Introduce sales person “Billy”


This time, we would like to introduce our sales person, Billy.

He loves outside activities and any sorts of sports such as camping and playing futsal with his mates.   

He is dedicated to his work and devotes most his time on selecting good cars for his customers.  

Despite his eagerness to sell and strong passion to his work,  

he is very gentle and nice to his peers that always keeps the good atmosphere in our work place  

His attitude of gentleness often eases a feeling of tension especially when we are facing difficult challenges. 

He got married in a few month back and is in the full of joy with the newly married life. 

Billy is one of the great sales staff in BE FORWARD

Now he purchases vehicles. 


This photo was taken in Hawaii. 




Date of Birth: 29, April, 1978 
Blood Type: O 
Favorite Food: Noodles
Favorite Movie: There’s something about Mary
Hobby: Foot Ball, Basket Ball
Motto: Every cloud has a silver lining
Special Talent: Data Analysis
Favorite Car: Mercedes-Benz C-class 




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