Do You Know How To Import Used Cars In Tanzania Safely?


This article is written by BE FORWARD Supporters ID 189022 Eden Arnold Tarimo in Tanzania  from his experience.
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How to Buy a Used Car Online Safely

bfblog_buyonlineBy Robbert Noordzij

Personally car import process via BE FORWARD (Japanese Used Car Exporter) has been one of the greatest opportunities for me to deal with because at first I never thought of making purchases through websites because it sounded like, NO! These guys are up to making money only by the use of fake websites and sending of scams to get people’s attention but for BE FORWARD that was not true because they even provided a security notice to be aware of fake BE FORWARD emails.

But nowadays, I feel more comfortable and profound than I ever imagined to have imported cars via BE FORWARD, what an honor. Recently I do make orders via my uncle’s email address. I assist him in every inquiry through his email but he is not a member of BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS, a program created by BE FORWARD to reward their customers who refer their friends to them, which is a simple and easy way to earn extra cash and the referred friends can receive a discount for each purchase.

My uncle claimed that he is too old enough and said “why bother the Internet?” so I found myself an opportunity to become his assistant dealer with all those stuff and have a lead on him and assist him on every car import processes because I own a BE FORWARD account and am proud to be a new member of BE FORWARD SUPPORTERS in Tanzania.
starlet_bf535555So far we already had a lot of car purchases through BE FORWARD website like Toyota Noah, Carina, Corolla fielder but let’s have a look on the latest car import we have purchased in the past two months – that is a 1999 Toyota starlet.
With Vehicle Specifications of:
• Reference Number: CV535555
• Mileage: 79,039
• Model Code: E-EP91
• Manufacture Year/month: 1999/6
• Model Grade: CALAT LIMITED
• Chassis Number: EP91-0508982
• Engine Size: 1330
• Drive: 2-wheel drive
• Exterior Color: Silver
• Steering: Right
• Transmission: Automatic
• Fuel: Petrol
• Seats: 5
• Doors: 5

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  1. Karess

    Do you have more great arceilts like this one?


  2. Mayenga Mabula Mbuza

    Like Tarimo, I got a cousin who isn’t able to comprehend the Import Processes and I help him search for the kind of vehicle he desires on the internet. He will soon reach a decision and buy the vehicle he’ll have chosen from the list by Messrs Be Firward of Japan.


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