Introduce sales person, Masa

We are introducing our 7 sales staff, Taco, Yasu, Manabu, Masa, Zumy, Tomo and Hassy.
For this week, we would like to introduce our sales person, Masa.

Masa is one of the great sales staff in BE FORWARD. He has deep knowledge about car.
Every morning, he wakes up 5:00 and examines the auto auction on the Internet while taking breakfast.
He comes office at 7:30 and takes English lesson to improve his English.
He is one of the hard workers in BE FORWARD.

He recently bought a brand new Toyota Allion Sports Package. Allion is pretty famous in Japan.

He looks very happy because he got his own car.

Why don’t you be a car owner?
You can go wherever you want to!

I am Masa

Birth : 1980 28th March
Blood type : B
Favorite drink : Green tea latte
Favorite movie : Back to the future Part 1.2.3.
Hobby : Golf
Motto : No women no cry
Special Talent : Bowling
Favorite car :Toyota Allion
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