How To Import Used Cars In Malawi. Payment Process, Import Duty, Tax System.

How To Import Used Cars In Malawi. Payment Process, Import Duty, Tax System.

This article is written by BE FORWARD Supporters ID 70335 Delvin Chikaonda in Malawi from his experience.
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My Decision to Buy a Dream Car

BFBlog_161018Fear of losing cash is what all people have to deal with on a daily basis. From our highly respected and paid chief executives to barely making it, low earning Malawian citizens. This affects one’s decision on whether to purchase a vehicle locally though expensive or face the risk of importing and enjoy the mega savings. This post will narrate step by step ways in which you can import your dream car at the lowest cost possible. My first experience in importation of cars was in 2012. It was not an easy decision taking into account the risk of forwarding money to people or companies whom who do not know and have never dealt with before. However, I still gave it the benefit of the doubt and went on with it.

The Process to Find Used Cars

I consulted a few people who have made purchases through the Internet who gave me the website address for BE FORWARD.
I went straight to my computer and started browsing the units which were available. The mistake I made was not having specifications of the vehicles I was going to search for. This resulted in information overload. I browsed all vehicles randomly and did not make use of the filtering feature on the stock list.

Lucky enough, a Toyota Allion, 2002 model, automatic transmission, 1790cc, petrol fuel type with a cost of $4,061 to Dar es Salaam finally caught my eye. By the click of the order button and completion of a few details, I was forwarded a pro-forma invoice to my email address. The vehicle was kept under reservation for 48 hours.bfblog_allion

The Actual Purchase and Payment Process

When I got the pro-forma invoice, I took it to the bank to apply for a Telegraphic Transfer (TT). I got my copy of the application form, duly stamped by the bank. I scanned and sent it to BE FORWARD as evidence that the payment process was in progress.

After the bank’s confirmation that the funds have been transferred, BE FORWARD confirmed the payment and was asked to proofread the details on the Purchase Agreement such as address details of owner (buyer) and the notifying party (if different from the buyer). The notifying party is the person who will be sent all the documents that enable clearing at the port. I was later notified that the vehicle was booked for loading and later on that the ship had left Japan. I was given a link to follow the progress of the vehicle so that I was not kept in the shadows on the events taking place.