Importance Of Engine Size In Choosing Your Car


pa00852497_suzukialto_engineYou have decided to buy a car, you have seen how beautiful it is as other people drove passed you! You have seen the big cars, the small cars and you have chosen the perfect one. Stop for a bit, consider the engine size first.

What is Engine Size?

Engine size, also known as the engine capacity or simply CC is the size of the volume swept by each of the cylinders, which inside the cylinders are air and fuel combine to burn. The larger the engine size, the more fuel your vehicle consumes, the more power it produces and the more your car accelerates. Engine capacity is also measured in litres, you often see outside the car written such things as 2.0i or 3.0D, these simply stand for 2 litre petrol engine or 3 litre diesel engine, respectively.

Importance of Engine Size with Regards To Performance

The general rule of thumb is that a larger engine produces more power than a smaller engine. This means that a larger engine is able to accelerate much faster than a smaller engine, it is able to tow much heavier loads than smaller engines. So in your buying decision, if you need to accelerate faster, opt for an engine with a bigger engine size, engines bigger than 1.990CC or 2L accelerate very fast. If you carry heavy things, a big engine will do you better than a smaller engine.

Importance of Engine Size with Regards to Fuel Consumption

Bigger engines have more space to burn fuel, this means that these engines consume more fuel than smaller ones. If we put 5 litres of petrol in a 2 litre engine and the same in a 1 litre engine, the smaller car will go much further than the 2 litre engine. This is so because the smaller engine does not use much fuel. If you are choosing a new vehicle, be wary of the fact that bigger engines will use much fuel than smaller ones, make your buying decision with that in the back of your mind. An engine that has less than 1.5L is regarded small.

Importance of Engine Size with Regards to Type of Fuel

When choosing your vehicle, take note that diesel is heavier than petrol. This means that a petrol engine and a diesel engine of the same size will consume different amounts for the same distance. The diesel engine will consume less than the petrol engine.

Which Engine Size Should You Choose?

If you travel long distances along the highway, then it is better to buy a larger engine than a smaller one as you need to accelerate harder in highways. Smaller engines work harder to accelerate. Smaller engines are ideal for small distances that require constant braking. Click here to find smaller engine cars.

Larger engines will use more fuel for town driving that require constant braking. Henceforth, buy small engines if you constantly travel small distances like going to work and for school-runs. Larger engines are ideal for long distances, towing heavy loads and if you prefer faster acceleration. Click here to find Larger engine cars.

However, with turbo charge, smaller engines can wield more power and accelerate just as good as some bigger engines.

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