competitors.

Of all the quality MPVs built by Toyota, two of the best to buy used may well be the Toyota Voxy and the Toyota Noah. Both offer the safety features that you need for your family; the luxury features that you prefer; and the latest technology. That brings us to the reason for today’s post: a Toyota Voxy vs. Toyota Noah used car review and comparison.

Toyota Voxy vs. Toyota Noah: Overview and Pricing

The Toyota Voxy and the Toyota Noah are very similar compact MPVs. Both meet Japanese governmental regulations for exterior dimensions and engine displacement for compact MPVs to keep road tax obligations to a minimum for buyers in the Japanese home market. In Toyota’s hierarchy, the Voxy and the Noah are positioned above the Toyota Sienta, but below the Toyota Alphard. The Toyota Voxy is offered through Toyota Netz exclusively, while the Toyota Noah is only available through a Toyota Corolla Store.

Toyota Voxy

The Toyota Voxy offers charming and interesting styling points as well as a dependable powertrain. The Voxy is highly rated by automotive professionals as well as previous and current owners. The Voxy is capable of seating seven or eight passengers. In addition to featuring a spacious cabin area, the Voxy offers outstanding cargo room. It can be purchased in a front-engine/front-wheel drive(FF) layout or with full-time four-wheel drive (AWD). The price of the Voxy can range from $600 to $5,000 depending on the model year, trim level, and options that are equipped.

Toyota Noah

The Toyota Noah is often viewed as one of the more affordable MPVs available. The Noah can also seat seven or eight passengers. In addition to adequate passenger room, the cargo area is large enough for all of the gear your family may need. The Noah’s styling points are quite stunning, designed to help you standout from the crowd. A Noah can be found in FF and AWD layouts and is equipped with a CVT for added fuel economy. The price of a Toyota Noah can fall anywhere between $700 and $12,000 depending on the model year, trim level, and the equipped options.

Exterior Design Comparison

Toyota Voxy

The exterior of the Toyota Voxy is an interesting study in form following function. Most MPVs focus on aerodynamics, giving them a sleek, smooth look. The Voxy bucks that trend by featuring a somewhat boxy exterior that offers many interesting angles and surfaces. Despite its squarish appearance, the Voxy’s exterior incorporates many design features to reduce its overall drag coefficient.

Toyota Noah

The exterior of the Toyota Noah puts two thoughts in mind of the styling found with Toyota’s Scion badge: interesting and trend-setting. The rather shocking square jaw of the Noah belies the fact that the MPV is capable of up to 13.4 km/l. In early iterations, the Noah could have a two-tone paint job, but became monochromatic after the 2008 model year, a much more appealing paint scheme. In every aspect, the Toyota Noah has a modern and family oriented appearance.

Interior and Engine Comparison

The Toyota Voxy and Toyota Noah have been in production since 2001 over three generations. The majority of the units available on the used car market are from the second generation, so let’s have a look at the interior and powertrain options for that group.

Toyota Voxy

The second generation of the Toyota Voxy debuted for the 2007 model year with a 1,986 cc I4 that offers 153 bhp and 194 N-m of torque. That powerplant was revised during a mid-cycle update. The displacement remained the same, but output was increased to 158 bhp and 195 N-m of torque. The fuel efficiency of the engine was increased exponentially with the addition of Valvematic technology. The only gearbox option available is a Super CVT-i. The combination allows the Voxy to offer a fuel economy rating of 14.2 km/l in the FF layout.

The interior of the Toyota Voxy is well thought out and driver-centric. All controls are within easy reach, allowing the driver to focus on the task at hand. The Voxy features power seats, which are conveniently arranged for easy access to all three rows. Second row seats swivel to the side for easy entrance and exit. The swiveling seats were designed to give easy access to parents loading small children, the elderly, and those in traditional dress. The Voxy can be equipped with: single-touch dual sliding side doors, folding third row seats, dual-zone temperature control, a pollen removal system, power windows, Intelligent Parking Assist, Panoramic Live Sound System, and a navigation system.

Toyota Noah

The second-gen Toyota Noah offers a durable powertrain and a well thought out interior. The Noah is powered by a 1,987cc 3ZR-FAE DI I4 Valvematic engine paired to Toyota’s dependable Super CVT-i gearbox. The result is an MPV capable of 13.4 km/l!

The interior of the Toyota Noah is well designed, making the driver and each passenger feel as if they are the center of the MPV. As with the Voxy, the Noah features power seats and windows along with swiveling second row seats. Other options can include: folding rear seats, dual-zone climate control, steering wheel mounted audio controls, single-touch dual sliding side doors, the G-Book telematics system, a hidden sub-compartment underneath the rear cargo area, Intelligent Parking Assist, and a Panoramic Live Sound System.

Driving Experience

Toyota built the Voxy and the Noah on the same platform, so they offer identical underpinnings and suspension. Each offers responsive acceleration made even more surprising when you consider the engine is paired to a CVT. In some cases, an MPV is too tall or too narrow, creating undesirable body roll. This is not an issue with either the Voxy or the Noah. Each responds solidly in turns and while cornering. Overall, both MPVs offer drivers the feeling of being in a spacious sedan more than being in an MPV.

Interesting Similarities

One of the challenges many drivers face is needing low-end torque when entering traffic. Both the Toyota Voxy and the Toyota Noah offer full torque early in the curve for great low-speed acceleration. Each also offers the intriguing swiveling second row seating feature to emphasis their concentration on families. Further accentuating the family focus of these MPVs is the great fuel economy that they offer. Perhaps, the best feature of both MPVs is their driver-centric control layout. This allows the driver to focus on the road ahead, making them excellent choices for family safety.

Toyota Voxy vs Toyota Noah: There Is No Wrong Choice

When faced with two MPVs that are so well designed and affordable, your decision would normally come down to brand loyalty. That ”easy-out” doesn’t exist here—the two MPVs are complete equals. We found no significant difference between the Noah and Voxy. We hope that we have provided you with the information that you need to make a well informed buying decision. If you would like to see how the Noah stands up to its main competitor, you can read our car comparison of the Toyota Noah vs. the Nissan Serena.

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