Introduce sales person, Zumy

We are introducing our 7 sales staff, Taco, Yasu, Manabu, Masa, Zumy, Tomo and Hassy.
For this week, we would like to introduce our sales person, Zumy.
Zumy is one of the great sales staff in BE FORWARD.
He used to sell bicycles in Nigeria, Ghana and Togo.
He has much idea about Africa.

Join us for fun to drive!!

He loves outdoor Activities.
A big man loves his family so much and enjoy being with his precious son and lovely wife.


Date of Birth : 11th/Mar/1973
Blood Type : A
Favorite Food : Sushi
Favorite Movie : HEAT
Hobby : Playing with his son
Motto : Catch a wave
Special Talent : Surfing

Favorite Car : VOLKSWAGEN Golf R32

-Zumy’s Recommended Car-

TOYOTA Hiace is used all over the world since 1967.
It is traditional van evaluated the high reliability, spacious inside, and excellent usability.
Especially, the high endurance gains enormous popularity for business use.

Add to your bookmark!
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