Why Buying Cars Online is Preferred Over Buying Cars Locally

BFBlog_Why Buying Cars Online is Preferred Over Buying Cars Locally
Buying Used Cars Online is Cost-effective

The frequently asked question I face as a BE FORWARD supporter is WHY one should or buy a car online if I can source locally. The myth that most people believe is that the car they view online will not be exactly that which they will get, hence they would rather buy a car they can physically verify. Moreover, others just don’t have the patience to wait for six weeks. However, the impatience of most people leaves them with nothing but regret as the excitement of owning a vehicle dwindles and the reality of mechanical problems surfaces and they find themselves spending more time at the garage than at their jobs or doing their businesses. What was a blessing months earlier becomes a financial curse. This article addresses the advantages and reasons of why buying used cars online is the most cost-effective way to go.

1. Wide Selection of Vehicles

The first advantage in buying online is that car dealers such as BE FORWARD have a wide range of vehicles. This includes having a good number of units for one model allowing you to have a choice even among the same type of vehicle model. This includes colour, mileage, engine size, sunroof, leather seats, audios, DVD, rims, navigation, etc.

2. Cars are Cheaper and Reliable

The second advantage is that buying used cars online is cheaper and reliable. This methodology helps in keeping yourself away from the squabbles of being sold a vehicle which is implicated in legal issues such being stolen (this is evident by the many cars which are repossessed by Interpol especially on second hand cars bought from disreputable sources in South Africa), buying a vehicle pledged as security with the bank without the bank’s consent or buying a vehicle without the supplier declaring that it had a tax relief thereby paying duty on top of the purchase value.

3. Cars are Thoroughly Checked by Mechanics

The third advantage is that buying second hand cars locally bears the risk of buying a vehicle with mechanical problems which require high cost solutions which the supplier would not disclose in the sale agreement. These cars are mostly sold after being involved in accidents. This is contrary to buying from BE FORWARD as all the cars in stock are checked by world class mechanics and certified to be mechanically fit for sale.

4. Easy to Access Vehicles with Advance Specifications

The forth advantage in buying a second hand vehicle from BE FORWARD is that most of the vehicles are fitted with the advance specifications which one might fancy such as backup cameras, keyless controls and other features which are being incorporated mostly with brand new vehicles.

5. Car History is Available

The fifth advantage is that history of your vehicle is kept, thereby making it very easy in case you would want a spare part for the same vehicle in the future. All you would do is use the vehicle’s BE FORWARD reference number and assistance and support is instant. This also helps in the search for stock on the BE FORWARD auto parts website.

This article is written by BE FORWARD Supporters ID 78379 Makhumbo Chikaonda in Malawi.
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