Introduce sales person “Hassy”


We are introducing our 9 sales staff,
Taco, Yasu, Manabu, Masa, Tomo, Hassy, Billy, Koji and Ali.
For this week, we would like to introduce our sales person, Hassy.
Hassy is one of the great sales staff in BE FORWARD.
He is very hard worker and he can handle any work.
Also he has a dog.
He spends his day off with his lovely dog.


 Let’s get out of town!!  


Date of Birth : 6th/Mar/1980
Blood Type : A
Favorite Food : Chinese noodles (in soup)
Favorite Movie : Shrek The Third
Hobby: Shopping 
Motto : Hindsight is 20/20
Special Talent : Snowboard

Favorite Car : PORSCHE Boxster 




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