Introduce sales person, Yasu

We will introduce our sales staff to you in our web magazine.
We have 7 sales persons. Taco, Yasu, Mababu, Masa, Zumy, Tomo, Hassy.
For this week, we introduce our sales person, Yasu.
He is one of the great sales staffs in BE FORWARD. He sells more than 20 cars a day.
Also, he has a good sense for purchasing vehicles from auto auctions in Japan.

He comes office before 8:30 every morning with his favorite coat.
He wears the jacket all day long, even during summer.

I listen to the customer’s needs and wants!

I am Yasu

Birth : 1968 8th Oct
Blood type : A
Favorite food : Banana
Favorite movie : Star Wars Episode One to Six
Hobby : Mess around with cars.
Motto : Go to bed early and get up early. Keep regular hours.
Special Talent : Instructor in skiing.
Favorite car :VW Type-1 Year 1956
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