Introduce sales person, Manabu

We are introducing our 7 sales staff, Taco, Yasu, Manabu, Masa, Zumy, Tomo and Hassy.
For this week, we would like to introduce our sales person, Manabu.

Manabu is one of the great sales staff in BE FORWARD.
He is very busy at work and also at home because he is a father of the two lovely daughters.
He likes to spend the weekend with his family and his daughters love to play with him.

He has his original idea about vehicles. He is very good at finding various types of vehicles.

Let’s drive a nice car!


Date of Birth : 1977 16th Oct
Blood type : A
Favorite food : Pickled Ume
(Ume is Japanese traditional plum)
Favorite movie : Platoon
Hobby : Watching movies
Motto : No fun no gain
Special Talent : Animal balloon

Favorite Car : Toyota Vellfire

-Manabu’s Recommended Car-
TOYOTA Harrier

Harrier is first introduced in the market in 1997 as luxury SUV that has the basic
performance of a high-level saloon.
Its sales have reached up to 530,000 units until now.
Harrier has opened a new genre and built a reputation as the most popular SUV in the world.
Add to your bookmark!
Find your favorite cars!!
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