How To Import Used Cars In Zambia | Do You Know The Payment Process, Import Duty?


This article is written by BE FORWARD Supporters ID 235466 Mutimba Musonda in Zambia from his experience.
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Reasons You Should Use BE FORWARD to Import Used Cars In Zambia

In a Landlocked Country like Zambia there are many challenges that come with importation of Vehicles in our country, the challenges that one has to endure are many and it often calls for patience and proper cost analysis to cover all expenses involved in importation of a vehicle. We often hear of stories of people that have lost their cash through bogus vehicle sellers that have no track record in vehicle import and export business. Many people ought to be careful in terms of how they purchase cars online, however companies such as BE FORWARD with their agent offices set up right in the heart of the city, the chances of one being duped have lessened as one can always verify and authenticate any documentation and company details.

Security concerns about the company and the vehicle are often raised as one does not wish to lose his/her finances especially in instances where one has spent time saving every penny to purchase a car online. Online purchasing of vehicles is a very big business in the African continent as access to second hand vehicles is open to everyone with Internet connection. As much as there are some who feel like second hand vehicles are just being dumped on the continent I would beg to differ in that they have really made the cost of transport and foodstuffs to really go down.

Speaking of the biggest thing that has ever happened to our nation is to see the reality of people getting employment in the transport sector and this is all attributed to second hand vehicles being brought into the country. Apart from the convenience that every person gets from having their own vehicle outweighs any so called disadvantages that one can put up. I have been importing quite a number of vehicles in the country and I will still continue doing so as I have a passion for online purchasing of cars. I once ordered and purchased a pearl white Toyota Mark II with year of model being 2004, CC capacity 2500. This car was very comfortable and neat in every sense of it all as I bought the same with a price bargain of $ 1,150.00 up to the port of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania East Africa.

Payment Process

The whole process of sending of cash and receiving of invoice was done in a short space of two days.  Once an individual orders the car, the next thing that BE FORWARD does is to immediately send a proforma invoice in the email provided when ordering the car. You are expected to make transfer of payment for the vehicle within 48 hours as any delay can lead to the proforma invoice being cancelled and the car being eventually offered to another client, as more and more people are always looking out for cheap and good condition vehicles. Upon transferring the same funds, never forget to scan and send a copy of electronic transfer to BE FORWARD as they will expect proof of payment and car details such as the allotted vehicle number clearly shown on the transfer copy. This process helps BE FORWARD to reserve and quickly start the shipping process in a short space of time.