Photo Contest Winner!!!!!

Announcing the Be Forward

Photo Contest Winner!

The winner of the 2012 Be Forward Photo Contest is
KAKURU ADNAN from Kampala, Uganda.

His photo won out with 1,504 votes over a record number of 294 entries
from over 15 African countries.
Congratulation on your new Corolla!

What causes people to marvel at your way of life?
Its the way you are able to handle your day to day issues.
The way you deal with other people and the people you deal with.
Then other people including your challengers confess in amazement

“You are just blessed”.
I deal with BE FORWARD, and am never worried and always AHEAD!

Short interview with Kakuru Adnan:

Q:How are you feel?

I feel so excited and at height of my spirit!

Q: We are amazed by
how many votes you were able to achieve for your photo.
How did you do it? What’s your secret?

I have a big number of clients for whom I have sourced motor vehicles,
so it was easy for them to identify me and they actually did the job of
mobilizing the votes.

Q: This contest was really fun.
Would you like to see us do this contest again in the future?
If so, should you be allowed to win again?

Yes, I would and I wish to be allowed to contest again.

Q: Do you have any ideas for future Be Forward contests?

My ideas of future Be Forward contests are:

First and second runner-ups should also bconsidered.
Handing over of the prizes should be rotated in all
participating Countries as a marketing strategy.
Country representatives could also be appointed to pass
adverts on to different Media to widen Be Forward publicity.

Thank you Be Forward and keep your heads high and you will always be ahead.
Thank you Adnan and we will see you in Tanzania!