How To Import Used Cars In Uganda Through Mombasa Port.Total Cost/Tax Calculation

How To Import Used Cars In Uganda Through Mombasa Port.Total Cost/Tax Calculation

This article is written by BE FORWARD Supporters ID 202339 BARASA OLURU PROTUS in Kenya from his experience to support for importing used car from Japan to Uganda.

Process and Tips to Import Used Cars Safely in Uganda and Kenya

bfblog_process-and-tips-to-import-used-carsTo buy your vehicle online, visit BE FORWARD. When you purchase your vehicle at BE FORWARD, you are given a room for negotiations, meaning you can bargain to the very limit of your money. If you have the budget after the negotiations, Proforma Invoice will be issued. You have to put in mind that any requested Proforma Invoice takes only 48 hrs to expire and when it expires, the invoice will be canceled and the vehicle you’ve chosen will be returned to the stock list for another customer.

But when you pay it within 48 hours and send the original TT copy showing or having bank stamp, then it will not take more than 2 working days to acknowledge your payment.The booking team in Japan will start the booking process for your vehicle and shipping date will be sent to you upon confirmation. Remember, all the updates of the vehicle will be uploaded to your CAP page. You will be updated on the movement of the vessel to your port of destination.

The below-mentioned vehicle was the one I bought for my regular customer across the border who is staying in Uganda.
C.C 1980
PRICE TO MSA: USD 1,870 no inspection
MILAGE: 160966KM
WEIGHT:1665 (GW)

mark2_bf381568Tips for customers in Uganda, when processing to get a Log book, the following documents should be availed:
original bill of lading, export certificate and any other useful documents provided.
*Note that the names indicated on the bill of lading should be matched with the names under your Tax Identification Number (TIN). When the names on the documents are not matching with names in your TIN then delays in clearing process in Uganda will be experienced.

Tips for customers in Kenya, the year of manufacture of the vehicle is really important. All vehicles below the given year are not allowed.

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