Suzuki Carry Truck vs. Toyota Dyna Truck: Used Truck Comparison Review

To the people who depend on commercial trucks for their livelihood, a lot of thought goes into which truck to buy. Essential considerations like the utility of the truck, the true cost of owning a specific truck, cargo capacity, durability, whether to buy new or used, etc. must be at the forefront of the buying decision. Because there are dozens of models to choose from, the buying process gets even more complicated. Read more to look at two used trucks that will make great additions to your fleet and help make your decision less complicated: the Suzuki Carry Truck and the Toyota Dyna Truck.

Suzuki Carry Truck vs Toyota Dyna Truck Quick Comparison

The Suzuki Carry Truck and the Toyota Dyna Truck are similar in many ways, but quite different in others. The Carry Truck is a light-duty kei truck that will offer you plenty of low-end torque and, in some markets, tax breaks. The Dyna Truck is a medium-duty cab-over that can hold up to 3,200 kg, The Dyna also offers several drivetrain options as well as being available in a double cab layout. Read on for more details about both trucks so that you can decide which will meet your used commercial truck needs.

Suzuki Carry

The Suzuki Carry Truck was first introduced for the 1961 model year. Over the years, the Carry Truck has built a reputation for its toughness and durability, with many units exceeding 300,000 km with proper maintenance. It is one of the best selling kei trucks in the Japanese home market and has enjoyed a great deal of success in many global markets. The Suzuki Carry Truck is currently in its eleventh generation, a sure sign that it has been a great truck for thousands buyers; however, most of the models on the used market are from the ninth and tenth generations.

suzuki carry truck vs dyna

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The Suzuki Carry Truck follows all Japanese governmental kei truck regulations to offer owners every possible tax break. Those regulations specify the engine size, capacity, and all exterior dimensions. Accordingly, the Carry Truck has a wheelbase of 1,855 mm, a length of 3,295 mm, a 1,395 mm width, a height of 1,715 mm, and have a curb weight of just 650 kg. The Carry Truck has a cargo capacity of 350 kg and offers 160 mm of ground clearance. The powerplant is a 657 cc petrol I3. One of the greatest aspects of the Suzuki Carry Truck is its low price. Depending on the model year, a used Suzuki Carry Truck can cost between $400 and $4,000.

Toyota Dyna

The Toyota Dyna Truck was first introduced in 1959. Like the Carry Truck, the Dyna has been produced non-stop because of its extreme durability and enduring toughness. It is designed to carry much more cargo than the Carry Truck, so the Toyota Dyna offers many more applications, featuring larger engines and additional seating. The Dyna has a box body, a dump bed, crane, and a double cab for getting more workers to your site in fewer trips.

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The Toyota Dyna Truck has a cargo capacity that varying between 900 kg and 3,200 kg. Such a wide range of cargo capacities requires that the Dyna can be equipped with a large variety of engine and gearbox options. The powerplant options include petrol and diesel motors ranging from a 1,798 cc I4 to a 4,009 cc turbo diesel. The majority of the used trucks on the market are equipped with a strong five-speed manual gearbox that can endure decades of use. Automatics are easy to find, too, if that’s what you prefer. The Toyota Dyna is available in FWD and 4WD layouts—perfect for any terrain. Many factors go into the price of a used Toyota Dyna Truck, but one can cost between $1,200 and $8,000.

Design Comparison

These two trucks were designed for a number of applications, so let’s examine these designs so you can match the right truck to your specific needs.

Suzuki Carry

The Suzuki Carry Truck is designed for small cargo loads and crowded urban settings. With a cargo capacity of 350 kg, a used Carry Truck is suited for delivering supplies to construction sites or purchases to a customer’s’ home. With its simple design, seating for two, and a 4 meter turning radius, a used Carry Truck is perfect for any light-duty application.

Toyota Dyna

It’s designed to tackle any application. In its lightest iteration, a used Dyna Truck is able to seat two passengers and carry 900 kg of cargo. On top of its cargo capacity, it can easily maneuver through tight areas. In its largest layout, you have a truck capable of carrying six employees and 3,200 kg of cargo to your worksite, with the same maneuverability, as an added bonus.

Engine Specs Comparison

The truck engine you need may depend on your desired application. Now let’s examine the engine specs of the Carry Truck and Dyna Truck.

Suzuki Carry

To meet all Japanese governmental regulations for a kei truck, the Suzuki Carry is powered by a single 657 cc petrol engine that is capable of up to 67 bhp and 100 N-m of torque. Full torque is available early in the curve, so a used Carry Truck is able to handle its maximum load quickly and with ease.

Toyota Dyna

The Toyota Dyna can be equipped with several engines. The smallest powerplant is a 1,798 cc petrol I4 capable of 110 bhp and 142 N-m of torque. The most powerful engine is a 4,009 cc twin-turbo diesel capable of 125 bhp and 380 N-m of torque. That is more than enough power to tackle even the toughest jobs!

Utility Comparison

Need a truck that can handle a sizable cargo load? Here’s how the Suzuki Carry and Toyota Dyna can help.

Suzuki Carry

The Suzuki Carry Truck is built to handle small cargo runs or to deliver gravel or equipment to construction sites with ease. With the option for 4WD and a 160 mm ground clearance, a used Suzuki Carry Truck can be used on road or off, giving it the versatility to tackle many of the jobs you may have on hand.

suzuki carry truck interior dyna

Toyota Dyna

The Toyota Dyna Truck is meant to be a highly versatile utility vehicle. It can be used for small deliveries in its 900 kg set-up or to carry huge amounts of cargo to any site when it is equipped with 4WD and the 4,009 cc diesel engine. With the options of a double cab and a nearly limitless variety of bodies, there is a used Toyota Dyna Truck to fit any need.

toyota dyna interior carry

Two Outstanding Trucks: One Great Decision

The Suzuki Carry Truck and the Toyota Dyna Truck are unique in many ways, but share a few key features in common. First, and foremost, these are tough, purpose-built trucks that can last a lifetime. Second, both are very utilitarian and simple to repair, making them perfect for on-site repairs, especially when you are some distance from a maintenance support team. No matter which truck you choose to go with, you’re in a win-win situation. What can be better than reliability along with easy maintenance? For tips on how to maintain your truck once you’ve bought it, be sure to check out our other articles for more great advice.

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