Guide To Buy Your First Car In Zimbabwe. Payment Process, Total Duty Cost.

Guide To Buy Your First Car In Zimbabwe. Payment Process, Total Duty Cost.

This article is written by BE FORWARD Supporters ID 19593 Bruce Nyakusengwa in Zimbabwe from his experience.
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Buying My Best First Car from BE FORWARD

In late 2015, I purchased my 1st ever vehicle from BE FORWARD. It was a 1980CC, 1999 Toyota Altezza. A sport car any man of my age can ever dreamed of, at fair price. Just as low as US$1850, I bought the car & had it shipped to Dar es Salaam as it was the nearest port to Victoria Falls, my town of residency.
BFBlog_Altezza_560579For a month of shipping, BE FORWARD kept me updated on every step they took what to expect next. Thanks to whoever came up with the idea of “CAR ARRIVAL PROGRESS” better known in short as CAP. This page was so helpful & the best part was that it’s also compatible with most, if not all smart devices for convenience.

Cost to Deliver Cars From Tanzania To Zambia

Upon the ship’s arrival, I learnt of City Delivery from a BE FORWARD representative in Tanzania. I weighed the options of collecting the vehicle myself from the Port & having it delivered to any destination of my choice. I made up my mind & paid just an extra US$580 to have it delivered to Tunduma…923 km from the port. Not only did I save myself the trip to Dar es Salaam, I also saved quite a sum of money & time, considering the hustles at the port, accommodation and the likes. The main reason I chose City Delivery was the benefits I was offered by BE FORWARD: Free Repair Guarantee. If anything bad had happened to my car, they would either repair it for no extra charge or….wait for it….replace the car, yes you read that right. You can check the current clearing and delivery charges here.

When I was notified about my car’s arrival in Nakonde…I just smiled, it was a high-class service, what BE FORWARD had promised to give. I collected the car from BE FORWARD Nakonde yard & you can imagine the feeling, seeing your car for the 1st time. My car was in excellent shape, mint condition & well guarded. For US$580, it was the best bargain. The clearing process at Nakonde/Tunduma border was so swift. It was just a matter of producing my passport & paying a reasonable acquitting & clearing fee (payable in Tanzanian Shilling or US Dollar &/ Zambian Kwacha on the Zambian side). Then I embarked on my trip back to Zimbabwe, not forgetting my reflective vest, reflective triangles, fire extinguisher & BE FORWARD t-shirt.